Elements of Trigonometry, Plane and Spherical

Kelly & Piet, 1868 - 288 páginas

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Página 120 - Required the logarithm of 234567. The logarithm of 234500 is 5.370143 Correction for the fifth figure 6, 111 " " sixth figure 7, 13 Therefore the logarithm of 234567 is 5.370267. To find the Logarithm of a Decimal Fraction.
Página 117 - All numbers are regarded as powers of some one number, which is called the base of the system ; and the exponent of that power of the base which is equal to a given number, is called the logarithm of that number. The base of the common system of logarithms (called, from their inventor, Briggs' logarithms) is the number 10.
Página 118 - To find the Logarithm of any Number between 1 and 100. Look on the first page of the table, along the column of numbers under N, for the given number, and against it, in the next column, will be found the logarithm, with its characteristic. Thus, opposite 13 is 1.113943, which is the logarithm of 13; " 65 is 1.812913, " " 65. To find thct Logarithm of any Number consisting of three Figures.
Página 45 - In the same way it may be proved that a : b : : sin. A : sin. B, and these two proportions may be written a : 6 : c : : sin. A : sin. B : sin. C. THEOREM III. t8. In any plane triangle, the sum of any two sides is to their difference as the tangent of half the sum of the opposite angles is to the tangent of half their difference. By Theorem II. we have a : b : : sin. A : sin. B.
Página 102 - A ladder 40 feet long may be so placed that it will reach a window 33 feet high on one side of the street, and by turning it over without moving its foot it will reach a window 21 feet high on the other side. Find the breadth of the street.
Página 122 - The logarithmic tangent 73° 35' 40" is 10.531031 Proportional part for 3" is 23 Logarithmic tangent of 73° 35' 43" is 10.531054. When a cosine is required, the degrees and seconds must be sought at the bottom of the page, and the minutes on the right, and the correction for the odd seconds must be subtracted from the number in the table. Required the logarithmic cosine of 59° 33
Página 117 - The logarithm of every number between 10 and 100 is some number between 1 and 2, ie, is 1 plus a fraction. The logarithm of every number between 100 and 1000 is some number between 2 and 3, ie, is 2 plus a fraction, and so on.
Página 103 - What is the perpendicular height of a hill ; its angle of elevation, taken at the bottom of it, being 46°, and 200 yards farther off, on a level with the bottom, the angle was 31°?

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