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bling at this place, Neiafu, and each scented cocoa-nut oil; while rosettes and section, whether of children or adults, odorous strings of flowers were the ornapresenting their offering of love to ments of their necks and shoulders. us at their examination. Some brought The ceremony was performed with all a yam, a piece of cloth, a shell, an proper solemnity by the Rev. Peter Turegg, a fowl, and others a basket, or ner, in the midst of an overflowing coria mat. Each section was headed by gregation. The feasting lasted three its Teacher and Chief. They sang a days. In the afternoon we met a selechymn as they approached, and as they tion of the various adult and children's retired from, the Mission-house ; and all schools in the same very large chapel; were beautifully dressed and oiled. The but such was the crowd on this high day, Queen was among those who approached that the walls of cane were removed, and with her thank-offering,—a fine bleached the multitude under the roof and in the and ornamented mat. I was struck with lawn could now see as well as hear the the change which I now witnessed in organized masses performing their rethis people. At my first visit I saw citals, drawn up in rows, about fifty in a these offerings brought and laid at the row, the males facing the females, and shrine of their false gods, and connected all rehearsing portions of the New Teswith much that was immoral and cruel. tament, a lesson in numerals, and the They have now changed their object of Conference Catechisms; closing with a worship, and their mode of conducting native hymn, which they sang with zest this ancient practice. The Missionaries and unity, producing a very powerful have done wisely to control, but not to thrill. As I sat in the large pew which destroy, the thank-offerings of the peo- surrounds the pulpit, and looked at the ple. I observed that many aged persons, regular columns of scholars, with their who were very poor, laid down their numerous Teachers, bearing each his shell, or an egg, with all the majesty staff of office; then extending the view and air of self-complacency peculiar to to the great multitude beyond, who these singular people. These mea ofa were joying and beholding their order ; have little value, only that they are in and then still further to the gorgeous tended to express the obligation of the foliage of natural scenery beyond the people to God, and to his church and lawn, formed of the cocoa-nut, breadMinisters.

fruit, and banana trees, with many The same ceremony was gone through others still more lofty and wide-spreadat Hapai, where the schools also ap- ing, all waving in native grandeur and peared in excellent order, full of interest luxuriance; I could not help wishing that and efficiency. The result at this place some landscape-artist had been there, was a mea ofa (or “thank-offering") of such as Baxter, and that loveliness so a ton and a half of yams, and forty fowls exquisite, combined with objects so deep and turkeys, which were sent on board in interest, might be conveyed to my the “ John Wesley," to be used on the friends at home. These schools are covoyage.

extended with our Missions in the 4th-d wedding took place to-day in South Seas, and will most assuredly exert the large chapel here, between Naphtalian influence upon the rising generation of (the son of the late King, and grandson these lands such as New-Testament of Feenow, the celebrated warrior men- truths only can beget, and the fruits of tioned by Mr. Mariner) and Virginia, a which it is cheering to contemplate. Chief of high rank, and each about se- 5th. We sailed for Hapai, with Mr. venteen years old. At midnight there and Mrs. Turner, having landed at Va. was a cry made, which continued till vau Mr. and Mrs. Rabone and family in day break, to this effect : “ Lift this food their place. We had on board, for the to the house of the bride.” In all direc- out-islands, one Assistant Missionary and tions Vavau was vocal with the song of three native Teachers. The parting of the multitudes who were bearing, or these from their friends, especially of Jedrawing on slides, ponderous burdens of hoshaphat, was very touching. Those food, consisting of pork, turtle, fish, and who were going were melted, but not fowl, and yams without number. The shaken ; while their friends, some afloat, bales of native cloth and mats were piled and others on the beach, set up such a aloft in ample plenitude. Presents cry as pierced our hearts, and echoed passed freely from Chief to Chief. The from shore to shore among the islands dresses of this gracefully-formed people in the harbour. “Our love is too great, were ample, flowing, and rich, as the we cannot let you go: have you not Tongans count riches. Their heads and been our Teacher ? and are not our faces were profusely anointed with sweet hearts cleaving unto you? are not our

breasts full of sharp pain? and will you floods of lava poured forth. The light leave us behind as orphans to pine in of the flame caused quite an illumination sorrow until our day goes down? Full at Vavau, distant thirty-five miles; and of anguish are we! O why will you the noise of this fiery disgorge was disleave us weeping till we have no tears ?” tinctly heard for three successive days at Such were the expostulations of these Niua-Foou, distant one hundred and children of the wood.

