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1859. Feb. 12.



Castle Street, Leicester Square.


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We once went a long journey to see and gaily did Jamie hop from his peJames Hogg on the repenting-stool, destal, and was received almost with and richly were we repaid for the pains plaudits among a goodly company of we took on that occasion. Twenty brother-swains, who had congregated years bave passed over our heads since rather to do him honour than to witthen, but if we should see twenty more, ness his humiliation. At the kirk door which is improbable, never could we Hogg drew the ewe-milker under his forget the aspect of the poetical shep

away the two glided together, herd, as, perched on that bad eminence with apparently as much sang froid as in the kirk of Etuick, he underwent if nothing particular had happened. (or, in his own beautiful Doric, tholed) How changed are we all since 1814! the awful castigation of the reverend none more so than James Hogg! True Boanerges who in those days ministered his frame is still erect, robust, vigorous, to the spiritual necessities of that pri- and his step even yet prompt and mitive population. The bonny, bloom elastic; but Time has thinned that ing, little ewe-milker, whose charms buge mane of reddish-brown hair that had caused James to deflect from the then dangled even to the skirts of bis path of moral rectitude, stood at his grey jacket, and tinged more than half elbow, wrapped all over in her maud, of what remains with the venerable but trembling manifestly beneath its silver. His countenance is still nore folds; and what of her sweet counte altered ; and if the bloom be gone and nance was visible, now-when the mini the teeth somewhat smitten, and if the ster was“spairging brimstone"--deadly eyes now require on certain occasions pale with terror-now, when the worthy the assistance of spectacles, still the saint was dwelling on the particular change here has, on the whole, been character of her offence, its undeniable for the better. The bard's aspect has blackness, indelicacy, indecorum, &c. assumed an air of calmness, gentleness, &c. &c., suffused with scarlet blushes, and, let us add, of dignity--of which such as dimmed even the splendour of it had little in the days of his overber accomplice's whiskers. He, mean boiling blood. James Hogg has evitime, maintained a stern, dogged, sullen dently become a wiser and a better obduracy of aspect, which spoke him man. In place of mounting the cuttiea hardened and unrepentant sinner : stool, he now appears perfectly in his he now and then eyed the lecturer with place, when, with hat in hand, he a glance of cool contempt, which seemed stands behind the plate, in the capacity to penetrate like lava into the haughty of ruling elder, to welcome the conbosom of the Calvinist; and when all gregation on the Lord's-day, and rethe horrors of holy rhetoric were at ceive their alms for the poor; nor, when length exhausted, and the diatribe must service is over, does a more respectableveeds come to a conclusion, nimbly looking pater-familias exchange salu

A Series of Lay Sermons on Good Principles and Good Breeding. By the Ettrick Shepherd. One vol. 12mo. London, 1834.



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