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Behold, I come as a thief : blessed bring into the land.—Numb. xiv. 24. is he that watcheth, and keepeth his xxxii. 12. Josh. xiv. 8. 14. garments, lest he walk naked, &c. Take heed to thyself, and keep Rev. xvi. 15.

thy soul diligently, lest thou forget, Surely I come quickly : Amen. &c. lest they depart from thine heart, Even so, come Lord Jesus.-Rev. &c. thou shalt find him, if thou seek xxii. 7. 12. 20.

him with all thine heart, and with all Sect. xvi. To walk with God heartily,

thy soul.—Deut. iv. 9. 29. uprightly, sincerely, and to follow all that they have spoken : 0 that

The Lord said, They have well said him fully and zealously : the Rea- there were such an heart in them, sons thereof.

that they would fear me, &c.-Deut. ENOCH walked with God. -Gen, v.

v. 28, 29. 22. 24.

What doth the Lord thy God reNoah was a just man and perfect quire of thee, but, &c. to serve the (or upright) in his generations: Noah Lord thy God with all thine heart, walked with God, &c. according unto and with all thy soul ?-Deut. x. 12. all that the Lord had commanded 1 Sam. xii. 20. him, so did he, &c.—Gen. vi. 9. 22. Thou shalt be perfect (or upright,

The Lord had said unto Abram, or sincere) with the Lord thy God.Get thee out of thy country, &c. so Deut. xviii. 13. Abram departed as the Lord had

The Lord thy God hath commanded spoken unto him.-Gen. xii. 1. 4. thee to do these statutes and judg

The Lord appeared unto Abram, ments : thou shalt therefore keep and and said unto him, I am the Almighty do them with all thine heart, and God, walk before me, and be thou with all thy soul.—Deut. xxvi. 16. perfect (or upright).-Gen. xvii. 1. Cleave unto the Lord your God, as

Abimelech said, In the integrity ye have done unto this day.- Josh. of my heart, &c. have I done this, xxiii. 8. &c. And God said, &c. I know, Now therefore fear the Lord, and &c. Gen. xx. 4-7.

serve him in sincerity and in truth. God said unto Abraham, Take now Josh. xxiv. 14. Sam. xii. 24. thy son, &c. and offer him, &c. And Because Israel did not destroy all Abraham rose up early in the morn- the inhabitants of the land, according ing to set about it, &c.-Gen. xxii. to command, God said, I will not I, &c.

drive them out from before you, but The Lord said to Moses, Go, I will they shall be as thorns in your sides, be with thy mouth, &c. and he said, and their gods shall be a snare unto O my Lord, send I pray thee by the you.—Judges ii. 2, 3. hand of him whom thou wilt send. Jephthah, concerning his vow, said, And the anger of the Lord was I have opened my mouth unto the kindled against Moses.—Exod. iv. Lord, and I cannot go back, &c.11-14. Jer. i. 6, 7.

Judges xi. 31.35.39. Ps.cxvi. 14. 18. Bring me an offering of every man The Lord is a God of knowledge, that giveth it willingly with his heart. and by him all actions are weighed.-Exod. xxv. I.

1 Sam. ii. 3. My servant Moses, who is faithful God had said to Saul, Go and smite in all mine house. With him will I Amalek, and utterly destroy all that speak mouth to mouth.-Numb. xii. they have, &c. But Saul and the 7, 8. Heb. iii. 2. 5.

people spared Agag, and the best of But

my servant Caleb, because he the sheep, &c. Then came the word had another spirit with him, and of the Lord unto Samuel, saying, It bath followed me fully, him will I repenteth me that I have set up Saul

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to be king: for he is turned back which was right, &c. but yet did not from following me, and hath not per- take away the high places.—2 Kings formed my commandment.—1 Sam. xiv. xv. xv. 3-11.

Josiah turned to the Lord with all The Lord seeth not as man seeth : his heart, and with all his might, for man looketh on the outward ap- according to all the law of Moses, pearance, but the Lord looketh on &c.—2 Kings xxiii. 25. xviii. 3-6. the heart.- Sam. xvi. 7.

