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Mearns, Assist. Surg., on furl. to Eur. for health.-B. March 9.
Morris, T., Capt. 24th N. I., to act as Dep. Milit. Auditor Gen.-B. March 11.
Maxwell, J. A., Super. Surg., to be 3d Member of the Med. Board.-B. Feb. 12.
Mayor, F., Ens., returned to duty.-B. Feb. 12.
Morse, T., Lieut.-Col. 4th N. I., on furl. to Eur. for health.-B. Feb. 16.

Nares, G. W. A., Lieut. 530 N. I., returned to duty.-C. Feb. 10.

Oakes, W. H. M., to be Accountant to Milit. Depart. v. Morley, C. Feb. 20. Ormsby, W. C., Lieut. 630 N. I., on furl. to Eur. for health.-C. Feb. 20.

Parker, W., Capt., Maj. of Brig., app. to Malwa field force.-C. Feb. 3.
Platt, J., Lieut., to be Interp. and Quart. Mas. to 230 N. I., v. Bean res.-C.

Feb. 3.
Pringle, D., Capt. 10th N. I., on furl. to Eur. for health.–C. Feb. 20.
Pearson, E., Major, fur. to Eur. prolonged.-B. Feb. 12.
Payne, C., Capt., returned to duty.-B. Feb. 12.
Payne, R., Capt., to be acting 2d Assist. Commis. Gen., v. Molesworth.-B.

Feb. 16.
Pinhey, R., Surg., to be Garr. Surg. at Presidency, v. Powell.-B. Feb. 17.

Raleigh, E. W. W., Assist. Surg., to be 3d Assist. to Presidency Gen. Hos.

C. Feb. 13. Robinson, C., Super. Surg., app. to Presid. division.-C. Feb. 3. Ramsay, W. M., Lieut. 622 N.T., to be an extra Aide-de-Camp on personal

staff of Comman.-in-Chief.-C. Feb. 3. Rainey, A. C., Eps., to do duty with 13th N. 1.-C. Feb. 10. Reed, T. S., supernum. Ens., to be effective Ens., St. Helena.-C. April 27. Ross, J., Assist. Surg., placed at the disposal of the Super. of Marine duty.

B. March 9. Rybat, Capt., Dep. Auditor Gen., to act as first Assist. Commis. Gen., v. James.

-B, March 11. Rooke, C., Ens. N. I., to be Lieut., v. Kensington dismissed.-B. March 12. Reeves, G. o., Lieut. 3d L. Cav., to take rank, v. Meekerder.-B. Feb. 12. Rickards, R. H., Cornet 3d L. Cav., to be Lieut. v. Johnstone, deceased.

B. Feb. 12. Ramsay, H. N., Lieut. 24th N. I., to act as Super. of Bazars at Poona, v. Ro

bertson.-B. Feb. 12. Robertson, R., Major, furl. to Eur. prolonged.-B. Feb. 12. Reynolds, J., Capt., second Assist. Commis. Gen., to be first Assist., v. Sood

grass, dec.-B. Feb. 16.

Shakespear, R. C., Cadet Artill., prom. to 2d Lieut.-C. Feb. 13.
Stewart, Robert, Cadet, promoted to Ensign.-C. Feb. 13.
Smith, Sam., Cornet, posted to 9th L. Cav.-C. Jan. 26.
Sbortreed, W., Lieut., to act as Adj. to 20 Eur. Reg. v. Lysaght.-C. Jan. 30.
Salter, G. Lieut., to be Adj. to 4th N. I., r. Macdonald, res.-C. Jan. 30.
Stoneham, A., Lieut.-Col. 530 N. l., perm. to retire on a pension.-C. Feb. 20.
Saunders, J., Lieut. 50th N. I., to be Interp. and Qu. Mas., v. Impey, prom.-

C. Feb. 3.
Spens, A., Lieut., to act as Interp. and Qu. Mas., to 74th N. I. v. Beresford.

C. Feb. 10. Shuldbam, T., Maj. Gen., on furl. to Eur.-C. Feb. 12. Stark, R., Lieut., acting 3d Assist. Commis.-Gen., to be 3d Assist.-B. Feb. 16. Stewart, J. W., Sen. Assist. Surg., to be Surg., v. Powell, dec.-B. Feb. 16.

