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the subjects to which they refer. Questions which relate to the progress of education, to Sabbath observance, to the spiritual state of our own Connexion, and others of a similar character, in addition to their intrinsic and unvarying interest, are increasingly momentous when viewed in relation to the present aspect of society, both in the church and the world. Never was there a period in which Christian purity and diligence,-Christian zeal and activity,-exemplary behaviour in all the details of Christian character, earnest, united, and persevering efforts, that by the triumphant spread of divine truth God may be glorified and sinners saved,—and fervent and continued prayers for richer outpourings of the Holy Spirit,-were more impressively demanded than, by the word of God, viewed in conjunction with “the signs of the times,” they are demanded now.

And to the Wesleyans this sacred requirement is particularly applicable. In some parts of the Mission-field intrusted to their care, an encouraging increase in the number of persons in full religious communion with them is afforded; but on comparing the returns of 1848 with those of 1847, a net decrease of 865 is found to exist. In Ireland, also, as we have already stated, there is a decrease of 1,491. And although the decrease in Great Britain is comparatively small, 518, still a decrease it is. When all circumstances are considered, there will be found in this nothing to produce discouragement,nothing tending to damp, but rather to quicken, zeal, and stimulate to renewed exertion. But such facts cannot be contemplated without deep regret, and ought not to be contemplated without unaffected humility, and great searchings of heart. This is not the place for such inquiries as the facts might suggest ; but we take the opportunity of calling the earnest attention of our readers to the “ Minute" in which the Conference has recorded the result of those careful investigations which the statement of the decrease occasioned. We also request their more than usual attention to the Annual Pastoral Address of the Conference to the Societies under its care. According to rule, that Address will have to be read by the Ministers from the pulpit, and by the Leaders of Classes at one of their weekly meetings. We believe, however, that much good would be done, if the members of our societies would procure copies for their own personal reading, in the course of their private devotional exercises. We are persuaded that they would derive much benefit from that slow and deliberate perusal, which would enable them to enter into its meaning and spirit, and suggest those reflections which might bear upon their own condition, disclose their hinderances and deficiencies, indicate their peculiar duties, and promote their spiritual growth and stability. Such documents should never be considered as mere forms either by those who send them, or by those to whom they are addressed. Drawn up with pious care, and with particular reference to actually existing circumstances, with corresponding feeling and attention should they be received. The “ Address” for the present year is a paper, we do not fear to say, of even more than ordinary value; and we confess that we are anxious to procure for it, as extensively as possible, a careful individual perusal. Should our recommendation prove effectual, we have no doubt as to the beneficial issue.

We now subjoin, as usual, a copy of the “Stations.” Many will very naturally look over it to ascertain where persons are whom they know, or who are appointed to places in which they feel interested. Will they allow us to suggest a yet higher view? Here are fields of labour spreading over a large portion of the world, and in each of them are the regularly appointed labourers, professing to be called by the Spirit, and certainly sent forth by the church. Thus regarded, these “Stations” possess an interest which not many ecclesiastical documents can surpass ; and from all the labourers, in every particular field of labour, one earnest, solemn, united request proceeds, "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified.” If what we may be allowed to term the “ Wesleyan Year" should thus begin with fervent prayers, sure we are that it shall not close without exulting praise.


GREAT BRITAIN. (N.B. Each of the places mentioned in these Stations, and numbered from 1 to 48, is the head of a Circuit. The Superintendent and other Minister or Ministers stationed in, or appointed to, the several Circuits under-mentioned, is and are appointed by the Conference to preach and to perform all acts of religious worship and Methodist discipline in each and every of the Wesleyan-Methodist chapels already erected, or to be erected, within each Circuit respectively, within the space of twelve calendar months, at such time or times, and in such manner, as to him or them shall seem proper; subject nevertheless to the Superintendent Minister.]