thirty miles! The dust and vitrified These, however, were not the only matter were discharged from this deep sounds audible to us on the deck of our volcano to such a height, that we saw vessel. In the evening, from the time the much of it and its withering effects, light died away till eleven o'clock, we thirty-five miles off, at Vavau, where the could distinctly hear the children of the damage was very considerable, both to respective schools repeating their Scrip- the trees and to the crops generally. ture-lessons, and singing, as their man- Persons who were passing about the ner is, what amount of knowledge they time of the phenomenon have recorded possessed of figures. Thesesounds reached the following particulars :us from this small islet, and from that “Captain Samson, on his way from large valley. It was heard also again as Tonga to Vavau, entered a shower of early as three in the morning; and then ashes. At the time it was a doublefollowed their morning devotion,-sing reefed-topsail breeze from the north-east; ing, reading the Scriptures, and prayer. but it was a beautiful, clear, starlight This is the island of Vavau !

night. As he approached, it appeared 17th.-We are at sea, on our way to like a squall; and as soon as he entered, the islands of Niua. The wind was the eyes of the men on watch began to high, and the sea tossing so boisterously, be covered with fine dust. Captain that all of us, who were prostrated by Samson put the ship about, but being sea-sickness, agreed not to call this the persuaded that there was no land near, Pacific Ocean. In the morning we he continued his course. So soon as the passed close under the lee of the remains sun arose, the dust appeared of a dark of that very extraordinary island, Fu. red colour, rolling over like great volumes nua-lai. Although suffering severely in of smoke, presenting an awful appear. my berth below, I resolved at all risks to ance. At eight o'clock it was so dark, that go on deck, and see this great sight. candles had to be lighted in the cabin.

Funua-lai presented the most awful At eleven A.M. it began to clear a little, and terrific appearance, in the form of a the sun appearing occasionally. By noon natural phenomenon, that it had hitherto they had got out of it, being then in fallen to my lot to witness. It was a 170° 45' west, and 11° 2' south, having round and rather high volcanic island, sailed across the shower at least forty about ten miles round, until it became so miles. Captain Cash, of the ship Masa frightfully convulsed, that it was turned sachusetts,' got into the shower about inside out, and split into two parts! the same time, though at least sixty God had sent such clear warnings by the miles to the east of Captain Samson, and heavy earthquakes which preceded this not far from Savage-Island. The ashes eruption, that the people had left the penetrated every crevice of the ship, and place, and had gone to Vavau, where fell in such quantities, that Captain they are now living. To us on our Samson believes that tons fell on the ship's deck it now presented an appear- deck, which had to be cleared from ance of desolation, which filled us with time to time. The question is, How awe, and caused a sigh to escape from could such a shower be carried so far, every beholder. The sailor, the native right in the teeth of the prevailing Teacher, the Missionary, all exclaimed, winds ? It can only be explained, I “ Come, see the desolations which the think, by supposing that the ashes had Lord hath made !” The idea it im- been thrown at once with great force to pressed upon our minds was that of a a very great height, into an upper curruined world. It smelled very strongly rent of air, and, after being borne several of sulphur; and exhibited rents, and piles degrees to the east, had then fallen into of burnt sand and vitrified matter, as the under-stratum, and so been carried if the bowels of the earth had been back again towards the island whence they turned outside. Volumes of smoke were came. The dust is of a dark grey slaty pouring forth at twenty places, some colour, of specific gravity 1.076, containtimes closing here and opening there. ing a large proportion of sulphur, and so The openings of crater after crater were much of free sulphuric acid as to give it seen in all directions; and the sea, for å a sharp taste. It also contained a small great distance, was discoloured by the proportion of iron. No doubt à minute analysis would give the usual combina- with verdure, and abounded with fruittions of silica, and several of the sulphates trees; but, behold, it has now become a usually found in volcanic dust."

barren mass of lava and burnt sand, reFor many weeks before, as well as at duced from a fine cone to a divided and the time of this disruption, the earth- ghastly heap of scoria and black powder, quakes for a space of fifty miles around, without a leaf or a blade of grass of any and especially at Vavau, were truly ter- kind, and all things living are destroyed. rific; and, even now, they seldom miss Such at present is Funua-lai, a monua shaking every moon. About a year ment of God's power to create and to since, this oceanic mountain was covered destroy.

(To be continued.)

AUSTRALIA. SOUTI AUSTRALIA.Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Daniel J. Draper,

