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Harvard College Library

Jan. 9, 1899

Bequest of

iver B. Henshawy.

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1833, by


in the office of the Clerk of the District of Vermont.


In entering upon this second portion of the work, I would repeat the wishes which I expressed in the preface to the former, and shall only add here such remarks as apply peculiarly to the present volume.

The form of dialogue employed in the introduction is dropped here, because, in treating matters of the kind here presented, it would only have been burthensome, and have weakened the impression intended to be produced. The reader is supposed rather to be seated in familar discussion with the author or with himself, and in adopting this supposition he will find the progress and development of the ideas the more natural and agreeable. Where the divisions prove too long, he will find convenient resting places at shorter intervals, in which he may stop and reflect upon what he has already passed over.

I cannot, from the nature of the case, anticipate a universal agreement in opinion upon all the matters. here treated of, and the results of some of the enquiries instituted, are perhaps too strange and foreign from received opinions, to gain the assent of the publick at once. But what is not done to-day may be done to-morrow, and those, who do not here find satisfaction on topics treated of in this part of the work, I beg will withhold their conclusions, and wait for the third and last parts of it.

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