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The tendency of the constitution of the Church

of Scoiland to form the temper, spirit, and
character, of her ministers. By Alexander

Carlyle, D. D. of Inveresk. : ...
Psal. xlviii. 12. 13. Walk about Zion, and

go round about her : tell the towers
thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks,
consider her palaces; that ye may tell it
to the generation following

p. '
S E R M O N II. :
The Character of Christ. By Thomas Mut-

ter, V. D. M. of Dumfries.
John, i. 14. We beheld his glory, the

glory as of the only begotten of the Fa.
ther, full of grace and truth, .. p. 28

The same subject continued, - p. 44

SERMON. IV. The fear of the Divine goodness. By John > Scotland, V. D. M. of Westerkirk. ZHof. iii. 5. Afterwards sall the children a of Israel. return, and seek the Lord their to God, and David their king, and shall B fear the Lord and his goodness, in the

latter days.
Shall fear the Lord and his goodness, p. 66


SERMON :IX. - The same subject continued :::... p. 161

The Lord seeth not as Man feeth. By Wil.

liam Lothian, V. D. M. of the Canongate. i Sam. xvi. 7. The Lord seeth not as Man '

feeth; for Man lookėth on the outward
appearance, but the Lord looketh on the
heart, ...... .. p. 188

S E R MON XI. - -, Reflections on Jesus weeping. By William

Lothian, V. D. M. of the Canongate.
John, xi: 35. Jesus wept. .. p. 201

The Wisdom of God in the Gospel-Revelation.

By William Leechman; D. D. Principal of

the University of Glasgow...
1 Cor. i. 21. For after that, in the wif-

dom of God, the world by-wisdom knew
not God, it pleased God by the foolish-

nefs of preaching to save them that be· lieve, .

p: 215 : SERMON XIII. The same subject continued P-248


S E M O N XIV. The counsel of Gamaliel confidered. By Re

bert Dick, D. D. of Edinburgh.

Acts, v. 34: 39. Then stood there up.

one in the council, a Pharisee, named --'Gamaliel, &c. .. - ..-" p. 281

SERMON XV. The influence of piety on the public good.

By Alexander Gerard, D. D. of the Uni.

versity of Aberdeen. . i Deut. vi. 24.– To fear the Lord our God, for our good always, ...:• . 307

SERMON XVI. Zeal for the Civil and Religious interests of "Mankind recommended. By Alexander

Webster, D. D. of Edinburgh.
Pral."Exxxvii. 5. 6. If I forget thee, on

Jerusalem, let my right band forget her: cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my . mouths if I prefer, not Jerusalem above my chief jay, . . . 328

SE R MON XVII. The same subject continued;" P:334

The tendency of the Constitution of the

Church of Scotland to form the temper, fpirit, and character, of her Ministers.


Preached at the opening of the Synod of Lothian

and Tweeddale, May 5. 1767.

Psal. xlviii. 12. 13. Walk about Zion, and go round about her : tell

the towers thereof. Mark ye well her butwarks, consider her palaces ; that ye may tell it to the generation following.



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TT is an important question, What effect mom

ral caufes have in forming the characters

of men ? fince on that depend the utility and excellence of laws and institutions. For if natural causes solely, or chiefly, operate on the human mind ; if men are formed like plants, by the heat of the fun, and the fertility of the soil; the labours of the fage and and the legislator are in vain : but if, on the other hand, they can be moulded by discipline and laws, and may attain to dignity and virtue by the force of wise inftitutions, the best service that can poffiby be done them, is to bring them poder the power of good government, or to VOL. II.


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