Set your heart and your soul to I was also upright before him, &c. seek the Lord your God.-1 Chron. With the upright man thou wilt shew xxii. 19. 2 Chron. xi. 16. xv. 12. 15. thyself upright.-2 Sam. xxii. 24. 26. Know thou the God of thy father, Ps. xviii. 23.

and serve him with a perfect heart, Thou hast shewed unto thy servant and a willing mind; for the Lord David my father great mercy, ac- searcheth all hearts, and understandcording as he walked before thee in eth, &c.--1 Chron. xxviii. 9. truth and in righteousness, and in I know also, my God, that thou uprightness of heart with thee. - triest the heart, and hast pleasure in 1 Kings iii. 6.

uprightness. As for me, in the upThou, thou only, knowest the rightness of my heart I have willingly hearts of all the children of men, &c. offered all these things, &c.-1 Chron. Let your heart therefore be perfect xxix. 17. Prov. xvii. 3. Rom. viii. 27. with the Lord your God.- Kings The eyes of the Lord run to and viii. 39. 61. Ps. xliv. 21.;

fro throughout the whole earth, to If thou wilt walk before me as shew bimself strong in the behalf of David thy father walked, in integrity (or strongly to hold with) them whose of heart, and in uprightness to do heart is perfect toward him. according to all, &c. Then I will 2 Chron. xvi. 9. establish, &c.—1 Kings ix. 4, 5. Amaziah did that which was right

It came to pass that when Solomon in the sight of the Lord: but not was old, &c. his heart was not per- with a perfect heart.2 Chron. xxv. fect with the Lord his God, as was 1, 2. the heart of David, &c. he went not Hezekiah, &c. wrought that which fully after the Lord, &c. - 1 Kings xi. was good and right, &c. he did it 4. 6.

with all his heart, and prospered. Asa did that which was right, &c. 2 Chron. xxxi. 20, 21. but the high places were not removed: Job was a perfect and upright man, nevertheless Asa's heart was per- and one that feared God, &c.-Job i. fect with the Lord all his days. I. 8. 1 Kings xv. 11. 14.

Still he holdeth fast his integrity, How long halt ye between two although thou movedst me against opinions? If the Lord be God, fol- bim, &c.-- Job ii. 3. low him.- 1 Kings xviii. 21.

Behold God will not cast away a Elijah and Micaiah, the prophets, perfect man.- Job viii. 20. both faithful to God in bad times. My foot hath held his steps; his 1 Kings xix. 10. xxii. 13, 14, way have I kept, and not declined,

Thy servant will not offer, &c. to &c.—Job xxiii. 11. any other gods but the Lord. In My heart shall not reproach me this thing the Lord pardon thy ser- so long as I live.-Job xxvii. 6. Ps. vant. When my master goeth into xxvi. 11. the house of Rimmon to worship, &c. Doth not he see my ways, and and I bow myself, &c.—2 Kings v. count all my steps ?-Job xxxi. 4. 17, 18.

xxxiv. 21. Many kings of Israel did that No darkness, nor shadow of death,

where the workers of iniquity may my house with a perfect heart.-Ps. hide themselves.-Job xxxiv. 22. ci. 2. xxvi, 11.

God, which saveth the upright in Unto the upright there shall arise heart.-Ps. vii. 10.

a light in the darkness.-Ps. cxii. 4. The Lord's throne is in heaven: Then shall I not be ashamed, when his eyes behold, his eyelids try the I have respect unto all thy commandchildren of men.-Ps. xi. 4, 5. ments: I will praise thee with upLord, who shall abide in thy taber- rightness of heart, &c.

My zeal nacle ? &c. he that walketh uprightly, hath consumed me, &c.—Ps. cxix. 6, &c.—Ps. xv. 1, 2.

7. 139. I have set the Lord always before Do good, O Lord, unto, &c. them me.-Ps. xvi. 8.

that are upright in their hearts: as The Lord preserveth the faithful. for such as turn aside unto their -Ps. xxxi, 23.

crooked ways, the Lord shall lead Mark the perfect man, and behold them forth with the workers of inithe upright: for the end of that man quity.-Ps. cxxv. 4, 5. is peace.-Ps. xxxvii. 37.

O Lord, thou hast searched me, Forget all thine own people, and and known me: thou knowest my thy father's house: so shall the king downsitting and uprising : thou ungreatly desire thy beauty.-Ps. xly. derstandest my thoughts afar off : 10, 11.

thou compassest my path, and my Like sheep they are laid in the lying down, and art acquainted with grave, &c. and the upright shall have all my ways : for there is not a word dominion over them in the morning. in my tongue, but lo! O Lord, thou -Ps. xlix. 14.

knowest it altogether.-Ps. cxxxix. Behold thou desirest truth in the 14. Ezek. xi. 5. inward parts.-Ps. li. 6.