I. LONDON DISTRICT. - Joseph Fowler,

Chairman of the District. Israel Holgate, Financial Secretary. 1 First London, (City-road, 80,) Joseph Fow

ler, Secretary of the Conference, Israel Hol-
gate, John Rattenbury, Joseph Hargreaves,
Alfred Barrett; Joseph Brookhouse, Joshua
Fielden, Isaac Phenix, sen., Seth Morris,

George Cubitt is our Editor ; John S. Stamp

is Assistant Editor: John Mason is our

Jabez Bunting, D.D., John Beecham, D.D.,

Robert Alder, D.D., and Elijah Iloole, are
the General Secretaries for our Missions ;
Walter 0. Croggon is the Superintendent,
under the direction of the Missionary Com-

mittee, of the Irish Missions and Schools. Wesleyan Thcological Institution :Dr. Bunting is re-appointed as the President

of the Institution.
Soulhern Brunch, Richmond, Thomas Jack-

son, Theological Tutor ; Samuel Jackson,
House-Governor ; John Farrar, Classical

Tutor ; John D. Geden, Assistant Tutor.
Uxbridge, John W. Greeves.
N.B. Brother Greeves shall act under the

direction of the House-Governor at

Northern Branch, Didsbury.-John Bowers,

House-Governor; Job Hannah, D.D.,
Thcological Tutor ; William L. Thornton,
Classical Tutor ; Benjamin Hellier, As-

sistant Tutor.
2 Second London, (Great Queen-street, &c.,)

John Lomas, Jacob Stanley, jun., William
Davenport; Richard Reece, Supernume-

3 Third London, (Spitalfields, fc.,) Peter Dun-

can, Philip Hardcastle, Benjamin Gregory,
jun., J. Gilchrist Wilson; James Baker,

Thames Mission, William A. Quick, who shall

change once on each Sabbath with the

Ministers of the Third London Circuit. Fourth London, (Southwark, &c.,) Timothy

C. Ingle, Robert Thompson, Willson Brailsford; Robert Wheeler, James Lynch, Su

5 Fifth London, (Lambeth, &c.,) Thomas H.

Squance, Thomas Pennington, David Hay,
Luke Tyerman; Thomas Key, Thomas

Ilarrison, Supernumeraries.
6 Sixth London, (Hinde-street, fe., Abraham

E. Farrar, William Atherton, Joseph Beaumont, M.D., William M. Bunting, William Clegg; Joseph Suteliffe, A.M., Joseph

Lewis, Supernumeraries. 7 Seventh London, (Chelsea, fc.,) John Brown,

Ist, George Scott, 1st; John Bicknell, Su

8 Eighth London, (Islington, &c.,) John Scott,

John W. Etheridge, Ph. D., Thomas Vasey,
Edward Lightwood, Michael C. Taylor;
John Kershaw, John Mortier, Supernumne-

9 Deptford, James J. Topham, John P. Hether.

ington, Isaac Phenix, jun. ; Thomas Ro

gers, Supernumerary. 10 Hammersmith, John Geden, George T.

Perks. 11 Croydon, James Rathbone, Richard Eland,

jun.; Edward Chapman, Supernuinerary. 12 Barking and Romford, Edward Sackett, who

shall change once in every four weeks, on the Lord's day, with the Ministers of the

Third London Circuit. 13 Leyton, William Burnett, who shall change

twice in every quarter of a year, on the Lord's day, with the Ministers of the First

and Eighth London Circuits. N.B. Brother Burnett shall reside at Wood.

ford, Essex. 14 Ware and Bishop-Slortford, George Hurst,

John Waiters. 15 Cambridge, Joseph K. Tucker, Thomas S.

Bowers, B.A. 16 Trindsor, John Nelson, Ist, John Hebb;

Richard Cooper, Supernumerary. 17 Chelmsford, James Allen, 2d, Charles Willis 18 Maldon, Francis S. Keeling, Peter Prescott,



19 Colchester, James Cooke, Ist, John T. Yeates. 42 ligham - Ferrers, Samuel

H. Wardley, 20 Manningtree, Thomas Jones, 1st, Frederick Richard Sinailes. Payne, Robert G. Badcock.

43 Wellingborough, John Cullen, James Hartle. N.B. Brother Payne shall reside at Harwich. 44 Kettering, John Wevill; Henry Fish, A.M., 21 Ipswich, William Lindley, Joseph Pechey, Supernumerary.

