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Give to the Father praise, Do.r. I. 273 " It is finished !" Shall we raise 120
Glorious things of thee are spoken,49 I want a principle within .. 222
Glory, glory everlasting.. 167

Glory, glory, to our King !..... 29 Jehovah reigns, exalted high 56
Glory, honour, praise and power 275 Jerusalem ! my happy home 249
God is our refuge, tried and prov'd 28

Jesu, my Saviour! in thy face 175
God moves in a mysterious way, 44 Jesus Christ is risen to day. 126
God of Israel, we adore thee ! 272

Jesus, exalted far on high..

God of my life! to thee I call...

Jesus invites his saints ..

God of my strength, the wise, the 18

Jesus, my Lord, how rich thy gra-193
Grace 'tis a charming sound ... 165

Gracious Spirit, love divine .... 139

Jesus, refuge of my soul

Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 42
Grantus, Lord, thy gracious pre- 261

Jesus the Lord, ascended high.. 2
Grateful notes and numbers bring 100 Jesus, the Prophet of the Church 161
Great God, before thy throne of 233
Great God of wonders, all thy.. 162

Jesus, the Shepherd of the sheep, 158

Jesus, thy blood & righteousness 156
Great God, thy power what tong.194
Great God, what do I see & hear 136

Jesus, we lift our souls to thee! 250
Great is the Lord, exalted high.. 84 Jesus, where'er thy people meet, 260

Jesus, we thy promise claim ... 259
Great is the Lord our God...... 30

Join all the glorious names.. 160
Great the joy, the union sweet.. 102

Joy to the world! the Lord is come 57
Great Shepherd of thy people, hear 261

Guide me, I thou great Jehovah 230

Lamb of God, we fall before thee, 151

Less than the least of all.... 108
Hail the day that sees him rise, 130

Let all the just to God with joy.. 20
Hail, thou once-despised Jesus ! 129

Let God arise in all his might 37
Hail, thou Source of every bless- 117

Let us love, and sing,and wonder 170
Happy the heart where graces. 191

Let us, with a gladsome mind 85
Happy the man whose tender care 26 Light of those whose dreary dwel. 154
Hark a voice! it cries from heav.243

Lo he comes, with clouds descen. 134
Hark, my soul! It is the Lord; 149

Long have we heard the joyful.. 263
Hark the glad sound, the Saviour 112

Look down O Lord, & on our you. 251
Hark! the herald angels sing 114

Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing, 269
Hark, the voice of love & mercy 119

Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin, 32
Heal us, Emmanuel ! here we are, 227

Lord, if thou thy grace impart, . 82
Hear me, O Father, from above, 89

Lord, I have made thy word my 75
He dies, the Friend of sinners dies 123

Lord, in the morning thou shalt he. 4
High let us swell our tuneful not. 114

Lord, may the inward grace abo 250
Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness, 142

Lord, may we feel no anxious care 198
Holy, Holy, Holy ! Lord God Al. 100

Lord, now we part in thy best na. 273
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord !........

Lord of the sabbath, hear our vows 256

Holy Spirii, from on high ..: 138

Lord of the worlds above..... 47
How are thy servants blest, O Lord, 67

Lord, teach us how to pray aright, 217
How beauteous are their feet... 177

Lord! when thou didst ascend on 38
How blest the man whose consci. 19

Lord ! when we bend before thy 264
How did ny heart rejoice to hear 79

Love divine, all love excelling.. 146
How long, O Lord, shall I complain 7

How sweet the hour of closing day245 Mark'd as the purpose of the skies, 185
How sweet the name of Jesus so. 150) May He, by whose kind care we 188

May the grace of Christ our Say. 275

May the power that brings salva-270
I'll celebrate thy praises, Lord 18 Mercy and judgment I will sing 60
I'll praise my Maker with my br. 91 Mine eyes, and my desire ...... 15
I love the Lord : he heard my cri- 72 Mistaken souls, that dream of... 163
I meekly waited for the Lord 25

My God, and is thy table spread ? 252
Immortal honours, endless fame, 274 My God, my everlasting hope !. 40
In busy marts and crowded street 109 My God, the source of all my joys, 110
Inglad amazement, Lord, I stand, 105 My soul lies cleaving to the dust, 76
In vain our fancy strives to paint 244 My soul, praise the Lord,

In vain the erring world inquires 3 My soul, repeat His praise, 62
I set the Lord before mine eyes .. 8 My soul with patience waits. 81
I thirst, but not as once I did 226

My trust is in the Lord,



Not all the blood of beasts 123

Our God is love, & all his saints, 190

Not unto us, Almighty God, ...