dated Adelaide, December 23d, 1847. SEVERAL months have elapsed since On the 17th of October, we opened a I last wrote to you relative to the state very excellent new chapel at North Adeof our affairs in this colony. I am happy laide, situated about a mile and a half to be able to inform you that we are still from Gawler-Place, on the north side of favoured with peace and prosperity, and the Torrens. We had previously a very desirous, above all things, of promoting small dilapidated place in the neighbourthe glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus hood; but our cause was stunted, and Christ. Our last Quarterly-Meeting was was not likely to rise without a better a very happy one : the increase was forty- chapel. This, I am happy to say, has five, and the finances more than paid Mr. been effected. We have now a very Harcourt and myself. The balance was pretty chapel, forty-five feet by twentyappropriated towards the payment of the four inside, in a commanding situation. debt on the Mission-house. I am sorry The opening services were highly interto say a debt equal in amount to that esting, and produced £63. 10s. The which was on the old house before we cost has been about £250. A small commenced the present one still remains, debt remains for the present, but it will and it will require a little time to liqui soon be removed. A very excellent date it. I think the principal cause is congregation is collecting there ; and, as the fact that we have been obliged to a proof of the value of the improvement, commence so many places of different I may mention, that the quarterly colkinds, and have had too much on our lection, which in the old place never hands, at once. During the past year exceeded £l, has this quarter been about £1,250 were raised by voluntary £2. 108. Twenty-four members are at subscriptions in the Circuit, for different present connected with this chapel. purposes ; namely, support of Ministers, I have also the pleasure to inform you Mission-house, chapel-debt, new chapels, that a new Wesleyan-Methodist chapel

that a new Wesleyan-Methodist &c. The debt on Gawler-Place chapel has been opened at the famed Burrais now about £450 : when I arrived in Burra Mine, one hundred miles north of October, 1846, it was about £900. A Adelaide. The proprietors leased me gradual reduction is still taking place by an acre of land for ninety-nine years, the exertions of our female friends, and and I laid the foundation-stone of the the excess of chapel-income over the chapel in March last. Since that time expenditure ; so that we have nothing to Mr. Harcourt has visited the place fear on the chapel account. About a week twice, and the cause bas much imago I commenced a subscription towards proved, principally through the labours the erection of a building, to be used for of Local Preachers and the zeal and the school, prayer-meetings, &c. We piety of the members. On the 5th of expect it will cost about £250. We December we dedicated the chapel have already more than £100, and there to the worship and service of the seems to be every prospect of our raising Triune God. Í preached morning and the whole without difficulty. When the evening, and Mr. Harcourt in the afschool-room is built, the Gawler-Place ternoon. The chapel was well filled property will be very excellent and com- at each service, no fewer than two hutimodious: the only thing required then dred and forty persons being present in will be a much larger chapel.

the evening. The collections after the

sermons amounted to £21. On Mon- ney. It seems his health had suffered, day, the 6th, a public tea-meeting was and a voyage was recommended. His held in the chapel, which was attended stay with us was but a week, during by above two hundred persons. Ample which he was able to preach twice. The provisions had been gratuitously fur sea air appears to have benefited him pished by the friends, and the entire greatly; and he has returned to Sydney, proceeds of the tickets (about £16) were I think considerably invigorated. given to the chapel. After the tea, a We have of late been much engaged public meeting was held, when some in endeavouring so to fix ourselves as addresses were delivered, and resolutions that we may best supply the growing passed, bearing on the erection of the wants of the colony. We recommended first place of worship in that part of the to the District-Meeting that the Circuit colony; and at the close about £24 should be divided into three ; and I find more were subscribed. The entire pro- our request has been complied with. ceeds of the opening, including the We have not yet been able to settle a above sums and a few private subscrip. Minister at each of the places, but have tions given on the following day, (amongst now, I think, made such arrangements which was £5 from William Lang, as will meet the case. Next month Esq., Police Magistrate,) amounted to Mr. Harcourt will go to the Burra, one nearly £70. There is no place of wor. hundred miles north, taking under his ship within seventy miles of this which care a few other mines within fifty miles. has now been opened ; indeed, there has Mr. Thrum will also then remove to been no population near the spot until Willunga, thirty miles south, and take within two years. Now it is fast in under his care several places between creasing, and at present there cannot be Adelaide and his head-quarters. I shall less than fifteen hundred souls. Many thus be left alone in town with sixteen of them are from Cornwall, a consider places to attend to, at eight of which we able number of whom were members of have chapels. I shall have to work our society at home, but had, in various excessively hard, until I am assisted by instances, become totally careless and another young man, whom Mr. Boyce worldly. I rejoice to add, that the Lord bas promised to send me as soon as posis working amongst these, and several have sible; but such is my conviction of the already found their way back to the fold importance of taking possession of these of Christ. We have at present fifty-nine places, that I am willing to exert myself members here and at the Princess-Royal in the utmost, and make many sacrifices, Mine, which is seven miles distant; and that their case may be met. The colony the pumber, I am persuaded, would be requires five Ministers at least, in order doubled in a short time were a Minister that our Society may exert its legitimate living amongst them. The whole ex. influence. I rejoice that at so early a pense of the building, including the cha. period there are three of us here with pel, and two rooms behind for a School strength to labour in the vineyard of the master's dwelling, has been about £240. Lord. I cannot, however, be satisfied No debt at present exists; but the cha- until we have five in South Australia, pel is not finished, and a school-room stationed as follows:-Adelaide, two; must be built before we can complete it. Willunga, one; the North Mines, one ; A very good day-school is commenced, and Mount-Barker, one. My heart would and the Sunday school contains nearly rejoice if, on the arrival of the Stations of one hundred children.