Taylor, Jas., Maj. Engin., to be Garr. Engin. and Exer. Offic. Fort William,

&c., v. Wood, on furl.-C. Feb. 5.

Thomas, Wm., Surg., to be a Super. Surgeon on Estab., v. Todd.-(. Feb. 20.
Trevor, R. S., Lieut., 3d L. Cav., to be Interp. and Qu.-Mas.-C. Feb. 9.
Thompson, G., Capt. Engin., on furl. to Europe.--C. Feb. 12.
Turner, J. W. H., Capt. 59th N. I., on furl. to Europe for health.--C. Feb. 13.
Torshire, C., Ens., to be Lieut., v. Crofton, dec.-C. March 9.
Thatcher, w., Lieut., to act as Quar.-Mas. to 6th N. I.-B. Feb. 12.

Venables, G. H., Cadet, promoted to Ensign.-C. Feb. 13.

Whally, F. E., Cornet, posted to 6th L. Cav.-C. Jan. 26.
Wall, F., Cadet, promoted to 2d Lieut. Artill.-C. Feb. 20.
Williamson, G., Maj. 69th N. I., appointed to charge of 46th N. 1.-C. Feb. 3.
Williams, F., Ensign 2d Gren. N. I., to be Lieutenant, v. Munroe, deceased.

B. March 5.
Williams, John, Cornet, posted to 3d L, Cav.-B. Feb. 12.
Wade, W., Lieut., furl. to Eur. prolonged.-B. Feb. 16.


Birdwood, the lady of Wm., Esq., Civil Service, of a son, Bombay, March 24.
Corbett, the lady of Capt. S., of a son, at Howal Bagh, February 24.
Dick, the lady of Capt. H., 56th N.I., of a daughter, at Calcutta, March 13.
Jenkins, the lady of Capt., 11th L. Drag., of a daughter, at Cawnpore, Feb. 3.
Nisbet, the lady of Josiah, Esq., of a daughter, at Durwar.
Ord, the lady of W. K., of a son, at Calcutta, March 10.
Ramsay, the lady of H. N., Lieut. 24th N. I., of a son still-born, at Poonah,

March 14.


Montgomery, E., Esq., Civil Service, to Isabella Ann, second daughter of Lieut.

Col. Sullivan, 6th foot, at Poona, March 18. Wilson, the Rev. E. H. H., to Francis S. Parr, eldest daughter of G. S. Siddons.

Esq., at Calcutta, March 11. Yates, Alex., Esq., commanding the ship Sesostris, to Mrs. Mary Caroline Tate,

fourth daughter of the late J. Martin, Esq., Tyronne, Ireland, Bombay, March 21.


Burford, Lieutenant George, Adjutant 27th reg., N.I., aged 29, at Benares,

February 15.
Goodiff, J, B., Capt., commanding 15th N. I., at Sucheena, Feb. 8.
Robertson, Colin Campbell, infant son of Lieut. Col. Archibald, Mababulcswar,

March 20.
Rogers, Mr. Robert, aged 34, at Calcutta, February 22.




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Date. Port of Arrival. Ship's Name. Commander. Place of Depart. Date. 1829.

1829. July 30 Weymouth.. Kh. Stewart Forbes Chapman.. Bombay .. Feb. 22 July 31 Dover .. Sesostris .. Yates .. Bombay .. Mar. 24 July 31 Downs .. Lady Kennaway Delafons.. China .. Jan. 21 July 31 Palmouth ... Princess Louise Barmessen China ... Jan. 21 Aug. 3 Portsmouth Lord Cochrane Sutton .. Ceylon . Feb. 14 Ang. 3 Cowes .. Harmonica .. Lange .. Batavia .. Mar. 1 Aug. 3 Downs .. Manlius

Johnstone Batavia .. Feb. 19 Aug. 3 Downs Hopeful

Mallors ..

