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No sacrifice! Through Him, wherever there is a broken and a contrite spirit, there is a sacrifice which God doth not despise. No sacrifice! Wherever there is a humble, grateful Christian ready to present his body upon the altar of consecration, there is a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God. No sacrifice! So long as a Christian believer is to be found with a prayer to breathe to heaven, or a note of praise to waft to the throne of Eternal Majesty, there is an offering, a sacrifice, which ascends as incense, and as a savour of a sweet smell before the Heavenly altar. We have an altar: We have a priesthood : We have sacrifices. O come to this altar of Christianity, the altar of the cross; come to the Holy of Holies through the sacrifice of God's Divine Lamb; come with all your guilt and all your pollution, remembering that you

have a High Priest who advocates your cause, and who is both able and willing to UTTERMOST ALL WHO COME UNTO GOD BY HIM."



" De defectibus Panis. 1st. "If the bread be not of wheat, or if of wheat, it be mixed with such quantity of other grain, that it doth not remain wheaten bread; or if it be in any way corrupted, it doth not make a sacrament.

2d. “ If it be made with rose or other distilled water, it is doubtful if it make a sacrament.

3d.“ If it begin to corrupt but is not corrupted: also, if it be not unleavened according to the custom of the Latin church, it makes a sacrament; but the priest sins grievously.”

De defectibus Vini. “ If the wine be quite sour, or putrid, or be made of bitter or unripe grapes: or if so much water be mixed with it, as spoils the wine, no sacrament is made.

If after the consecration of the body, or even of the wine, the defect of either kind be discovered, one being consecrated; then, if the matter which should be placed cannot be had, to avoid scandal, he must proceed.”

De defectibus Ministri. “ The defects on the part of the minister, may occur in these things required in him, these are first and especially intention, after that, disposition of soul, of body, of vestments, and disposition in the service itself, as to those matters which can occur in it.

“ If any one intend not to consecrate, but to counterfeit; also, if any wafers remain forgotten on the altar, or if any part of the wine, or any wafer lie bidden, when he did not intend to consecrate but what he saw; also, if he shall have before him eleven wafers and intended to consecrate but ten only, not

determining what ten he meant, in all these cases there is no consecration, because intention is required.

“ Should the consecrated host disappear, either by accident, or by wind, or miracle, or be devoured by some animal, and cannot be found; then let another be consecrated.

“If after consecration, a gnat, a spider, or any such thing fall into the chalice, let the priest swallow it with the blood, if he can; but if he fear danger and have a loathing, let him take it out, and wash it with wine, and when mass is ended, burn it, and cast it and the washing into holy ground..

“ If poison fall into the chalice, or what might cause vomiting, let the consecrated wine be put into another cup, and other wine with water be again placed to be consecrated, and when mass is finished, let the blood be poured on linen cloth, or tow, remain till it be dry, and then be burned, and the ashes be cast into holy ground.

“If the host be poisoned, let another be consecrated and used, and that, be kept in a tabernacle, or a separate place until it be corrupted, and after that be thrown into holy ground.

“If in winter the blood be frozen in the cup, put warm clothes about the cup; if that will not do, let it be put into boiling water near the altar, till it be melted, taking care it does not get into the cup.

" If any of the blood of Christ fall on the ground by negligence, it must be licked up with the tongue, the place be suffi. ciently scraped, and the scrapings burned; but the ashes must be buried in holy ground.”



It is hardly necessary for me to state, to my hearers, unless, indeed, it be by way of constructing a link which shall complete the chain of argument and observation ‘now to be employed, that man, in his primeval state, was ONE WITH DEITY. God dwelt in him, and he in God. Man took the highest delight in his Creator, and God in his creature. All was peace, harmony and love. No medium of access to God was necessary for man, because the intercourse and the fellowship were immediate and absolute. To how great an eminence, to how divine a height, was our nature raised, in the person of Adam!

Who needs to be told that from this lofty height, man fell? Sin separated between him and God. Those who had been so intimately united, were now severed and placed at an infinite distance from each other; those who had been friends, were now enemies. All intercourse with the Divine Being was cut off, and man found himself at enmity against an all-powerful and infinitely holy God. Had he endeavoured to find his way back again to God, every attempt which he could have made must have failed : for between him and Divinity there was fixed an impassable abyss, with no way around it, and no way over it. In the distance, but

within his trembling view, there was seen the lightning's flash, reminding him that God is a consuming fire; and from that distance, there fell upon his trembling ears, the thunders of Almighty vengeance, a revelation of His wrath from heaven against all ungodliness. A flaming sword guarding the Paradise of the Divine presence, warned man that any attempt to enter it, would be visited with instant judgment.

By what device could this breach be healed ? What power could erect over this fearful gulph of separation a sufficient bridge---a bridge over which man might walk in safety to his God ? 'What skill and energy could repair the fracture which sin had produced ? Who could discover a medium of access for the sinner to his God? Who could penetrate the depths of the divine mind to ascertain whether there existed in those depths, the pure gem of redeeming mercy! What advocate could be found to plead before the offended majesty of heaven, the cause of rebel man?

Wonder O heavens, and be astonished O earth! The skill, the power, the compassion are all at hand, for they are all in God. Yea, the way is already opened ; the bridge has been erected by our Divine Architect; the scheme of reconciliation is completed; the breach is healed; the serpent's head is bruised; the eternal Word, the Son of God, Jehovah's fellow, appears, arrays himself in our flesh, assumes our entire humanity, places himself in contact with the vengeance-charged cloud, receives its fearful shock, stands our Advocate before the throne of Heaven, and from that throne exclaims to us who seek after God, if haply we may

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