Edwin Fice; George North, Supernume- 45 Market-Harborough, John B. Whittingham, rary.

Jolin W. Wilson; Richard Eland, sen., 22 Hastings, James Brownell, Samuel Coley ; Supernumerary. James Lancaster, Supernumerary.

N.B. Brother Wilson shall devote every other 23 Sevenoaks, Samuel Lucas, Ist.

Sabbath to the Kettering Circuit. 24 Tunbridge-Wells, Robert M. MacBrair, M.A., 46 Chatteris, William Brocklehurst, Thomas B. Edwin Thorley, Thomas Wilkinson.

N.B. The Ministers of the Tunbridge-Wells 47 Oundle, Reuben Partridge, James Golding ;

Circuit shall change on one Sabbath in Isaac Aldom, Supernumemry.
every month with the Minister at Seven-
oaks, and shall also devote one Sabbath in

III. KENT DISTRICT. Thomas Martin,

Chairman. every quarter, and one week in every five, to the Sevenoaks Circuit.-Brother Thorley Robert Sherwell, Financial Secretary. shall reside at Tunbridge.

48 Canterbury, Samuel Young, Gregory A. Page. 25 Lewes and Eastbourne, John Pearce, who shall change regularly with the Ministers

49 Faversham, James Mole, George Blencowe.

50 Rochester, Thomas Martin, John Crofts, of the Brighton Circuit.

John Philp. 26 Brighton, James Ray, Theophilus Woolmer,

51 Gravesend, John Hobkirk, Thornley Smith. John Jones, 4th.

52 Sheerness, William Worth, who shall change N.B. Brother Woolmer shall reside at Worthing.

on one Sunday in every six weeks with the

Ministers of the Rochester Circuit. 27 St. Alban's, Maurice Britton, John Eglinton, Thomas Harding.

53 Margate, Robert Sherwell, Henry W. Wil

liams. N.B. Brother Harding shall reside at Watford.

N.B. Brother Williams shall reside at Ramns28 Guilford and Allon, Thomas Shaw, William

gate. Colbron, Charles E. Woolmer.

54 Dover, Thomas W. Sunith, Thomas Bolas, N.B. Brother Colbron shall reside at Alton, and Brother Wolmer at Godalming.

William B. Pope ; James Jarrett, Super

numerary. 29 Dorking and Horsham, John Owen, Joshua Mottram.

55 Deal, John Smith, 1st, Charles G. Turton.

56 Rye, Robert Keyworth, John F. Moody, N.B. Brother Mottram shall reside at Ilor

57 Tenterden, John W. Dawson, Edward B. shain.


58 Ashford, Joseph Wilson, James A. MacDISTRICT.-John Stephenson, Chairman.


59 Sandhurst, Thomas Brown, Pascho Hoskins. Thomas Stephenson, Financial Secretary. 60 Maidstone, William M. Harvard, Henry J.

Thomas. 30 Bedford and Ampthill, Jolin Stephenson,

Sittingbourne, William Wedlock, who shall James Clapham, John S. Ridsdale; Maxi

change on one Sunday in every three weeks milian Wilson, William Dixon, Supernu

with the Ministers at Faversham. meraries. 31 Leighton-Buzzard, John W. Thomas, Charles IV. NORWICHI AND LYNN DISTRICT.Carter, Henry Banks.

William Sharpe, Chairman. N.B. Brother Banks shall reside at Stewkley.

Samud Tindall, Financial Secretary. 32 Luton, Thomas Stephenson, Benjamin John. 33 Dunstable, Peter Cooper, James Hedges; 61 Norwich, William Sharpe, Matthew T. Male, Joseph Walker, Supernumerary.

James Wheeler ; John Reynolds, 1st, John 34 St. Neot's, Jesse Pilcher, John E. Cooke.

Hanwell, Supernumeraries. 35 Biggleswade, Wright Shovelton, Robert W. 62 Bungay, William Edwards, Ist, Henry Balls.

Broomfield ; Francis B. Potts, Supernume- 63 North-Walsham, James Jones, Ist, Charles rary.

