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his sons come to honour, and he out, desiring to speak with thee.kyoweth it not : and they are brought Matt. xii. 46, 47. Mark ii. 31–35. low, but he perceiveth it not of them. Is not this the carpenter's son? Is -Job xiv. 19-21.

not his mother called Mary ? and his My goodness extendeth not to brethren, James, and Joses, and Sithee : but to the saints that are in the mon, and Judas ? and his sisters, are earth.-Ps. xvi. 2, 3.

not they with us? Whence then hath But the dead know not any thing, this man these things ?-Matt. xiii. neither have they any more a reward, 55, 56. for the memory of them is forgotten : She brought forth her first-born also their love and their hatred, and son, &c. When Jesus was twelve their envy is now perished; neither years old, Joseph and his mother went have they any more a portion for up to Jerusalem; and returning back, ever in any thing that is done under missed him, &c. They sought him the sun.-Eccles. ix. 5, 6.

amongst their kinsfolk and acquaintDoubtless, thou art our father; ance, &c.-Luke ii. 7. 42–44. Matt. though Abraham be ignorant of us ; i. 25. and Israel acknowledge us not.—Isa. After this he went down to CaperIxiii. 16.

naum; he, and his mother, and his brethren, and his disciples; and they

continued there not many days. CHAP, LXXIX.

John ii. 12.

His brethren therefore said unto him, Depart hence, and go into Ju

dea, &c. For neither did his brethren I am become a stranger unto my bre- believe in him, &c. But when his thren, and an alien unto my mother's brethren were gone up, then went he children, &c.-Ps. lxix. 8.

also up unto the feast, &c.—John Then Joseph, &c. took unto him vii. 3-5. 8-10. his wife, and knew her not till she These all continued with one achad brought forth her first-born son. cord, &c. with the women, and Mary -Matt. i. 24, 25.

the mother of Jesus, and with his While he yet talked to the people, brethren.--Acts i. 14. his mother and his brethren stood I went up to Jerusalem to see Pewithout, desiring to speak with him. ter, &c. But other apostles saw I Then one said unto him, Behold, thy none, save James, the Lord's brother. mother and thy brethren stand with: -Gal. i. 18, 19.



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For the page of each Chapter, see Table of Contents.

ABASE. See Humility.

Antichrist, 73. Abide in faith and well doing, 14.

Appearance of evil to be avoided, 14. Ability to know and please God, not of man, Apostacy. See Perseverance. but the gift of God, 18.

Apostacy, to be watched against, 14. Accept rebukes and admonitions, 15. A postacy, to call our security against it, 18. Accord amongst brethren, ib.

Apostles' call and commission equal, 54. Acknowledge God in his Providence. See Arguing of God with sinners, 14. Providence.

Ascension of Christ, 6. Acknowledge him in our troubles, 20. Assembly of saints for worship, 25. Acknowledge sin in general, 14.

Associate not with the wicked, 17. In affliction, 20.

Assurance. See Faith. Acknowledge it to one another, 15.

Attributes of God, 2. Acts of churches as such, 25.

Avenging the saints is God's prerogative, Add not to the afflictions of others, 20.

20. Adhere to God stedfastly, 14.

Avenge not on enemies, ib. Admire God and Christ, ib.

Avoid sin, and the occasions thereof, 14. Admonish one another, 15.

Avoid trouble by lawful ways, 20. Advantage of afflictions, 20.

Authority of Christ, 5. Advantage of true wisdom. See Wise Men. Authority of the scriptures, 1. Advocate Jesus, 6.

Authority of magistrates. See Magistrates Adultery, 60. Affections of believers each to other, 15. BABBLING. See Peace amongst Christians. Affiance. See Trust in God.

Backbiting. See the same. Afflictions in general, 20.

Baptism, 25. Afflictions the birthright of all, ib.

Bear afflictions patiently, 20. Have been the portion of believers, ib. Bear each others' burdens, 15. Sent from God immediately, ib.

Believers' fruits. See Character of saints, From wicked men, ib.

anger, affections, glory. From formal professors, ib.

Belief. See Faith, and Trust. Why sent, ib.

Belief, what. See Nature of faith. Comforts arising from them, ib.

Believers' character. 10. Believers privilege and advantage, ib. Their failings, 11. Render man happy and blessed, ib.

Their privileges in general, 12. The notice God takes of them, said to Benefit of faith, 9. be afflicted with them, ib.

Beware of sin and apostacy, 14.
When greatest, then generally is deli- Bishops. See Officers of churches.

verance nearest, and most wonder Bitterness, 58.
ful, ib.

