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Being a View of the



In Four PARTS.

PART I. SOMATOLOGY, treatech of the universal Nature and Properties

of Matcer, or Substance, and the specifick Qualities of natural Bodies.
PARTII. COSMOLOGY, exhibitech a general View of the Universe, and

its great constituent Parcs ; the Sun, Moon, Planets, Comers, tix'd

Stars, O C.
PART III, AEROLOGY, compriseth the Philosophy of the Atmosphere,

Thewing the wonderful Nature and Properties of the Air, Wind, Meteors,

and other Phänomena therein.
PART IV, GEOLOGY, containeth a philosophical View of the terraqueous
Globe, in all its Parts and Productions ; as Minerals, Mecals, Stones, &c.
The Laws of Fluids; the Sea, its Tides, &c. Of Rivers, Springs, Gi.
Of Vegecation, and the Nature of Plants, Trees, &c. Of the Parts of
animal Bodies; and a Survey of the Nature of Beasts, Birds, Fishes,

Insects, Reptiles, Shell-Animals, &c.
The whole extracted from the Writings of the greatest Naturalists of the

laft and present Age, treated in the familiar Way of Dialogue, a japeed
purposely to the Capacicies of the Youth of both Sexes; and adoined
and illustrated with Variety of Copper-Plates, Maps, &c. Several of
which are entirely new, and all easy to be understood.

By BENJ. MARTIN, 0.6lexuo.

The Works of the Lord are great, fought out of all them that have pleasure

therein, Psalm cxi. 2.
Philosophia mater omnium bonarum artium, nihil eft aliud, nisi, uc Plato

ait, donum et inventum Deorum. Cicero, i Tulc.

Printed for J. Noox, ac the White Hart in Chead ide, near Mercers-


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and Real PROFIT and Use, in the IM-
PROVEMENT of their MINDS in the most
Noble Part of KNOWLEDGE)


Are Humbly Recommended,

and Inscribed by the Composer,


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Do not intend this Preface to give an es el lehet Account of the Parliculars contained

in the following Book ; the Title Page, large Table of Contents, or Running

Titles, are abundantly suficient for Haur that : But rather that the Reader may have some Account of the Reasons why I have composed for him the ensuing Treatise ; and they are as follow :

First, The Knowledge of the wonderful Works of God in Nature, is of the most exalted and divine Sort, which buman Understanding care pretend to ; and the more we know of this, the more perfeet will be our Nature, and the more nearly small we approach to the Image and Likeness of God: And therefore, since this is the Subje&t of the Book before us, I think it ought to be made as plain, and as publick as possible, That all ( who are not supinely Junk beneath the Dignily of their Nalure, and wretchedly content to live in Ignorance )

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