The upright shall dwell in thy preMy soul followeth hard after thee: sence.-Ps, cxl. 13. thy right hand upholdeth me.-Ps. If thou seekest wisdom as silver, lxiii. 8. cxix. 60.

and searchest for her as for hid treaAll the upright in heart shall glory. sures, then shalt thou understand, -Ps. lxiv. 10. xcvii. 11.

&c. The Lord is a buckler to them I will pay thee my vows which my that walk uprightly.—Prov. ii. 4—7. lips have uttered, &c. when I was in My son, &c. let thine heart keep trouble. Ps. lxvi. 13, 14. cxvi. my commandments. Prov. iii. i. 14. 18.

xxiii. 26. The Lord God will give grace and Keep thy heart with all diligence: glory: no good thing will he with- for out of it are the issues of life.-hold from them that walk uprightly. Prov. iv. 23. -Ps. lxxxiv. 11.

For the ways of man are before the They say, the Lord shall not see, &c. eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth He that planted the ear, shall he not all his goings.—Prov. v. 21. hear? He that formed the eye, shall He that walketh uprightly, walketh he not see ? &c. The Lord knoweth surely, &c.—Prov. x. 9. the thoughts of man.-Ps. xciv. 7-9. The integrity of the upright shall 11. 15.

guide them &c. the righteousness of It is a people that do err in their the perfect shall direct his way, &c. hearts, &c.—Ps. xcv. 10.

the righteousness of the upright shall Light is sown for the righteous, deliver them, &c. Such as are upand gladness for the upright in heart. right in the way, are his delight.-Ps. xcvii. 11.

Prov. xi. 3. 5, 6. 20. I will behave myself wisely in a He that walketh in his uprightperfect way, &c. I will walk within ness feareth the Lord.-Prov. xiv. 2.


eyes of the Lord are in every Jer. xvii. 9, 10. xxxii. 19. Rom. place, beholding the evil and the viii. 27. good, &c. The prayer of the upright Am I a God at hand, &c. and not a is his delight, &c. A man of under. God afar off? Can any hide himself standing walketh uprightly.--Prov, in secret places that I shall not see XV. 3. 3. 21.

him ? saith the Lord. Do not I fill All the ways of a man are clean in heaven and earth - Jer. xxiii. 23, his own eyes: but the Lord weigheth 24. Heb. iv. 12, 13. Job xxxiv. 22. the spirits.-Prov. xvi. 2.

Cursed be he that doeth the work The just man walketh in his integ- of the Lord deceitfully (or neglirity.-Prov. xx. 7.

gently).-Jer. xlviii. 10. Every way of a man is right in his I' know the things that come into own eyes: but the Lord pondereth your mind, every one of them.the hearts.-Prov. xxi. 2.

Ezek. xi, 5. My son, give me thine heart. Daniel purposed in his heart that Prov. xxiii. 26. Joel ii. 12, 13. he would not defile himself with the

If thou sayest, Behold, we know it portion of the king's meat, &c. pot: doth not he that pondereth the Dan. i. 8. heart consider it ?-Prov. xxiv. 12. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

A faithful man shall abound with answered, and said to the king, o blessings.-Prov. xxviii. 20. Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful

The upright love thee (or they love to answer thee in this matter, &c. thee uprightly).-Cant. i. 4.

our God whom we serve is able to deThe way

of the just is uprightness: liver us, &c. But if not, be it known thou, most upright, dost weigh the unto thee, O king, that we will not path of the just.- Isa. xxvi. 7. serve thy gods, nor worship the

Hezekiah prayed, &c. Remember golden image, &c.—Dan. iii. 16—18. now, O Lord, Í beseech thee, how Do not my words do good to him I have walked before thee in truth, that walketh uprightly?Micah ii. 7. and with a perfect heart, &c.—Isa. Behold, his soul which is lifted up, Xxxviii. 2, 3.

is not upright in him.—Hab. ii. 4. Hearken unto me, &c. the people

fasted and mourned, &c. in whose heart is



did at all fast uuto me, even unto not.—Isa. li. 7.

me ?Zech. vii. 5—7. Is it such a fast that I have chosen? Ye brought that which was torn; &c. to bow down his head as a bull- and the lame, and the sick, &c. cursed rush, &c. Is not this the fast that I be the deceiver that, &c. sacrificeth to have chosen, to loose the bands of the Lord a corrupt thing, &c.—Mal. wickedness -Isa. lviii. 5, 6.

i. 13, 14. From the prophet unto the priest, Whosoever looketh on a woman to every one dealeth falsely: for they lust after her, hath committed adulhave healed the hurt of the daughter tery with her already in his heart.of my people slightly, saying, Peace, Matt. v. 28. &c.—Jer. viii. 10, 11.