Cape .. May 30 3 Dover Meteor

Watson ..

Mauritius May 2 Aug. 3 Portsmouth Auguste


Batavia .. Mar. 20 4 Dover Eliza


N.S, Wales Mar. 21 4 Portsmouth Mar. Lansdowne Noyes .. V.D. Land Mar. 29 7 Downs .. Warrens

South Seas Aug. 10 Portsmouth Isabella

Parker Bengal. Feb. 14 Aug. 13 Portsmouth Maria

Wakefield Mauritius May 4 Aug, 13 Falmoutb .. Indian

(Late Eadie) Singapore Mar. 23 Aug. 13 Liverpool .. Malvina

Pearson .. Bombay .. April 11 Aug. 14 Portsmouth Abberton

Percival .. Bengal, Mar. 23 Aug. 14 Portsmouth Flinn

Philipson.. Cape .. June 7 Aug. 14 Isle of Wight Coldstream .. Tregartha Bengal.. Mar. 9 Aug. 14 Downs . Newton

Rising .. Batavia .. April 10 Aug. 15 Portsmouth Sir Thos. Munro Crockley.. Singapore Mar. 14 Aug. 15 Downs .. Zephyr

Fell .. South Seas Aug. 17 Downs .. Samuel Crawley Hutchinson Mauritius Aug. 18 Hastings .. Barossa

Hutchinson Bengal. Feb. 25 Aug. 18 Dover .. Nithsdale

Christian.. Bombay .. Mar. 8 Aug. 18 Portsmouth Civilian

Blair .. Batavia .. Feb. 24 Aug. 18 Isle of Wight Maitland

Short .. Bengal .. Mar. 12 Aug. 20 Portsmouth Rose

Marquis .. Bengal.. Mar. 22 Aug. 21 Liverpool .. Adahlina

Murray .. Bengal.. Mar. 9 Aug. 24 Downs .. Sir Josph. Banks Fraser . Singapore Mar. 27 Aug. 25 Margate .. Edward Lombe Freeman.. Bombay .. Mar. 19 Aug. 26 Dover . Mermaid .. Henniker.. V. D. Land April 8 Aug. 27 Gravesend .. Milo

.. Starke . C. G. Hope June 18

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HOMEWARDS. Per Edward Lombe from Bombay. Lieut. Pottinger; Dr. Mearis; and Mr. Price, from the Cape.

Per Mermaid from New South Wales. Capt. Montague; Messrs. Murdoch, Walker, Jennings, and Seccombe ; Mrs. Montague and 3 children.

Per Maitland from Bengal. Capts. Clarke, Country Serv., and James Clark, 47th foot; Lieuts. Merr, Campbell Frazer, W. D. Hewson, and J. Lardner; Assist.-Surg. Robert Battersby; Master Clarke; Mesdames Clark, Clarke, and, Polland ; Misses Clark, Clarke, and Cookes ; 153 privates of the 47th foot.

Per Barossa from Madras. Gen. Shouldham; Col. Doveton (left at St. Helena); Capt. Pringle; Master Home; Mesdames Shouldham, Home, Bentham, Simons, and Macnamara; Misses Shouldham and Browns.

Per Alberton from Bengal. Capts. Dickson, 60th N.I. ; Thompson, 2d European reg.; and Colebrooke, Inv. Estab. ; Lieuts. T. Sampson, 22d N.I.; and Southall, 38th foot; Messrs. G. H. Blake, and Macdonald; Masters Arnot, Dickson, Burton, and Playfair ; Messdames Cab, Playfair, Dickson, Knyvett, Studd, and Harris ; Misses P. Harris, Barton, Studd, Phillips, Allen, and Dickson; and 3 servants.