Our Lord is risen from the dead.
Not unto us, but thee, O Lord, : 197

0 worship the King


Now let us join with hearts and 173 o Zion, tune thy voice,


Pleasant are thy courts above.. 47
O bless the Lord, my soul !. 61 Plung d in a gulph of dark desparill
O Christ ! our hope, our heart's 173

"Poor and afflicted," Lord, are 2018
o Christ, who hastprepard a place 224 Praise God, from whom all bless. 274
O come, loud anthems let us sing, 54 Praise, my soul, the King of hea- 62
O come, thou wounded Lamb of, 148 Praise the Lord who reigns in hea- 95
O'er the gloomy bills of darkness, 179 Praise the Lord ! ye heavens ado. 94
O for a closer walk with God... 226 Praise we Him by whose kind fa 270
O for a heart to praise the Lord, 225 Praise ye the Lord ! our God to pr. 69
O for a shout of sacred joy


O for a thousand tongues, to sing 172
Of thy love, some gracious token 27)

Rejoice! the Lord is King! .. 131
O God, how endless is thy love!.. 2 Remark, my soul, the narrow.. 51
O God, my heart is fix'd, 'tis bent 34

Remember us, we pray thee,

O God, my heart is fully bent... 68 Return, my soul, and sweetly. 72
O God of Bethel, by whose hand 229 Rise, gracious God, and shine 37
O God of Hosts, the Mighty Lord, 46 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy.. 204

God of love, how blest are they 22 Roek of Ages, cleft for me...... 154
0, God of our salvation, Lord,


O God, our belp in ages past 50

Salvation is for ever nigh

O God, our Saviour and our King,191
O had I, my Saviour, the wings of 33 Salvation ! O the joyful sound! 107
Oh, from the world's vile slavery 223 Saviour of men, and Lord of love, 169
Oh! why should Israel's sons... 182

Saviour, visit thy plantation,
O, how blest the man, whose ear 1

Shew pity, Lord ! O Lord forgive, 31
O how I love thy holy word 76

Sinners come, though poor and 144
O Israel's Shepherd, Joseph's guide 45 Sing praises to God,' in full barm. 96

O joyful sound ! O glorious hour! 128 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands, 56

Sing to the Lord, our Might ....
O Lord, how joyful 'tis to see.... 257 Sing we to our God above, Dor.IV.274
O Lord, my best desire fulfil ... 213 Sangs of praise the angels sang,

Soldiers of Christ! arise

O Lord, thy Church, with longing 182 Sons of men, behold from far

O Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope 22 Sweeter sounds than music kno. 112

O Lord! Turn not thy face away 234 Sweet it is to mingle where
O Lord, within thy sacred gates, 35 Sweet is the memory of thy grace, 90

O love divine, how sweet thou art 147 Sweet is the work, my God, my K. 52
O my soul, what means this sad 206 Sweet the moments, rich in bless. 122
Once did our suff 'ring Saviour.. 13
Once more we come before our G. 267

One prayer I have-all prayers 214 Teach us, O Lord, with cheerful 193
On thee, O God of purity. 4 Th' atoning work is done!
On the mountain's top appearing 180 The billows swell, the winds are 209
O praise ye the Lord...

94 The day of wrath, that dreadful 135
o render thanks, & bless the Lord 65 Thee, Jehovah, Thee adoring . 219
O render thanks to God above.. 66 Thee we adore, Eternal Lord! 99
O Spirit of the living God, 265 Thee we adore, Eternal Name, 237
o that theComforter would come! 139 The festal morn, my God, is come,78
o that the Lord's salvation ... 183 The happy morn is come 124
O that the Lord would guide my 74 The heavens declare thy glory, L. 11
0 Thou, from whom all goodness 231 The Lord descended from above, 10
0 Thou that hearest prayer 217 The Lord, from his celestial throne,8
o Thou that hear'st when sinners 33 The Lord my pasture shall prepare 13
o Thou, to whom all creatures 5 The Lord of Glory is my light 16
o Thou, to whose all-searching 228 The Lord will come! the earth 132
o Thou, who dry'st the mourner's 210 The Saviour lives, no more to die 127
O'tis enough, my God, my God . 232 There is a fountain fill'd with bl. 165

.. 272

.... 160



There is a land of pure delight . 246 Welcome sweet day of rest 255
There is a safe and secret place, 51

We give immortal praise.. 102
The spacious firmament on high, 10

We praise thee, Lord, for ev'ry 110
The Spirit breathes upon theword 269
The voice of Jehovah, majestic 17 We've no abiding city here..

