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worst judgment of God upon a people, that he will send strong delusions, and that some shall be lieve a lie, that they may be damned who believe not the truth.

Forgetting these things, I was led to conclude that Mr. Brothers, as a prophet, and his predictions, would only serve the public for ridicule and laughter; but I soon found that the faith of Mr. Brothers spread much faster than the faith of Christ did in the days of his public ministry; and no wonder: "For I am come in my Father's name," saith the Lord, "and you receive me not: another shall come in his own name, him you will receive." And so I found it with respect to Mr. Brothers: for some poor simple souls were pining with grief because of their poverty, and of their having no employ but in London; wishing to retire to some lonely cot in the country, that they might escape Mr. Brothers's predicted destruction of this city: others were rejoicing, having engaged themselves with Mr. Brothers, to go in office under him, in company with the Jews, in the year 1798, to the Holy Land, and could not sleep for joy at the pleasing thoughts of their imagined voyage: others are getting in their debts, and curtailing their business, to be in readiness to flee as soon as Mr. Brothers gives the warning from God; others are employed in the business of Lot, carrying the alarming tidings of "Up, up, get you out of this place;" and if the message

be slighted, which is often the case when the alarm is given to the righteous, the answer is, 'You will not believe till the houses fall upon your head' and, after hearing many tidings of this sort, came forth your vindication of the prophecies of Mr. Brothers; and upon this came a report of two prophets more appearing. These things at last roused my spirit, and inflamed my zeal; and, being a lover of my God and Saviour, and a lover of his word, I thought I was called upon in providence to make use of the little light which he hath been pleased to bestow upon me; and, trusting in his promised Spirit to guide me, I would attempt to rescue the truths of divine revelation from the hands of such men as Mr. Brothers.

And, as you, sir, have made the prophecies of this great prince and prophet of the Jews your own, by your vindication of them, and have, in the thirty-fifth page of your testimony, informed the world at large that the field is still open for fresh labourers,' I was determined not to stand any longer in the market-place idle, with the pitiful excuse of saying, Because no man hath hired me, when my labour was called for.

And, being told in the same page that you 'have heaped proof upon proof, beyond all reasonable necessity, for full conviction,' and remaining in myself quite unconvicted by all your proofs, and fully convinced that Mr. Brothers's prophecies are false, I thought that you could

take no just offence at me, if, in the capacity of a labourer, I should meet you in that field, which still calls for more and for better labour, and there dispute all the ground that you and Mr. Brothers have hitherto ploughed; for, in my judgment, neither of you have ploughed with the right heifer, and therefore have by no means found out the riddle.

I will not say that there is not one thing mentioned by Mr. Brothers that will ever come to pass, because it appears to me that the first prediction that ever was prophesied in this world had one truth in it which certainly came to pass, though given out by the devil, the father of lies; and that is, "Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil:" the last clause came to pass; I mean the knowledge of evil ensued their eating the forbidden fruit: and, according to report, many things given forth by the heathen oracles came to pass; .but, notwithstanding this, the Gentiles had fellowship with devils, not with God, 1 Cor. x. 20.

Nor will I presume to say that the innumerable pages of scripture prophecy, which Mr. Brothers hath transcribed from the Bible into his book, are not true; for scripture is scripture, and truth is truth, let it stand where it will: but I think that the truths of God, like the poor man at Jericho, often fall into the hands of thieves, who, by sacrilegious hands, take by stealth what God has never granted to them, till the Good Samaritan comes that way and rescues them; God being

against the prophets that steal his word from their neighbours, Jer. xxiii. 30.

What I believe is, that Mr. Brothers is no prophet of God; that his offices, as prince, prophet, and restorer of the Jews, were never predicted in God's book, nor has the Almighty ever invested him with any such offices: that his pretended revelations are repugnant to scripture, and lying vanities that there is no light in him: that he knows nothing of the mind and will of God in his word but what he knows naturally: that most of the scriptures which he hath applied to himself are in the scriptures applied to Christ, and can be applicable to no other: and, as to the prophecies quoted by him, this I say, that his statement of them, the sense he hath given them, and the states, places, and times, to which he hath fixed and to which he hath applied them, are, in my judgment, glaring falsehoods, and have not the

shadow of truth in them.

Not that I would be understood to despise, or as even attempting to disprove, divine revelation; for, if God shines into a man's heart, and into his own word, to lead that man into an understanding of his mind and will therein recorded, this is agreeable to scripture. "In thy light we see light," saith the Psalmist; and the gospel, says Paul, was made known to me by revelation: and, if Christ manifests his power and grace to a man, it is called a revelation: " God," saith Paul, "revealed his Son in me:" but Mr.

Brothers's revelations are the delusions of Satan; they never came from God, for they contradict his pure word of prophecy; and I know that the scriptures cannot be broken.

I am no gentleman, sir, nor scholar; I never had learning enough to qualify me to read one chapter in the Bible with propriety. In my younger days I was severely exercised with much internal distress, through a consciousness of sin, the perpetual fears of death, and the dreadful apprehensions of divine judgment to come; which occasioned me at times to put up many bitter sighs and mournful petitions to a God, which, at that time, I had no knowledge of; and which petitions at last, through the merits of my Redeemer, prevailed, and a happy deliverance ensued; and with that deliverance a little supernatural light, which shone upon the scriptures of truth: and this light hath remained with me, more or less, to this day. The scriptures, of course, from that time, became my delight, my only library, and the comfort of my soul in the house of my pilgrimage; and for twenty-one years they have been my chief study; and by this sure word of prophecy must all prophets and their predictions be examined and tried, and God's appellations of true or lying prophet be applied accordingly. This work is commended by the Lord himself: "Thou hast tried them that say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars."

By this rule, sir, I am willing to controvert

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