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respecting which he thus writes in “The cloud which had been hanghis journal. “Here we have been ing a number of weeks over the permitted to witness signal displays centre district, now extended to the of divine power in the conversion northeast part of the town. Here of sinners. It may emphatically be the work was interesting, and a said, that God took the work into number of very striking cases of his own hands and carried it on in conviction, and hopeful conversion his own way. The language of occurred. A number of children Moses often seemed very appropri. who were seriously impressed made ate ; " stand still and see the sal. an appointment to meet in a grove vation of God.” At the commence for religious conversation and prayment of the revival, Jerusalem was er. A rude young man went and searched as with candles. Some secreted himself near the place, for of the old professors were left to the purpose of inaking sport. The weep day after day, and to sup. children assembled, prayed, read pose their former coldness and in the Bible, and sang hymns. They indifference, were a conclusive became so engaged and solemn, proof that they were yet in their that the young man was deeply sins. The attention first appeared affected. His sins were set in in the centre of the town. The order before him with such overwork became more and more pow. whelming power, that it was with erful, in that district, until every difficulty he returned to his place family seemed to feel the shock of residence. He has since indul. Opposition gave way, and infidels ged hope. During these powerful were made to tremble. In one operations of the Spirit in the centre house might be heard the groaps and northeast part of the town, the of the wounded, and in the next, attention of the people in the southperhaps the songs of ransomed west was almost entirely diverted souls. A female who heard a from the concerns of the soul by a sermon one evening was much public exhibition. But they were affected. She returned home and not to be passed by: the cloud retired to rest ; but her distress now moved in that direction, and became so great, that all in the the shower was copious. A few house were called up. She now individuals seemed to possess in an appeared to be in the keenest ag. eminent degree an agonizing spirit ony and cried out “O! this tor- of prayer. A peculiar blessing menting sin,--this tormenting sin. rested upon the meeting of inquiry.

-O Lord Jesus help me to surren. In about four days there were ses. der my soul into thy hands.” She enteen instances of hopeful concaught hold of a female friend, ex- version in that neighbourhood. Beclaiming, “O! pray for me, I am tween seventy and eighty have ex. sliding into hell!” Her friends were pressed hopes during this revival. alarmed and thought she could not A congregational church has been survive such distress. At twelve organized consisting of forty-four o'clock your missionary was awak members. More will probably be ed from his slumbers and request. added soon." ed to go immediately and visit her. While the work was yet going on A message was returned to this in Monkton, according to his uniperishing sinner, that she must ap- versal practice of being absent, at ply to a greater Physician. At one · times, a few days from the scene of o'clock she exclaimed, “Here I labour, Mr. Baldwin, began his am Lord, here I am Lord!” which system of means for a revival in seemed to be the language of sub- Starksboro'. He considered it use. mission.

ful to commence by degrees his

efforts in one town, before he en- his return found his brethren in a tirely left another; and thus neither critical and alarming situation. Afbis entering in, nor his departure ter visiting them individually, he was abrupt. Here too it may be appointed a meeting for the purproper to make a remark respect- pose of settling their difficulties : ing bis mode of life on missionary but the effort only widened the ground. He always had a home; breach. He then resorted to more seldom ate or lodged in different earnest and special prayer. Anhouses from those which he consid- other meeting was appointed. The ered his homes. Somtimes he church again assembled, and the hired his board, and in several in- Spirit of God came down upon stances bought single meals in them. Their stubborn hearts now taverns where he said nothing on gave way and they mutually confesthe subject of religion, though in sed their faults. The next Sabbath the same town where he laboured, the whole church made a public and was known only as the passing confession, before the assembly. traveller. Thus was he very care. This made a powerful impression. ful not to be burdensome to his Sinners were alarmed and began to ! friends, or for the sake of saving inquire what they must do to be his money, to lessen the effect of saved. Between twenty and thirty his evangelical labours among poor have obtained hopes, and the work people who sometimes feel that a appears to be spreading into all missionary wants nothing but a liv. parts of the town.” ing out of their hard-earned pit It is worthy of remark that a tance.

minister has since been settled Respecting Starksboro' the Jour- over this church and people, and nal says ; "a little shower of grace another for half the time over the has fallen here. The congrega church in Starksboro'. Ministers tional church in this town had for a were also settled in Cambridge and number of years been dwindling Underhill, soon after Mr. Baldwin's away. The only active member services were closed among them. that remained, was a man about In carrying forward his operations, eighty years of age. This venera- it was his practice to call in all the ble father in Israel had moved aid that was possible, especially steadily forward, and appears to from his brethren in the ministry. have been instrumental in preserv. He did not account it lost labour. ing the little remains of life in this to ride ten or fifteen, or even twenlanguishing vine. The number of ty miles, to ensure religious exerhopeful converts in this revival is cises in a particular place for a about ten, and the work appears to single day, or evening, when he be still advancing. Among them thought his duty called him to are a number of influential men.” attend in some other quarter, or

