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Works published by John Heywood, 143, Deansgate, Manchester.

Now ready, price 5s., red cloth, gilt, being No. 1 of Dr. Beard's Manuals for

the Self-taught, ELF-CULTURE; a practical answer to the questions “What to Learn,” “How to

," " When to Learn,” with illustrative anecdotes, &c., &c. : forming a complete Guide to Self-Instruction.

Now ready, price 1s. 6d., red cloth, gilt, being No. 2, N EASY INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF LETTER WRITING; com

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and Composition.

Now ready, price 2s., elegantly bound, THE , Cheetham Hin,

near Manchester, late Editor of the Floricultural Review. This work comprises copious instructions and directions as to the cultivation of the following florist's flowers: the polyanthus, auricula, hyacinth, pansy, pelargonium, tulip, roses, pinks, carnations, dahlias, verbenas, &c., &c.; and also containing lists of the best out of each variety, by which means the amateur will be enabled to purchase only such as are worthy of a place in the most choice selections.

In the Press, a New School History of England.

the Present Time; designed and specially adapted for use in Schools and Private Families. By Thomas and FRANCIS BULLOCK, joint authors of “ Popular Education” Kpublished under the patronage of the Queen); the former also author of " Pictures of Genius,” “Popular Sketches of Celebrated Characters,” &c., &c.

In the preparation of this work the writers, long experienced in the art of Tuition, have spared no labour in order to supply a felt want. Among the various distinctive features of the History will be found such a collection of well-authenticated facts as can nowhere else be met with in an equal space; while the causes and consequences of the great events in History, with their bearings on the British Constitution, will always be carefully exhibited. The numerous Illustrations, the simplicity, yet not childishness, of style, the convenience of arrangement, the sustained life and spirit of History, no less than the price, will fit this class-book for general use. As a text-book for Students preparing for the Oxford or other examinations it will be specially valuable.

Price 2s. 6d., pp. 228, Woodcuts 226, E LUCLID'S GEOMETRY, Books I. and II., practically applied; for Pupil

Teachers and others. GRADATIONS IN EUCLID, Books I. and II.: An Introduction to Plane Geometry, its Use and Application; with an Explanatory Preface, Remarks on Geometrical Reasoning, Practical Results and Exercises, &c., &c.


Also by the same Author,—In the Three Parts, 4to. at Sixpence each Part,

, Examinations; either with or without marginal references: stitched into a cover, or collected into a case in sheets.

EXERCISES for the First and Second Books of Euclid.

Price 4d.



Price Sixpence, cloth gilt, HE CONFECTIONER'S RECEIPT BOOK, SUGAR BOILER, Just Published, price ld. A COLLECTION

and PASTRY COOK'S GUIDE. London: Houlston & Wright; and Simpkin, Marshall, & Co.

OF PIECES, in Prose and Poetry, suitable for Recital in Sabbath Schools and at Band of Hope and Temperance Meetings, selected and arranged by SAML. A. SMITH, Baptist Minister, Higher Temple-street, Manchester

Contents of No. 1. The Dark Cloud with a silver lining

Cousin Esther's faalt; or.Set about it. A Wasp in the Pear.”

Fruits of Intemperance.

How to save one's bacon. A Sabbath scholar's dying charge to his “ Will it stand the fire." Mother,

Temperance Hymn.

Contents of No. 2. A Hole in the Carpet; a Domestic Sketch. One Thing at a Time. ** One Glass more.

The Country Lass.
The Toll-Gate Keeper; by Old Humphrey. An Earth-born Spirit.
The Farmer and the Counsellor.

The Drunkard's Wife.
A Corn on the Toe.

Contents of No. 3. Continue to the end.

Speak gently. Confession; or the Irish boy and the

The farmer's tale; or, that way won't do. Romish priest.

Little by little. Ways of doin good.

Uncle Solomon, Little Jim.

A little drink. An honest publican's advertisement.

Contents of No. Out of work and out of luck.

Where does it lead to; or, the way to the “My own true heart at home.”

poorhouse. Little things.

A water-drinker's experience. Smoking and joking.

" It's an odd thing.

Contents of No. 5. Indigestion; or, a Scotchman's Notions City wit and country caution; or the of moderation.

Yorkshireman outwitted. The bow in the cloud.

A Feast of Blackberries. “ Toppers ;', by Old Humphrey.

A foolish young fiy. The Ant and the Glow-worm.

Reasons for total abstinence. Gin-drinking.

The recompense of patience and per


Contents of No. 6. “Happy as a king.”

A friendly glass, or how the green branch The Negro's complaint.

withered. Old Humphrey on Selfishness.

John Rose and his freehold. Three cats and a Welch rabbit.

Sky-rocket making; by Grandfather

All the above in neat wrapper, price Sixpence.

Contents of No. 7. *Turning a Brook and Taming a Bear. “Up, get up.” Keep out of danger.

Abel Grave; or å sure remedy for The Linnet and his nest.

Smoky Chimnies, by Old Humphrey. A Barrel of Pork.

Temperance Seed-time and Harvest.

Contents of No. 8. Annie and Emma.

Alan Doyle. Taking off the Discount.

