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The columns of Words in this Book, and in the other Books of the Series, are given as exercises in Spelling, and in explanation, that the Pupil' may be able both to read, and to understand the Lessons that follow. It is expected that the Teacher should explain and illustrate the Lessons in Geography, with a globe or map, in order to prepare his pupils for the use of a textbook. Lesson XIX. Section II. and Lesson XVIII. Sec. III. are intended rather to show the Master how he may begin to teach the principles of Grammar, than as exercises to be learned and understood by the Pupils at this early stage of their progress.

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fish stars dwell swims light beast work night

- moves fear

air speak God made all things. He made the sun to give light by day, and the moon, and the stars, to give light by night. He made the earth, and the sea, and all

vi earth

that dwell in them. The beast that moves on the face of the earth, the bird that flies in the air, and the fish that swims in the sea, are the work of his hands. Who shall not fear Him, and speak of all His works?

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God made man. He gave him ears to hear, eyes to see, a nose to smell, a mouth to taste and speak, hands to feel and work, and legs and feet to walk, He gave

him sense to teach him right from wrong, and a soul that cannot die. My dear child, thus are we made ; then how ought we to love and serve the great God!


hoof high
horn duck said

paw v horse.' ...: wing

tail The cow has a horn, and the fish has

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se a gill;

The horse has a hoof, and the duck

has a bill; The bird has a wing, that on high he

may sail ;

And the cat has a paw, and the dog

has a tail ; And they swim, or they fly, or they

walk, or they eat, With fin, or with wing, or with bill,

or with feet.

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