In the town of Warren also Mr. when he supposed the preaching of B. laboured a few weeks. He some other man would have a betsays: “ The Great Head of the ter effect than his own, though he church has seen fit to visit this were himself present. In view of place with the effusions of the the signal blessings attending his Holy Spirit. For some time past, exertions at Monkton and Ferrisfears were entertained that the burg, the people in those towns congregational church in this town made arrangements to support him would become extinct, in conse- and enjoy his ministrations alternquence of internal dissentions. A ately during one year. As he had member of the church who had been instrumental in preparing the been absent a number of years, on way for the settlement of others, it

was fondly hoped by his brethren town, the narrow pass where the in the neighbourhood that he had gallant Montgomery fell. Though now prepared a place for himself. it was not bis intention to be known But it was ordered otherwise. He in the character of a minister on had already introduced a young this excursion, yet his heart was man, then a member of college to moved within him, and he could whom he looked and exhorted the not refrain from preaching the people to look, as their future pas- gospel of Christ. We admire the tor. His expectations on this point courage or skill of the warrior who were realized, after he had fulfilled accomplishes his object at a blow, or the year for which he was engaged. fails forever. His operations are

To another, a great and difficult chiefly with matter, and but a few enterprise, his mind had been prov- days and perhaps only a few hours, identially directed, and his heart does he operate on mind. What is was fixed upon it. The writer of it to conquer a country, compared this article, having been almost liter- with Christianizing it? What was ally pressed into the service of sup- the late enterprise of the British genplying the then, lately organized eral in the empire of Burmah, comAmerican Presbyterian Church in pared with that of our benevolent Montreal, L. C. for three Sabbaths, countrymen, who suffered so terriin the spring of 1825, had opportuni- bly in consequence, and within the ty, during that short residence, to range of his operations, though at receive an indelible impression of length rescued by him! If there the spiritual necessities of the was moral dignity in the attempts French population, as well as of of Wolfe and Montgomery to take our own countrymen there. It was an impregnable fortress, at the risk very natural on returning home to and with the loss of life, much more, communicate this to clerical friends, on Christian principles, was the atand among others, to Mr. Baldwin ; tempt of Baldwin glorious, though and probably the question was ask- it should ultimately fail, with the ed in a tone of despondency " who loss of his life. It was not from is there, that careth for their souls," the sudden impulse of the moment, and how long shall this state of that he was induced to set bis face things be? This was enough for toward Canada, for the subject was his ardent and adventurous soul to under consideration a full year, seize hold of, so far as to resolve on till all his previous engagements exploring the field himself. Ac. were fulfilled ; it was not from the cordingly in the middle of the sum- advice of friends, for with one mer, when, with the least detriment voice they discouraged it, by saying to his work, and the best advantage he was useful in Vermont; and if to his health, which from time to he would still labour in the missiontime he found it necessary to re- ary field, the Society which he had cruit by relaxation from his mis- served would be glad to employ sionary toil, he made an excursion him still ; it was not because he to Montreal, and from thence to had become indifferent to the wel. Quebec. In both these cities he fare of his own countrymen, or disfound some Christian friends whom affected with his reception, or he highly valued. In Quebec he reward, or success among them, climbed the heights of the upper as the address delivered at the town, walked over the plains of last anniversary which he attended Abraham, and with curious eye abundantly shows: but it was searched out the stone which de- because he had seen the desolation, signates the spot where General and the sight of it affected his heart; Wolfe expired, and in the lower besides, he knew of no other one

interested in the enterprise that the chains of this superstition bind could go, and this was the ground them forever ? Baldwin was the on which he decided it was his first man to say, no!-and to begin duty to try. Not that he supposed himself, not to break, but to unrivet himself possessed of qualifications them. Perhaps it was necessary peculiarly adapted to that work, for him, in the providence of God, but the Lord had blessed him else to fall a martyr in this cause, to where, and why not here? He arouse the energies of some youth, felt pressed in spirit, and so con- who may hereafter devote himself tinually did the object rést upon to the same work of benevolence, his mind, that he took measures and labour of love. deliberately to shape all the pros. The last scenes of his life cannot pective arrangements of his life, in be better described, than in the accommodation to it. He had in- language of the Rev. Joseph S. deed formed the outline of his plan Christmas in a letter to a friend on of operations, and was willing to the announcement of his death. take into view, the dark, as well as The extract is as follows : the bright side, to see the obstacles, as well as the encouragements to