Temperance Address, by Old Humphrey Moderate Drinking; or beware of the A Taste of Stilton Cheese. trap.

“ A Patch on both knees, and gloves on

Works published by John Heywood, 143, Deansgate, Manchester.

Contents of No. 9.

A Bachelor's Wants.

Petticoat Government. * Fools' Pence.”

Vanity and Temptation; or the Spider A Wonderful Plum Pudding.

and the Fly.

Contents of No. 10.
Teetotalism versus Drunkenness and The Miller and his Donkey.

Strong Drink.
Little Willie and the Apple.

John and Joan. The Lost Guinea.

A Cigar a day.

Will be published October 1st, 1860, No. 1 of T HE PEOPLE'S DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE, Third Edition,

Revised, containing a Supplement which supplies the results of the most recent Scholarship: by JOHN R. BEARD, D.D., Member of the Historico-Theological Society of Leipsic, one of the largest contributors to Dr. Kitto's “Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature," and author of The Voices of the Church in Reply to Strauss ;" " The Grounds and Objects of Religious Knowledge;" "A Revised English Bible the Want of be Church, and the Demand of the Age;" “ The Confessional : a View of Romanism n its Principles, Aims, and Workings;" &c., &c.

The work will be completed in 42 monthly numbers at 6d. each, forming 2 vols. demy Svo, 1332 pp., double columns, with Illustrative Maps and above 1,000 Engravings. Price, neatly bound in cloth, 22s.

Manchester : JOHN Herwood. London: SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & Co.

Boston (U.S.): WALKET, WISE, & Co., 21, Bloomfield Street.

Price 60., 126 pp., bound in cloth, New Issue of Rev. E. D. JACKSON'S Edition of LINDLEY MURRAY'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR..This

Edition contains 1. Lindley Murray's Text.-2. Copious Notes.-3. Exercises in all the parts of Speech, and Rules of Syntax, Prosody, Punctuation, &c.—4. Exercises in English Composition.-5. Questions and Answers in connection with every portion of the Work

Vols. 1 and 2, containing 12 Lectures each, neat paper 1s., cloth 1s.6d. Complete

volume, 30 Lectures, cloth neat 38. ECTURES TO WORKING MEN, by the Rev. ARTHUR MURSELL,

In the Free Trade Hall, Manchester.-New Series.


Just published, price Sixpence, DESCRIPTION OF MANCHESTER; giving an historical account of those


limits in which the town was formerly included : repriuted from a curious edition of 1783.

Manchester : JOHN HEYWOOD. London: G. VICKERS.

Price 6d.,


Plan, with complete Lists of Prefixes, Affixes, Arithmetical Tables, &c., &c:-Fourth Edition, Revised and Improved, by R. ASHMAN.


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IST of COPY BOOKS, ATLASES, MAPS, Educational Works, &c., published by


LARGE POST COPY BOOKS, cream wove, 6d.; SMALL POST, 4d. and 5d. 1 Strokes and Turns 7 Small Hand

11 Ladies' Angular Hand 2 Letters 8 Small Hand, Angular

12 Commercial Hanıl 3 Short Words

9 Text, Round, and Small 13 Ornamental Alphabet 4 Large Hand


14 New initiatory Small Text Hand 10 Large, Text, Round, and

Hand 6 Round Hand

Small Hands

15 Figure Book

FOOLSCAP COPY BOOKS, with Engraved Heads, yellow wove 2d. and 24d.,

cream wove 3d. each. 1 Strokes and Turns 7 Small Hand

11 Ladies'Angnlar Hand 2 Letters 8 Small Hand, Angular

12 Commercial Hand 3 Short Words

9 Text, Round, and Small 13 OrnamentalAlphabet 4 Large Hand


14 New initiatory Small 5 Text Hand 10 Large, Text, Round, and

Hand 6 Round Hand

Small lands

15 Figure Book

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AP OF THE ENVIRONS OF MANCHESTER, 12 in. by 9 in., 2d. plain, 4d.

on thin paper, 1d. plain. JUVENILE ATLAS, 1a: Paimio loutreal, cuma dia. These Maps may be had separately LARG



ARGE MAP OF ENGLAND, 2d. plain, 4d. coloured. Marcontaining Portierantat be ESHTHERN DIVISION of LANCASHIRE, with JOH OHN HEYWOOD'S SCHOOL ATLAS, royal 4to, containing 11 maps, with all

the latest discoveries in geography: 1s. plain, in neat strong wrapper; 28. coloured, in cloth.

Outlines to ditto, 1s. each.
ISS These Maps are entirely New, and have been recently Engraved.
DISSEC TED MAPS, coloured, in boxes, 6d., 18., and 1s. 6d. cach.

cloth, 28. 6d. ; ditto coloured, bound in French roan, with flaps, pockets, &c., 5s. The above Maps, corrected to the present time. point out the Railroads, Canals, Roads, Cities, Towns, Parks, Gentlemen's Parks, &c., ir cach County: and tlough intended as a Guide to Travellers, are useful for reference, &o.

Separately dd, plain ; ditto 1d. coloured.


the FYLDE DISTRICT, being a Hand Map for Visitors to Blackpool, Fleetwood, and Lytham.

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