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hymns; to Mr. Robert Bridges for his adaptations and translations published in The Yattendon Hymnal; to Messrs. Houghton Mifflin & Co. for the use of hymns by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Samuel Johnson, Samuel Longfellow and John Greenleaf Whittier; Messrs. E. P. Dutton & Co. for the hymn by Phillips Brooks, Messrs. D. Appleton & Co. for the hymns by Wm. Cullen Bryant, and Messrs. G. P. Putnam's Sons for a sonnet by Theodore Parker;

To John H. Gower Mus. Doc. (Oxon.) who has composed a new tune for this collection and accorded permission to use several others by him; to Professor George W. Chadwick, the Rev. J. S. B. Hodges, the Rev. Edwin P. Parker, D. D., Professor Horatio W. Parker, Mr. Arthur Somervell, Mr. George C. Stebbins and Mr. Lawrence W. Watson for the use of tunes composed by them; to the Trustees of the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, Messrs. Thomas Nelson & Sons, Bishop J. H. Vincent, and the Rev. Charles L. Hutchins for tunes of which they possess the copyright; and to Professor Frank G. Moore of Trinity College, Hartford, for a tune composed by his brother, the late H. M. W. Moore.

If the editors have inadvertently infringed any copyrights in the use of hymns or tunes they crave forgiveness. They have sought to communicate with all authors and composers whose whereabouts they knew.

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A charge to keep I have . | 291 c. Wesley


L. Mason A little kingdom I possess . | 485 L. M. Alcott

Arr. A. Sullivan A mighty fortress is our God 147 M. Luther,

Ein feste Burg M. Luther

| tr. F. H. Hedge A parting hymn we sing :) 442 A. R. Wolfe


Arr. fr. Beethoven A thousand years have come 44 T. T. Lynch Noel

Traditional, arr. and gone ·

A. Sullivan .:miinioht A voice upon the midnight 63


J. Martineau
J. Martineau

Crux Crudelis A. L. Peace
Abide with me: fast falls . | 368 H. F. Lyte


W. H. Monk Above the clear blue sky. | 473 J. Chandler

Children's Voices E. J. Hopkins According to Thy gracious 431 J. Montgomery Martyrdom H. Wilson Across the sky the shades of 456 J. Hamilton Es ist das Heil German, har. night . . . . .

10. L. Safford Again as evening's shadow 367 s. Longfellow Abends

H. S. Oakeley Ah, holy Jesus, how hast 74 J. Heermann tr. Yat-Nightfall

J. Barnby offended . . . . .

tendon Hymnal All glory, laud and honor . 1 60 Theodulph tr. Neale St. Theodulph M. Teschner All hail the power of Jesus'|| Perronet

Miles' Lane W. Shrubsole name .

and Rippon Coronation 0. Holden All my heart this night re 48 P. Gerhardt, Bonn

J. G. Ebeling joices . . . . :

tr. C. Winkworth

; All people that on earth dol 406 W. Kethe

old Hundredth Pseaumes octante dwell . : : :

trois : : All praise to Thee; eternall 38 M. Luther tr. Anon.Wareham

W. Knapp All praise to Thee my God 362 (T. Ken

Tallis's Evening Arr. fr. T. Tallis this night . . ... :

Hymn All praise to Thee, who safe 345 |T. Ken

Lob sei dem All-Gesangbuch der hast kept . . . . .

mächtigen Gott Brüder All things bright and ... 474 C. F. Alexander All things bright E. J. Hopkins Am I a soldier of the cross 292 [1. Watts


T. A. Arne And is the time approaching 169 J. Borthwick Eden Grove s. Smith And now the wants are told 414 W. Bright


J. S. Anderson Angels from the realms of . 47 J. Montgomery Regent Square H. Smart Angels holy, high and lowly 3 J. S. Blackie Seraphim

H. Smart Arise, O Lord of hosts. . 163 W. W. How

Safe Home A. Sullivan Around the throne of God .1 16 H, Ware

St. John

Old English Art thou weary, art thou . 213 J. M. Neale, Stephanos H. W. Baker As the sun doth daily rise . | 357 Tr. Earl Nelson Pleyel's Hymn I. J. Pleyel As with gladness men of old 50 W. C. Dix

C. Kocher

Dix Ask ye what great thing I 79 J. C. Schwedler, tr. Essex

T. Clark know? . . . . . .

B. H. Kennedy Asleep in Jesus! Blessed . | 447 (M. Mackay

W. B. Bradbury

Rest At even, ere the sun was set 364 H. Twells

G. Joseph

At Thy feet, O Christ, we lay| 353 W. Bright

Old German

F. H. Barthélé.
Awake my soul and with 344 (T. Ken

Morning Hymn the sun . . . . . .