Blasphemy, 50.
Intended for good in the end, ib. Bless God. See Praises.
Shall have an end, God will deliver, ib. Blessedness of afflicted ones, 20.
Have been the lot of Christ and his Blindness. See Ignorance of natural men.
saints, ib.

See Knowledge. Almightiness of God, 2.

Blind zeal persecutes, 20. All-sufficiency of God, ib.

Blood of Christ takes away sin, 8. Altars before the law, 43.

Blood of beasts could not do it, 4. Ambition. See Humility, and World. Boasting, no cause for it in us, 74. Amity. See Love to saints, and all men. Boasting in man to be avoided, 14. Angels, 39.

Boast and glory in God alone, ib. Anger in general, 14.

Born again. See Character of saints. Anger amongst brethren, 15.

Bounty of God, 2. Its bounds and cure, ib.

Breaking of Bread, the Lord's Supper, 25. Prohibited, 17.

Brethren, Christian, their extraordinary Even toward encmics, 20.

gifts, ib.

Buckler, how applied to God. See Trusting Compassion of Christ, 5.
in God.

Company of the wicked avoid, 17.
Burial. See Death.

Complaints against church officers, 25.

Complaints against sin, 14.
Calamities, public or common, 21.

Complete in Christ, 6.
They are from God, ib.

Communicate to the poor. See Distribute.
Saints privilege therein, ib.

Confess sin to God in general, 14.
Their duty in such a time, ib.

In affliction, 20.
Calling of the apostles, 54.

Confess sin one to another, 15.
Calling. See Election.

Confess Christ before men in general, 14.
Captain of our salvation, 6.

Under persecution, 20.
Care to be cast on God in general, 14. Confidence. See Trust in God.
In tiines of affliction, 20.

Conjuration. See Witchcraft.
Carnal-minded, 30.

Conscience in general, 27.
Cause of punishment, is sin, 14.

Conscience good to be preserved in suffer-
Cause of suffering, see it be good, 20.

ings, 20.
Celebrate the praises of God, 14.

Consideration in general, 29.
Character of saints indeed, 10.

Considerations supporting in afflictions, 20.
Characters of true wisdom. See Wisdom. Contempt of God. See Man's desperate
Character of Antichrist. See Antichrist. state by nature in wickedness.
Charity. See Love, and Distribution to Contention avoid, 15.

Content with lawful governors, 22.
Charity in walking toward saints, 15. Contentment in all conditions, 71.
Chastisements from God, 20.

Content with what we have. See World.
Cheerfulness under afflictions, ib.

Continue and persevere in well doing, 14.
Charms. See Witchcraft.

Contrition. See Murmuring for sin.
Children's duties to parents, 16.

Controversies among Christians, how ended,
Censoriousness. See Judging of others. 25.
Christ the Saviour, 5.

Conversation of believers in general, 14.
His excellency and dignity, ib.

Correction of God's children, 11.
In his person and authority, ib. Corruption of man's nature, 4.
In his nature, ib.

Cover faults in love, 15.
What he became, did, and suffered, to Covetousness, 63.
redeem mankind, 6.

Courteous to all, 17.1
He took flesh upon him, ib.

Creator of all things, 2
Was our High Priest, ib.

Curse of the law, 4.
He was crucified, died, ib.

Curse borne by Christ, 6.
He rose from the dead, ib.

Curiosity above what is written, vain, 69.
He ascended into heaven, ib.
Christ's intercession, ib.

Day of the Lord: or, judgment day, 34.
Christ's coming to judge the world, 34. Deacons. See Officers of churches.
Christ the head of the church, 6.

Dead men ignorant of the things of this
His kingship, ib.

world, 78.
Our great Prophet, ib.

Death of Christ, 6.
Our all in all, ib.

Death or mortality of mankind, 32.
Christ's second coming to be waited for, 14. Deceivers, 28.
Christianity, its importance, &c. 44. Deeds of the law justify not, 4.
Church, what, 25.

Delays of amendment. See Time.
Church assemblies, ib.

Delight in God and Christ, 14.
Church dignities and blessings, ib.

Deliverance from sufferings by lawful, ho-
Church acts, as such, ib.

nest means, may be endeavoured, 20.
Churches' duties to their ministers, ib. Deliverance from trouble then nearest to us
Church officers, ib.

in our extremity, ib.
Church censures, ib.

Depart not from God and truth in the ge-
Cleave to God in general, 14.

neral, 14.
In affliction and persecution, 20.

Nor in time of afflictions, 20.
Comforts in afflictions, ib.

Depart from sin, 14.
Comfort others in trouble, ib.

Desire not the hurt of an enemy, 20.
Comfort one another mutually, 15.

Desire God's presence. See Delight in God.
Coming of Christ to judgment, 34.