Per Rose from Bengal. Col. W. Cotton, C.B., 14th reg. ; Capts. J. W. X. Turner, 89th N.I.; and G. Bryant, Inv. Estab.; Dr. S. Patterson, 3d Buffs ; Wm. Paxton, H. W. Taunton, C. T. Trower, R. H. Matthew, S. Goddard, and Colin Turner, Esqrs.; Master J. W. Watson ; Lady Toone (died at Sea); Mrs. Toone.

Per Tamerlane from Bombay. Drs. Boyd and Griffiths; Messrs. Kinchant and Pilcher; Messdames Boyd, Griffiths, and Richardson.

Per Sesostris from Bombay. Capts. Liddell, Bomb. N.I. (died at sea); and Martin, Country Serv.; Ens. Rose, 92d foot; Dr. Conwell, Assist.-Surgs. H. J. Campbell and Duncan ; Hanson Watson, Esq.; Messrs. 'Bird and Dowdeswell (2) ; Masters Davies ; Messdames Conwell and Yates (2); Misses Conwells.


ABADA, Sheikh, Village of, Notice of, 37. 39.
Aboo Talib Khan, Anecdote of, 31.
Abydus, or El Araba Medfoun, Sketch of, and description of its Antiquities, 424.
Abyssinian Women, Notice of the, 92.
Aeropolis, The, at Athens, 104.
Adam, Mr., Monument to the late, 356.
African Caravan of Slaves, Description of, 245,
Agriculturists in India, State of the, 395.
Agriculture of the Burmese, 216.
Aids-de-Camp, Allowances to, 578.
Air, The Man Sitting in the, Death of, 137.
Akmeem, or Panopolis, Sketch of, 418.
Albuquerque, Notices of the Campaigns of, 452,
Alexandria, Account of the City o?, 492.
Allowances in the Bengal Army. On the Unjustifiable Reductions of, 72..
Almehs, or Public Singers, Performances of the, at Melouai, 45.
Alport family, Sketch of the, 478.
Aman, Description of the Territory of, 88.
American Manufactures.-Conventional Harrisburg.--East India Monopoly, 399.
Angenweel, Fort of, Notice of, 292.
Anglo-Indian Colego, Examination of, at Calcutta, 565..

- Manners, 471.
Angria the Pirate, Account of, 291. 293.
Anjedeva, Sketch of the Island of, 295.
Annals and Antiquities of Rajast'han, 368, 505.
Antæopolis, City of, Description of the Remains of the, 257.
Antinoë, Description of the Ruins of, 37. 48.
Apis, Origin of ihe worship in Egypt, disquisition on, 258.
Arabs, Anecdote of, their obstinacy and ignorance, 417,
Arab Pirales, Description of a fleet of, 81.
Arabs, Hospitality and mode of entertainment by the, 429. 499. 502.
Arabia, Madden's Travels in, 490.
Archemoneen, Village of, notice of, 40.
Army, Retrenchment in the Indian, 361.
Assassination, attempted, and Suicide, by a trooper, 154.
Asiatic Journal, Examination of, on the East India and China Trade, 227.

- On Monopoly, and a Free Press, 130.
Asiatic Society, Royal Report of the Committee of Correspondence of the, 313.

Atlantis, Island of, a poein, 504.
Australasia, News from, 574.
Auditor-General at Madras, Power exercised by, 135.
Ava, Crawfurd's Embassy to, 211.


Baker's, Capt. Robert, Embassy to Ava, notice of, 213.
Balbi the Traveller, notice of, 212.
Bancoot, river of, notice of, 291.
Bank of Australasia, 576.
Barsalone, Peaksof, notice of, 297.
Beejapoor, Great Gun at, 153.

Oriental Herald, Vol. 22.

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