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Be known to us in breaking 432 J. Montgomery St. Agnes

J. B. Dykes Be with me, Lord, where'er 1 314 |J. Cennick

Gloucester E. Hodges Because I knew not when myl 205 s. Williams


E. J. Hopkins Before Jehovah's awful 395 I. Watts

old Hundredth Pseaumes octante throne . . . . . . Land J. Wesley

trois Before Thine awful presence 427 w. W. How

Tallis's Ordinal T. Tallis Begin my tongue some ..

1. Watts


T. Jackson Behold a Stranger at the 221 J. Grigg

J. E. Gould door! . . . . . Behold us, Lord, a little space 3 J. Ellerton

St. Flavian J. Daye's Psalmes Believe not those who say. 279 A. Brontë

St. Michael Pseaumes octante

trois Beneath the cross of Jesus . 75 E. C. Clephane St. Christopher F. C. Maker Blest be the tie that binds. | 144 J. Fawcett


L. Mason Blow, winds of God, awake 114 J. G. Whittier


The CL Psalmes Bread of the world, in mercy | 436 R. Heber

Eucharistic Hymn J. S. B. Hodges broken . . . . . .


H. M. W. Moore Break, new-born year, on! 455 (T. H. Gill


A. Cottman Break Thou the bread of life 132 M. L. Lathbury Bread of Life W. F. Sherwin Breathe on me, Breath of God 133 E. Hatch


R. Jackson Brief life is here our portion 193 Bernard of Cluny, St. Alphege H. J. Gauntlett

tr. J. M. Neale Brightest and best of the 51 R. Heber


L. Mason Calm me, my God, and keep/ 265 H. Bonar

Meditation J. H. Gower Christ for the world we sing 190 S. Wolcott


J. G. Braun Christ in His word draws .. T. T. Lynch Kirby Bedon E. Bunnett Christ the Lord is risen .. C. Wesley

Easter Hymn Lyra Davidica Christian, dost thou see them 285 Greek,

St. Andrew of J. B. Dykes

tr. J. M. Neale | Crete Christian, seek not yet repose 286 C. Elliott


W. H. Monk City of God, how broad and 142 S. Johnson

|Nox Præcessit (J. B. Calkin Come, dearest Lord, descend| 435 1. Watts

Federal Street H. K. Oliver Come, Holy Ghost, in love. 129 Tr. R. Palmer Stobel

old German Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly S. Browne

Herr Jesu Christ Pensum Sacrum, Dove . . . . . :

har. J. S. Bach Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly

I. Watts

St. Stephen

W. Jones Come, kingdom of our God 180 J. Johns


L. Mason Come labor on! who dares . | 312 J. Borthwick

Brentwood W. P. Dunn Come let us join with faithfull 178 W. G. Tarrant

Tottenham T. Greatorex Come, my soul, thou must be 356 von Canitz,


Arr. fr. F. J. waking . . . . | tr. H. Buckoll

Haydn Come, Thou almighty King. | 3 Anon.

Italian Hymn F. de Giardini Come unto me, ye weary.

W. C. Dix

Come unto Me (J. B. Dykes Come ye disconsolate, wher- 218 T. Moore

Consolation s. Webbe e'er ye languish . .

and T. Hastings Come ye faithful, raise the 87 John of Damascus, St. Kevin A. Sullivan strain . . . . ...

tr. J. M. Neale Come, ye thankful people, 459 H. Alford St. George'sG. J. Elvey come . . . . . .

Windsor Commit thou all thy griefs 273 P. Gerhardt,

St. Andrew

J. Barnby

tr. J. Wesley Creator Spirit, by whose aid 122 Tr. J. Dryden Melita

J. B. Dykes Crown Him with many 95 M. Bridges


G. J. Elvey crowns . . . . . . !


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