When thou doest alms, let not O Lord of hosts, that judgest righte- thy left hand know what thy right ously; that triest the reins and the hand doeth, &c. No man can serve heart.-Jer. xi. 20.

two masters : for either he will hate The heart is deceitful above all the one, and love the ther; or else things, and desperately wicked, who he will hold to the one, and despise can know it? I the Lord search the the other : ye cannot serve God and heart, and try the reins, even to give maminon.—Matt. vi. 3. 24. every man according to his ways, and Strait is the gate, and narrow is according to the fruit of his doings. the way which leadeth unto life, &c.

When ye ye

: fear


Noteveryone that saith, Lord! Lord! is nothing hid, that shall not be shall enter into the kingdom, &c.— known.—Luke xii, 1, 2. Matt. vii. 14. 21.

If any man come to me, and hate Because they had not root, they not his father, and mother, and wife, withered away.-Matt. xiii, 5, 6. and children, and brethren, and

Not that which goeth into the sisters, yea, and his own life also, mouth defileth a man, but that which he cannot be my disciple: and whocometh out, &c. those things which soever doth not bear his cross, and proceed out of the mouth, come from come after me, cannot be my disciple, the heart: and they defile the man. &c. Whosoever he be of you that -Matt. xv. 11. 18. xxiii. 25, 26. forsaketh not all he hath, he cannot

Jesus said, If any man will come be my disciple.--Luke xiv. 26, 27.33. after me, let him deny himself, and No servant can serve two masters : take

up his cross, and follow me. for either he will hate the one, &c. Matt. xvi. 24, 25.

Ye cannot serve God and mammon. The wise virgins took oil in their Ye are they which justify yourselves vessels, with their lamps, &c. The before men ; but God knoweth your Lord said unto him, who had impro- hearts: for that which is highly esved his talents, Well done, thou good teemed amongst men, is abomination and faithful servant; thou hast been in the sight of God.—Luke xvi. 13. 15. faithful over a few things, I will make Jesus saw Nathanael, &c. and saith thee ruler over many things : enter of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, thou into the joy, &c.—Matt. xxv. in whom is no guile.—John i. 47. 3, 4. 20, 21.

God is a Spirit: and they that Watch, &c. the spirit indeed is worship him, must worship him in willing, but the flesh is weak.—Matt. spirit and in truth.-John iv. 24. xxvi. 41.

Among the chief rulers also many Teaching them to observe all things believed on him: but because of the whatsoever I have commanded you. Pharisees they did not confess him, -Matt. xxviii. 20.

lest they should be put out of the syWhen Jesus called the blind man, nagogue : for they loved the praise he cast away his garment, rose, and of men more than the praise of God. came to Jesus.—Mark x. 49, 50. -John xii. 42, 43.

Zacharias and Elizabeth walked in The Eunuch said, See, here is all the ordinances and commandments water; what doth hinder me to be of the Lord blameless.—Luke i. 5, 6. baptized? And Philip said, If thou

Mary kept all these sayings in her believest with all thine heart, thou heart.-Luke ii. 51.

mayest.-Acts viii. 36, 37. Simon, James, and John, forsook Barnabas exhorted them all, that all, and followed Christ, &c. Levi with purpose of heart they would left all, rose up, and followed Christ, cleave unto the Lord.-Acts xi. when he had called him.-Luke. V. 22, 23. 10, 11, 27, 28.

None of these things move me: Jesus said unto another, Follow neither count I my life dear unto me; but he said, Lord, suffer me to myself, so that I might finish my go and bury, my father, &c. Another course with joy, and the ministry, said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let &c.--Acts xx. 24. me first go bid them farewell, &c. I was not disobedient unto the Jesus said unto him, No man having heavenly vision: but shewed, &c.put his hand to the plough, and look- Acts xxvi. 19. ing back, is fit for the kingdom of He is not a Jew which is one outGod.-Luke ix. 59. 61, 62. viii. 14. wardly, neither is that circumcision

Beware ye of hypocrisy, for there which is outward in the flesh: but

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