Povah, Sampson Cock. 36 Hitching, Charles Williains, who shall change 64 Yarmouth, William Wilson, 2d, John Bur.

on one Sunday in every six weeks with the ton; James Waller, Supernumerary.

Ministers of the Biggleswade Circuit. 65 Lowestof Henry Graham, Thomas Batten; 37 lluntingdon, John Newton, John Tucker, Williain Welborne, Supernumerary. Henry Needle.

66 Framlingham, William Hiophins, Edward 38 Northampton, Samuel Timms, John G. Wil

Watson. son; William Hinson, Wi:liam Taylor, 67 Diss, George Birley, Robert Colman, Joseph Supernumeraries.

Bate. 39 7'oucester, Thomas Pearson, Ist, Frederick 63 New-Buckenham, Benjamin G. Mitchell, John

F. Edmunds; William Mowat, Supernu- Livingstone. merary.

69 Bury St. Edmund's, John Sharman, George 40 Daventry, John Wood, William Ford, John Elliott. Moore.

70 Holt, John M. Budden, Edward Fison. 41 Newport- Pagnell, John Ingham, William 0. 71 Lynn, Samuel Tindall, Thomas Brumwell. Aldor.

72 Swou'ltm, Samuel Cook, William B. Dennis.

73 Downham, William Baker, jun., George

Smith, Ist. 74 Walsingham, John Coates, William Baddiley, 75 Wisbeach, Henry Cheverton, John Bonser. 76 Thetford, Theophilus Pugh, Joseph Portrey;

John Piggott, Supernumerary. N.B. Brother Portrey shall reside at Meth

wold. 77 Mildenhall, Thomas Brothwood, William

Rodman; Thomas Newton, Supernume

rary. 78 Ely, Joseph Midgley, Abel Burgess, John


Wesley Farrar, M.A.; Richard Waddy,

Supernumerary. N.B. Brother Crofts shall reside at Romsey,

and Brother Farrar at Winchester. 99 Andover, Uriah Butters, Francis T. Tranmer. 100 Chichester, John Knowles, Ist, William J.



Chairman. 101 Guernsey, ( English,) Ninian Barr; William

Toase, Edward Batty, George Southern,

Bupernumeraries. 102 Guernsey, (French,) Philip Tourgis, John

de Putron. 103 Alderney, George Leale, 104 Jersey, (English,) James Mowat, George

Kevern ; James Etchells, Supernumerary. 105 Jersey, (French,) Daniel Robin, John Re

nier, James Hocart; Amice Olivier, Su

pernumerary. James Hocart is the Editor of the French

Magazine N.B. Brother Renier shall reside at St. Sa

viour's, and Brother Hocart at St. Peter's,


Chairman. Charles Westlake, Financial Secretary. 79 Oxford, John W. Button, William Hopewell. 80 High-Wycombe, John Booth, William Jewett. 81 Aylesbury, George F. Driver, James Sugden. 82 Witney, Charles Westlake, John D. Julian. 83 Banbury, John Stevens, Richard Woodfin. Kineton, Edward Bramford, who shall change

on one Sunday in every month with the

Ministers at Banbury. 84 Newbury, Joseph Earnshaw, Thomas With

ington. 85 Reading, Thomas Baker, James Hughes;

Samuel Leigh, Supernumerary. 86 Hungerford, Paul Orchard, sen., Ebenezer

Tovey, Paul Orchard, jun. 87 Watlington, Thomas Denham.

Thame, William Bramford.
N.B. The Ministers of the two preceding Cir-

cuits shall change on one Sunday in every

month. 88 Brackley, John Mann, John Dowty, John T.

Morley. 89 Chipping-Norton, William Baker, sen., James

Cooke, 3d. 90 Swindon, Aaron Langley, Alexander Puddi

combe. N.B. Brother Puddicombe shall reside at

Farringdon. 91 Wantage, Zephaniah Job, Jacob Turvey.

N.B. Brother Turvey shall reside at Abingdon. VI. PORTSMOUTH DISTRICT.-Benjamin

Andreus, LL.D., Chairman.