the Conference of 1848, the above scheme You will, I dare say, have heard, should be fixed, and a reinforcement sent before this reaches you, that Mr. Thrum out to enable the District to arrange it. has been appointed by the District. It is possible that this would involve a Meeting to labour with us in South small annual charge for a year or two, Australia. He arrived here early in besides the passages ; but I am certain it October, and is well received by the would be very trifling, and would soon congregations. An attack of erysipelas cease altogether. Should I be permitted laid him aside a week or two; but, to witness this, I shall indeed rejoice in thank God, he is now quite recovered. the assurance that I have been sent to Mr. Harcourt has good health, and this Circuit for a most important and labours hard. The heat is now very valuable end. Numbers of those who great, and the travelling very fatiguing ; are scattered up and down this colony are but we have hitherto been preserved. from your own congregations in Eng

We were surprised, on the 11th, by land. Their condition is awful. Our the arrival of the Rev. Nathaniel Tur. hands are full, improperly so; as to our ner, by the “ Juno" steamer, from Syd- health, dangerously so." I speak as a fool :" we work as hard as any Preachers Circuit one hundred and thirty miles under heaven; but still there are many long by forty miles broad. places which cannot be reached by us. Mr. Boyce has promised to visit us Do, I beseech you, use every means to early in the year. I hope nothing will supply our wants; and generations yet prevent his doing so. I am ashamed unborn, in one of the most important of that nothing has of late been sent to the British colonies, will bless you. We General Fund from this colony. I have have now about four hundred and sixty reason to expect £100 for you by the members in the society, scattered over a next District-Meeting.


from the Rev. W. J. Davis, dated Kwangubeni, Natal, January 7th, 1848.

You will observe, by the heading of there stationed. One native settlement this letter, that I write you from a new is occupied by Mr. Allison, and another station, this being the first letter I have by myself, while the third is at present addressed to you from hence. The above under the care of a devoted native is the native name of the place; and, being Teacher. I trust you will not for one easily expressed by Europeans, I hope it moment lose sight of the great import. will be retained. The station is situated ance of this field of labour, as it regards about fourteen miles from Pieter-Mauritz- the native population. This population burg, the seat of the English Govern- is now brought suddenly and unexpectment; and forms a part of the native set- edly into contact with European settlers; tlement, known to the Government and and as civilization, with its superior Europeans as the “ Zwaartkop Location,” knowledge and advantages, together with I have already informed you that there its vices, is thus brought into collision are residing in the Natal territory about with barbarism, with its darkness, ignoone hundred thousand natives ; and, in rance, and depravity, the issue must be order to provide lands for their occupa disastrous, both to the Europeans and tion, the Government have placed them the natives, unless the latter be speedily throughout the district in ten locations, or raised from their present degraded situanative settlements, each containing about tion, by the blessings of that system of ten thousand inhabitants. These native light and salvation imparted unto man settlements are to be placed under the through the Gospel. The Government care of a Civil Agent, possessing magis- here are fully awake to the importance of terial authority, who is to administer the means being adopted to Christianize and laws in a great measure through the agency civilize the natives. They are, thereof the Chiefs and Head-men of the differ fore, anxious to afford every facility to ent clans, who are to be invested with a Missionaries who may settle among them, limited degree of authority over their re and to assist them in the prosecution of tainers. We, as Wesleyan Missionaries, their great work. A plan has also been have become responsible to the Govern submitted to the Home-Government, rement for the moral and religious culture commending the adoption of measures of three of these settlements; relying, as calculated to have a civilizing influence we do, upon the Committee enabling us among them ; such as the establishment to fulfil this engagement in a manner of schools, the introduction of an imhonourable to our church, and efficient as proved mode of agriculture, the erection to the labour bestowed. You have at pre- of European dwellings, &c. ; but, desirsent, in the Natal District, four Mission- able and important as this all is, I can aries: one of these is stationed at D'Urban, say, without hesitation, from an expeand another at Pieter-Mauritzburg, the rience of eighteen years amongst these former a rising European town at the port people, that all these plans will fail of of this District, the other a delightfully- their object, unless a large leaven of situated town about fifty miles from the Christianity be spread first among these Port at which the English Government nations. have established their seat. At both We ought to have two Missionaries these places a very promising native field for each of the three locations we hare of labour presents itself; and these open- under our care. The American Board ings are very zealously entered, and the of Missions have at present three of these field assiduously cultivated, by the bre settlements under their care, and on one thren Ilolden and Richards, who are of them they have three Missionaries ;

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