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A General. Pubi Jermaidos dy Tabart & CO. 157 New Bond Street A GENERAL.

The General of an army is the chief commanding officer, whose business is to regulate the march and encampment of the army, to choose the most advantageous ground in the day of battle, to dispose the army, post the artillery, and send his orders wherever there may be occasion, by his aids-de-camp. At a siege he is to cause the place to be invested, to regulate the approaches and attacks, to visit the works, and to send out detachments for securing the convoy and for foraging

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tenant-general, major-general, and brigadier-general.

A lieutenant-general is the next in rank to the commander in chief; and in battle the oldest, according to the date of his commission, commands the right wing of an army, the second the left wing, and the third the centre, &c.; and in sieges they command the right of the principal attack: one part of their function is to assist the general with their counsel.

The major-general is the next in rank : he receives the general's orders, and delivers them to the majors of brigades, with whom he concerts what troops are to mount the


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