Henry Groves, Financial Secretary. 92 Portsmouth, Benjamin Andrews, LL.D., John

Crawshaw, John Fletcher; Thomas Flet

cher, Supernumerary. 93 Gosport, George Beard, John Dawson. 94 Salisbury, Henry Groves, Daniel Chapman;

William Tranter, Supernumerary. 95 Poole, James Cooke, 2d, Daniel Hateley,

Thomas Green.
N.B. Brother Hateley shall reside at Wimborne,

and Brother Green at Swanage. 96 Ringwood, John L. Sanders, who shall change

regularly, on the Lord's day, with the Mi

nisters at Poole. 97 Newport, Isle of Wight, William Moister,

John Blackwell, John Parry, William

N.B. Brother Parry shall reside at Cowes,

and Brother Blackwell at Ryde. 98 Southampton and Winchester, John Knowles,

2d, Edward Crofts, George Turner, 2d,


Smith, 2d, Chairman.

Robert Bond, Financial Secretary, 106 Devonport, John Smith, 20, Samuel W.

Christophers, Henry Young. 107 Plymouth, Robert Bond, Thomas Wood,

John Harvard ; Thomas Bersey, Oliver

Henwood, Joshua Wade, Supernumeraries. 108 Launceston, Humphrey B. Trethewey, John

W. Roberts. 109 Holdsworthy, Joseph Payne, Peter Sharland. 110 Kilkhampton, John Allin, John Shipham. 111 Liskeard, Richard Moody, John Locke;

William Beal, Supernumerary. 112 Callington, John Ryan, 2d, James Nance. 113 Tavistock, Henry Hicks, Joseph B. West;

Nicholas Sibly, Supernumerary. 114 Camclford, William Sanders, William D.

Tyack; John Robinson, Supernumerary. N.B. Brother Tyack shall reside at Wade

bridge. 115 Kingsbridge, Josiah Mycock, James Mit

chell. N.B. Brother Mitchell shall reside at Mod

bury. 116 Brixham, John B. Alexander, John Thomas,

2d. N.B. Brother Thomas shall reside at Dart

mouth. 117 Ashburton, Samuel Brown, Ist, Henry

Daniels; Joseph Armstrong, Supernume

rary. N.B. Brother Daniels shall reside at Buckfast

leigh. IX. CORNWALL DISTRICT.-Robert Young,

Chairman Edward Nye, Financial Secretary. 118 Redruth, Edward Jennings, Edwin J. Sturges. 119 Camborne, Thomas Collins, Robert Lyon,

John Gostick. N.B. Brother Gostick shall reside at Tuck


146 Dunster, John Saunders, William F. Clarke. N.B. The Superintendent shall reside at

Williton. 147 Oakhampton, Richard Greenwood, William

S. Bestall. 148 Teignmouth, John Williams, George Barn

ley, John Mollard. N.B. Brother Mollard shall reside at Newton

Bushell, and Brother Barnley at Torquay.



120 Falmouth, Thomas Hardy, Matthew Andrew.

N.B. Brother Andrew shall reside at Penryn. 121 Truro, Edward Nye, Michael Johnson. 122 Gwennap, Thomas Jewell, Hender Geach,

William 0. Cuttle. N.B. Brother Geach shall reside at Perranwell. 123 St. Agnes, James Pilley, Henry B. Cox. 124 St. Austle, Elijah Toyne, Edward Branstone,

Frederick W. Briggs ; Joseph Womersley,

Supernumerary. 125 St. Mawes, Benjamin Carvosso, who shall

change once in every month, on the Lord's

day, with the Ministers at St. Austle. 126 Bodmín, Benjamin Elvins, John M.Kenny. 127 Sl. Columd, William Harvie, James Fisher. 128 Penzance, Robert Young, John H. James;

John Reynolds, 2d, Ralph Scurrah, John

Collier, Supernumeraries. 129 St. Just, Everit Vigis, Isaac Harding. 130 St. Ives, William P. Burgess, Henry D.

