Modern Socialism

Commonwealth Company, 1897 - 179 páginas
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Página 169 - Why, then, and for what are we waiting? There are three words to speak: We will it...
Página 170 - Come, then, let us cast off fooling, and put by ease and rest, For the Cause alone is worthy till the good days bring the best. Come, join in the only battle wherein no man can fail, Where whoso fadeth and dieth, yet his deed shall still prevail. Ah! come, cast off all fooling, for this, at least, we know: That the Dawn and the Day is coming, and forth the Banners go.
Página 60 - He unroofs the houses, and ships the population to America. The nation is accustomed to the instantaneous creation of wealth. It is the maxim of their economists, "that the greater part in value of the wealth now existing in England, has been produced by human hands within the last twelve months.
Página 169 - Come hither, lads, and hearken, for a tale there is to tell, Of the wonderful days a-coming, when all shall be better than well. And the tale shall be told of a country, a land in the midst of the sea, And folk shall call it England in the days that are going to be. There more than one in a thousand in the days that are yet to come, Shall have some hope of the morrow, some joy of the ancient home. For then laugh not, but listen...
Página 10 - To replace the system of private capital (ie the speculative method of production, regulated on behalf of society only by the free competition of private enterprises) by a system of collective capital, that is, by a method of production which would introduce a unified (social or collective) organization of national labour, on the basis of collective or common ownership of the means of production by all the members of the society.
Página 86 - Now, Dives daily feasted and was gorgeously arrayed, — Not at all because he liked it, but because 'twas good for trade ; That the people might have calico he clothed himself in silk, And surfeited himself on cream that they might have more milk.
Página 60 - The greater part, in value, of the wealth now existing in England, has been produced by human hands within the last twelve months. A very small proportion indeed of that large aggregate was in existence ten years ago ; — of the present productive capital of the country, scarcely any part except farm-houses and...
Página 88 - The manufacture of boots and shoes offers some very wonderful facts in this connection. In one large and long-established manufactory the proprietors testify that it would require five hundred persons, working by hand processes, to make as many women's boots and shoes as a hundred persons now make with the aid of machinery— a displacement of eighty per cent.
Página 26 - Twenty per cent of the wealth of the United States is owned by three-one-hundredths of one per cent of the population; seventy-one per cent is owned by nine per cent of the families, and twenty-nine per cent of the wealth is all that falls to ninetyone per cent of the population.

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