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LONDON: J. TRAPP, PRINTER, BUDGE ROW. A third volume of the Journal of Health and Disease is now complete: it is a volume of which the contents are various, and, it is to be hoped, useful and instructive. Some of the essays, especially those by Dr. Gall, are worthy of the highest estimation : they mark the mind of the philosopher: they show the steps, which genius traces for itself.

The cases of disease cured demonstrate the power of homeopathic means, and will still further tend to confirm the belief, that Homeopathy is the truth in medicine.

What was stated at the completion of the second volume of the Journal, may be repeated here.

In the defence of Homeopathy against the incursions of Allopathy, it has been deemed advisable at times to carry the warfare into the enemy's country. Many illustrations will be found in this volume of the miserable (the word is used advisedly) uncertainty and unscientificness of the oldsytem practice; and these illustrations are taken from the territories of the enemies. Never has homeopathist said such hard things as these advocates of allopathy, contemners of homeopathy, have said of themselves. In fact, the homeopathic enlightened practitioner wonders at the degraded state of medical practice; he quite laments over it; and, in this country, he labours to relieve the public from it by means of co-operation, which a Homeopathic Association affords.

The continued existence of a Journal directed principally to Homeopathy for a period of three years is a fact : it is a fact that indicates progress. We appeal to the friends of Homeopathy for their co-operation.

THE EDITORS. June 1st, 1848.

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