Designs of God in the saints afflictions, 20.
Coming of Christ to be waited for by be- Determinations of controversies amongst
lievers, 14.

believers, how, 25.
Commendatory letters, 25.

Devices of Satan. See Satan the Devil.
Commission of the apostles equal, 54. Devil in general, 28.
Commit all to God in trouble, 20.

He cannot hurt without leave, 20.
Compassion of God, 2.

Devils ruling in wicked men, 4.

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Devotion. See Worship of God.

Equivocating. See Lying.
Difficulty in being really a Christian, 44. Eternal God, 2.
Dignity of Christ, 5.

Eternal life, 8.
Dignity of the righteous, 12.

Example of Christ and saints, follow. See
Dignity of the church in general, 25.

Live to God.
Dignities among men are from God, 22. Excellency of God, 2.
Diligence in worldly business, 52.

Excellency of Christ, 5.
Diligence in improvements. See Time and Excellency of the righteous, 12.

Excellency of the Holy Scriptures, 1.
Discipline in the church, 25.

Excommunication. See Discipline.
Discontent one against another, 58.

Exhort one another, 15. 25.
Discontents of Israel, 51.

Exhortations in public assemblies, 25.
Discover treason, 22.

Exorcism. See Witchcraft.
Disobedience in general. See Obedience. Extol God. See Praises.
Disobedience threatened and punished, 14. Extraordinary gifts, 25.
Disposal of man's ways by God, 70.

Eye God in afflictions, 20.
Dissimulation. Sce Hypocrisy.
Distribute to the poor, 15.

Failings of God's children, 11.
Distrust of Israel while God was delivering Faint not in times of trouble, 20.
them, 51.

Faith a means of salvation, 9.
Divination. See Witchcraft.

Faith's nature and object, ib.
Doubting. See Faith.

Its farther benefits, ih.
Dreams, 53.

Its fruits and operations, ib.
Drunkenness, 62.

It is the gift of God, 18.
Duties of believers in their afflictions, 20. Faithfulness of God, 2.
Duties toward God in general, 14.

Faithful and true to enemies, 17.
Toward brethren mutually, 15. Falling away. See Apostacy.
Toward relations in the flesh, 16. Fall of Antichrist. See Antichrist.
Toward all men in general, 17.

False teachers, 28.
Toward the afflicted, 20.

Fasting. See Prayer and common Calanı-
Toward persecutors, ib.

Duties toward God under trials, ib.

Fathers. See Parents.
Duties in common calamities, 21.

Favour of God to the righteous in general,
Duties of ects to governors, 22.

Duty about worldly things. See World. In time of affliction, 20.
Duty in respect to temptations. See Devil. In common calamities, 21.

With respect to error. See Deceivers. Fear not man, 14.
Duties toward the Spirit of God, 19.

Fear God, ib.
Duties of churches toward their governors Fear lest we sin or apostatise. See Watching.
in Christ, 25.

Fervency of spirit. See Sincerity.
Duties of magistrates, 22.

Flesh of Christ, 6.
Duties of gospel preachers, in general, 24. Flattery. See Hypocrisy.
Duties of pastors of churches, 25.

Follow God fully, 14.

Follow after the Spirit, 19.
EFFECTS of faith, 9.

Fools. See Wisdom.
Effects of God's love to men, 5.

Forgive each other, 15.
Effects of the believer's love to God, 14. Forgive enemies, 17. 20.
Effects of love to each other, 15. 20. Forgiveness in God, 8.
Effects of sin, 4. 14.

Forgiveness of sin. See Pardon.
Effects of the Spirit, 10. 19.

Formality. See Hypocrisy.
Elders of churches. See officers thereof. Formal professors, fierce persecutors, 20.
Election according to the purpose or grace Fornication, 61.
of God, 7.

Forsake sin, 14.
Election of church officers, 25.

Forsake not God or his ways, ib.
Emulation. See Envy.

Fortress, God is to his. See Trust in God.
Enchantment. See Witchcraft.

Free grace, 7, 8.
Encouragement. See Incouragement. Frowardness of spirit. See Meekness.
Enmity of blind zealots against the truth, Fruits of God's love to men, 5. 20.
20. 26.

Fruits of faith, 9.
End of God in the saints afflictions, 20. Fruits of the Spirit, 19.
Enemies of saints overruled by God, ib. Fruits of men's love to God, 14.
Enemies forced to acknowledge their inno Fruits of our love to the brethren, 15. 20.

Fruitfulness in good works, 14.
Envy, 58.

Fruitfulness therein is from God, 18.
Epicures. See World.
Equality of the apostles, 54.

GENTLE toward all men, 17.

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cency, ib.

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