Montreal, July 17, 1826. his work. He had determined to “ The Rev. Abraham Baldwin commence the enterprise at his arrived in this city, about the 1st own charges, and on his own res- of June, and immediately came to ponsibility. This he chose the reside in my family. You are rallier to do, because if it should doubtless acquainted with his infail, it would involve no public loss, tentions in coming to this country, por would it divert any of the in which he was the more confirmed public charities from objects of ap- on a further inspection of the parently greater promise. When field of labour. embarking upon what was con “The first Sabbath that he was sidered by his brethren in the with me, he supplied my pulpit in ministry a forlorn hope," one the evening. Soon after he comof them remarked to him, though menced studying French ; and was not with that realizing sense of accustomed almost every day to the subject which the event oc- ride on horseback. The second casions, “ You will die in the Sabbath, he preached at the Cross, attempt. Your constitution is not a village about three miles from adapted to the course of life that Montreal, to a small protestant will be necessary. Confinement in assembly which met in a schoola city or village, and the study of house. About this time he benecessary books, and want of exer- came somewhat indisposed with a cise, will destroy you.” He felt the diarrhea, to which strangers from force of the remarks, and proposed the United States are much expoto be cautious on those points. sed on their arrival here, from the peBut prudence in regard to the ex- culiar nature of the water. About posure of his health was a virtue this time Mrs. Christmas was inwhich he knew pot how to exercise. disposed, and as our physician call

A solemn view of the condition ed twice a day, and sometimes of a people upon the very borders oftener, he generally went to Mr. of our country which had been for Baldwin's room, and gave such more than a century with scarcely prescriptions as he thouglit neces. a step in improvement, and the sary. The complaint is by no appalling prospect of no change means dangerous, and did not confor the better in time to come, had fine him a day; but as he felt conled to the affecting inquiry, Must siderably debilitated, he did not VOL 1.-No. IX.


think it expedient to preach on the death. The attendants were frightnext Sabbath. The Sabbath after, ened, and sent for physicians in all he preached for me again in the directions. Shortly three arrived, afternoon, but said he felt consider and his ill turn passed over.-He ably unwell during the sermon. expressed great anxiety to see me. By this time he was relieved of the When I returned, he told me that diarrhæa, his appetite was keen, he should die, expressed his thanks and he thought his general health for our kindness, begged we would would be improved for his late forgive, whatever we had seen illness. On Wednesday the 29th amiss in him, directed me to write June, he rose from the tea-table to his father, and gave instructions before it was dismissed, retired to respecting some business. He then his room, and shortly after, we said, he had that day been farored heard him vomiting. He took with extraordinary views of the some medicine, and vomited some Saviour ; that he seemed to stand during the night. In the morning I between God and his guilty soul went after the physician, who pro- making peace for him. At internounced his case to be the cholera vals he repeated, “Oh, the joys of morbus, which is very prevalent going !" " Christ is all !" " Christ here. For the space of two or is all!” After this he became dethree days his stomach was so lirious at intervals. On the Sabirritable, that scarcely any thing bath, July 9th while I was preachwould lie upon it, and his vomiting, ing the second time, his senses which returned occasionally, was returned, and he became anxious .very violent. By means of lauda- to see me. On my return I connum introduced into the system versed and prayed with him, when through the medium of the skin, he I finished he said he could assent was gradually relieved, and began to every word of the prayer-he to take some nourishment in small would not allow me to petition for quantities. From the commence- his recovery. · He said it seemed ment of this attack, he had watch- strange to him, after he had finishers with him every night, and was ed his work in Vermont, that he faithfully nursed by a pious colour should come as far as it would ed woman, to whom Mr. Baldwin have been to have gone home in expressed much gratitude. By another direction, to die in a land Wednesday the 5th of July, he of strangers. He told me his age was so much better, that the Dr. and some of his past history. To thought of dropping his attendance. a friend who called upon him beOn that day, he came down stairs fore he became delirious, he said, for a little while. On Thursday I may be deprived of my reason, and he wrote a letter to Mr. Beckwith if I am, I wish you to bear testimony of Monkton, Vermont, and spoke to my friends, that I feel bappy in of setting out on the following Mon- my mind, and am willing to leave day to obtain the collections of in- the world. If I should tell you the dividuals in the States, favorable to views and feelings I have had this his object, to support him, while day, you would think me an enthuprosecuting his labours here.-In siast. the evening he was rather feverish. “Before the middle of the night The next day I went into the coun- his delirium and other symptoms try very early in the morning and were so alarming that the attending did not return till sun-down. In the physician sent for two others, to afternoon of that day, he had a counsel in the case. They advised sudden spasmodic affection, and bleeding as the last resort. Froin seemed to be in the agonies of this time four of the first physicians

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