We sing the praise of Him who 121

.. 200
This day be grateful homage paid 126 What is life? 'Tis but a vapour, 247
This is the day the Lord hath ma. 73 What sinners value, I resign, .. 9
Thou art the Way, to thee alone 157 What var. hindrances we meet, 216
Thou boundless Source of ev'ry 214 What various lovely characters 145
Thou God of glorious Majesty.. 236

When all around is dark & drear, 152
Thou God our Saviour shalt en- 60
Thou hidden love of God, whose 219 When gath'ring clouds around I 211

When all thy mercies, O my God, 41
Thou, Lord, by strictest search

87 When I can read my title clear 199
Thou sacred spring of all my joys, 16 When I survey the wondrous cro.120
Thou, who art enthron'd above, 53

When Jesus to my rescue came,

Thou, whose Almighty word. ...,178 When musing sorrow weeps the 21
Thrond on a cloud our God shall 31

When oui heads are bow'd with 233
Through all the changing scenes 2. When orerwhelm'd with grief : 34
Through the day thy love has 243

When rising from the bed of death 133
Thy chast'ning wrath, O Lord, re- 23

Where two or three with sweet ac- 259
Thy presence gracious God afford 266 While in this world we still rem. 188
"Tis a pleasant thing to see 83

While with ceaseless course the.. 240
'T'is God that lifts our comforts 212 With joy we meditate the grace 159
'Tis my happiness below 209 With one consent let all the earth 58
To bless thy chosen rame 36 With songs, and honors, sounding 92
To celebrate thy praises, Lord.. 6

Whom have we, Lord, in heaven 42
To Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, 273.4 Who place on Sion's God their tr. 80
To God I cried, when troubles.. 87 Why those fears ? Behold 'tis Jes-202
To God, the only wise

To-morrow, Lord, is thine 238

To Thee I lift my eyes.
79 | Ye boundless realms of joy .....

To Thee, O Lord, in deep distress, 89

Ye saints and servants of the Lord, 70
To Thee, O Lord our God, we . 231

Ye servants of God

.... 54, 83
To Thee our wants are known.. 271

Yes, we trust the day is breaking, 176
To Sion's hill I lift mine eyes. .




(7's v.) The Blessedness of the Righteous. 1 0, HOW blest the man, whose ear

Impious counsels shuns to hear,
Who nor treads nor loves the way
Where the sons of folly stray;
But, possess’d with sacred awe,
Meditates, Great God, thy law;
This by day his fixt employ,

This by night his constant joy!
2 Like the pros’prous tree, that grows

Where the stream refreshing flows,
He his verdant branch shall spread,
Nor his sick’ning leaves shall shed. -
See, ah see, a different fate
God's obdurate foes await!
See them, to his wrath consign’d,

Fly like chaff before the wind !
3 When thy Judge, O earth, shall come,

And to each assign his doom;
Say, shall then the impious band
With the just assembled stand ?
These th’Almighty, these alone,
Objects of his love shall own;
While his vengeance who defy
Lost in endless ruin lie.


C. M.


The Reign of Christ. 1 JESUS the Lord, ascended high,

Assumes his regal seat, While all the armies of the sky

Lie prostrate at his feet.
2 There shall he lift his glorious head,

And his high throne maintain ;
Shall strike the Powers and Princes dead,

Who dare oppose His reign.
3 Be wise, ye Rulers of the earth,

Obey th' Anointed Lord,
Adore the King of heavenly birth,

And tremble at his word.
4 With humble love address his throne,

For if he frown, ye die ;
Those are secure, and those alone,

Who on his grace rely.

L. M.


1 O GOD, how endless is thy love!

Thy gifts are every evening new,
And morning mercies from above

Gently distil like early dew.
2 Thou spread'st the curtain of the night,

Great Guardian of our sleeping hours ;
Thy sov’reign word restores the light,

And quickens all our drowsy powers

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