Lowe. 131 Scilly Islands, Thomas Flower. 132 Helstone, James Edney, Peter Parsons,

Thomas Osborne ; William Sleep, Charles

Colwell, Supernumeraries. 133 Hayle, William Appleby, John Killick, John

P. James; Simeon Noall, Supernumerary. 134 Marazion, John Gregory, Alexander T.


[blocks in formation]

135 Exeter, James Grose, William Seccombe ;

James Odgers, James Whitworth, Super


Crediton, Thomas Leach. 136 Tiverton, John Osborne, John Nowell, 2d. 137 Taunton and Wellington, John Hobson,

Thomas Jefferies; Richard Ray, Governor and Chaplain of the Wesleyan Proprietary School; Francis Collier, John Simmons,

Supernumeraries. N.B. Brother Jefferies shall reside at Welling

ton. 138 Bridgewater, Henry Ranson, Samuel W.

Robinson. 139 South-Petherton, Thomas". 'Catterick, John

Hugill. N.B. Brother Hugill shall reside at Crewkerne. 140 Axminster and Honiton, James Stott. 141 Budleigh-Salterton and Ollery St. Mary's,

Ralph Stott, William Thomas. N.B. Brother Thomas shall divide his labours

equally between the Axminster and the

Budleigh-Salterton Circuits. 142 Bridport, Thomas Thompson, A.M., Henry

Hayman. N.B. Brother Hayman shall reside at Lyme

Regis. 143 Barnstaple, Samuel Beard, Charles B.

Ritchie; John Rogers, Supernumerary. 144 South-Moulton, James Sutch, James Har

greaves. 145 Bideford, William Webb, Ist, John Vine,

William Williams, 2d; John C. Clendin

nen, Supernomerary. N.B. Brother Vine shall reside at Great


John Hall, Financial Secretary. 149 Bristol, North, (King-street, fc.,) Joseph

Wood, John M'Lean, William Hurt, Thomas S. Monkhouse, Anthony Ward; John Woodrow, Joseph Bowes, Robert James,

Thomas R. Fisher, Supernumeraries. 150 Bristol, South, (Langton-street, 8c.,) John

Hall, James Carr. 151 Kingswood, William Davies, 2d, Henry B.

Brown; Joseph Cusworth, Governor of
Kingswood School; Samuel Jones, A.M.,

Head-Master of the School. 152 Banwell, Joseph Crump, Thomas Sheers,

George C. Harvard. N.B. Brother Harvard shall reside at Weston

super-Mare. 153 Stroud, John Evans, 1st, William Worker,

James H. Rigg. N.B. Brother Rigg shall reside at Cirencester. 154 Dursley, John Crowe, John Anderson, Henry

Laugher; Thomas Talboys, Daniel Os

borne, Supernumeraries. N.B. Brother Anderson shall reside at East

ington. 155 Downend, (near Bristol,) Henry V. Olver,

John Bissell. 156 Gloucester, John Smedley, John Lyth. 157 Tewkesbury, James Heaton, Matthew Salt. 158 Cheltenham, William Burt, George C. Tay

lor, William Edwards, 2d; Frederick Cal

der, George Robinson, Supernumeraries. N.B. Brother Edwards shall reside at Winch

combe. 159 Newport, (Monmouthshire,) Aquila Barber,

John Spenser Jones, William Powell, 2d;

Charles Haime, Supernumerary. 160 Cardiff, Charles Tucker, George Rowe. N.B. The Ministers at Cardiff and Bridgend

shall change once in six weeks. 161 Bridgend, James Mayer. 162 Monmouth, Joseph Lowthian, Uriah Scott. 163 Abergavenny and Pontypool, Hugh Carter,

Thomas Rogerson ; Thomas Armett, Su

pernumerary. N.B. The Superintendent shall reside at

Pontypool. 164 Ledbury and Forest of Dean, James Mead

more, John Bramley, John S. Workman. 165 Hereford, Thomas Webb, Joseph L. Ball.

XII. BATH DISTRICT.-John Rigg, Chair.


William Box, Financial Secretary. 166 Bath, John Rigg, James Bromley, William

Davison; Thomas Ashton, Richard Harding, Supernumeraries.

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