Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, Volúmenes1-3


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Página 60 - Nay, the ugly gutter, that stagnates over the drain-bars in the heart of the foul city, is not altogether base ; down in that, if you will look deep enough, you may see the dark serious blue of far-off sky, and the passing of pure clouds. It is at your own will that you see, in that despised stream, either the refuse of the street, or the image of the sky.
Página 60 - I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Página 60 - ... there is hardly a roadside pond or pool which has not as much landscape in it as above it. It is not the brown, muddy, dull thing we suppose it to be; it has a heart like ourselves, and in the bottom of that there are the boughs of the tall trees, and the blades of the shaking grass, and all manner of hues, of variable, pleasant light out of the sky...
Página 38 - Report, 1874, p. 318. ular manner we have collected specimens from Washington County to Fort Lamed, a distance of 150 miles. The fossil plants are usually obtained from thin layers, or strata, extending in a horizontal position along a ravine or around a hill. They may occur at several places in the same vicinity, but usually without any connection. They are found at all depths in the Dakota, from within 35 feet of the Permian to within 40 feet of the Fort Hays limestone.
Página 6 - The annual meeting of the society was held in the rooms of the Machinery Club, 50 Church street, New York, on the evening of January 12.
Página 38 - Three years ago, passing from Salina to Harker, when near what is now the town of Bavaria, we picked up in the road some marine fossils. Tracing the specimens to the top of an adjoining hill, we found a few acres covered with a stratum not over two feet in thickness, rich in small shells. We sent a box to Prof.
Página 4 - ... condition of the people, in their social economy and morals, the general intellectual darkness of the period referred to could not fail to impress us both profoundly and painfully. Out of that darkness and chaos have come, as if by magic, all our modern democracy with its individual liberty and dignity, all our civil and religious freedom, all our philanthropy and benevolence, all our diffused comfort and luxury, most of our good manners and good morals, and all the splendid achievements of our...
Página 40 - State Agricultural Society : DEAR SIR — In compliance with your request, I send you report of the annual fair of the Tioga County Agricultural Society for 1868.
Página 82 - ... orbit of the meteoric ring to which the shooting stars of the 10th of August belong before they are drawn into the Earth's atmosphere. " The almost perfect identity of the two orbits justifies Schiaparelli in the bold. assertion that the comet of 1862, No. III., is no other than the remains of the comet out of which the meteoric ring of the 10th of August has been formed in the course of time.
Página 45 - July, when the rainfall reaches its maximum and begins to decline, each succeeding month showing a decrease in the average amount, until the minimum is again reached, in January.

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