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Jerusalem, Jerusalem! enthroned once on high,
Thou favor'd home of God on earth, thou heav'n below the sky,
Now brought to bondage with thy sons, a curse and grief to see,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem ! our tears shall flow for thee.

Oh! had'st thou known thy day of grace, and flock'd beneath the wing
Of Him who call’d thee lovingly, thine own anointed King,
Then had the tribes of all the world gone up thy pomp to see,
And glory dwelt within thy gates, and all thy sons been free!

“ And who art thou that mournest me?” replied the ruin grey,
“ And fear’st not rather that thyself may prove a cast away?
I am a dried and abject branch, my place is giv'n to thee;
But woe to ev'ry barren graft of that wild olive tree !

“ Our day of grace is sunk in night, our time of me spent,
For heavy was my children's crime, and strange their punishment ;
Yet gaze not idly on our fall,—but, sinner, warned be,
Who spared not his chosen seed, may send his wrath on thee!

“Our day of grace is sunk in night, thy noon is in it’s prime,
Oh! turn and seek thy Saviour's face in this accepted time !
So Gentile, may Jerusalem a lesson prove to thee,
And in the New Jerusalem thy home for ever be."

We have much pleasure in announcing for an early number, Two Sermons by the Rev. WILLIAM CLEAVER, of Delgany;--also, several Sermons connected with the Religious Societies.







There is no occasion, my brethren, more reflection, with the strugglings of a nature melancholy, and at the same time more fallen, corrupt, and beset with sin. triumphant, which collects human beings O my brethren ! it is faith, faith only, together, ihan that of assembling for the which looks “not to the things which purpose of consigning to the tomb, the are seen but to those that are not seen,” remains of a christian friend and brother: that can shed a bright and a cheering -melancholy, when the thoughts are light even into the dark recesses of this directed only to the earth, and we con- gloomy pit, and gather out of its very template the vacancy which death makes dust)and corruption, matter, not only for in the domestic circle-when we experi- consolation, but even for holy rejoicing rience that sense of desolation, which and triumph. Let the eye be raised comes over the heart, as it is felt that the from the grave and fixed on Jesus, and place the father, the beloved relative, should it be the grave of a believer, we the endeared friend is left unoccupied,— have the Scripture warrant to assure us when we look down into the grave and that for such “to die is gain,” “to be consider the work so degrading to our absent from the body is to be present nature, which is about to take place with the Lord” and what stronger exhorthere :--but an occasion of triumph, tation can be given to those assembled when, raising the eye from the dark round this grave, grave, we look upwards with the vision without hope.” which faith gives, and see that rest which is Brethren, my business is not to speak prepared for the people of God—see not of the dead—their Lord has already spoonly " the earthly house of this taberna- ken with them-cleansed by the blood of cle” laid aside, but the Christian pilgrim his Son they have entered into life—or “clothed upon with his house which is dying, impenitent, unbelieving, unacfrom heaven"—the body with its corrup- quainted savingly with Jesus, they are tions, its many infirmities put off; but beyond the reach of human exhortation the spirit passing unfettered, freed from and of human prayer—beyond the offer those many weaknesses and imperfec- of that salvation which we are in the tions mental and moral, which it carries Scriptures directed to preach without exalong with it, through its union with a ception to every living creature. The busibody that original sin had doomed to ness of a Christian Minister, my brethren, dust, and which has in consequence is with the living, with those who stand been filled in its brief passage from time yet upon that earth to which Christ to eternity with pain, sickness and sorrow, descended from the bosom of the Father, and, what is a still more sad matter for in order “ to seek and to save them that were lost.” And where can we better make that change a change of bliss to speak to them of this great salvation than you ?—will you not now, while you may, here beside the grave of a departed bro hear that word, which, were it permitted, ther ?_where can we better reason with you would listen to so eagerly, so thankthem of time and of eternity, of sin and fully and so fervently embrace, when this of judgment to come of the blotting out same earth has closed over you and shut of sin and of the necessity of becoming you out from the word of exhortation, new creatures, than here, where every and, if you die in your sins, from the sod beneath our feet is calculated to add possibility of salvation ?-O what an awful force to our exhortations, and give weight supposition is this my brethren, to die in to our reasoning ? O brethren! amid your sins !—now do not mistake this : the busy scenes of life, amid the haunts nor suppose that if you live free from the of pleasure, and the strugglings of ambi- grosser sins of life-if, for example, you tion, we may perhaps speak the words of do not murder, or rob, or cheat, or get divine truth to inattentive ears and dead- drunk, or blaspheme, or take God's name ened hearts--but will be so here?_do in vain—if you admit without contradicyou bring the world and its madness~ tion the truths of revelation, and attend do you bring hearts of stone-eyes that with tolerable regularity to your churches will not see and ears that will not hear to and your chapels, and when about to die this dwelling place of the dead; where obtain the rites of your church, that every portion of earth you tread on once therefore there is no danger of your dying lived once was possessed of thought and in your sins, and that your souls are safe, feeling, once enclosed immortal souls, and your bodies may be committed to such as you at this moment have, souls the earth" in the joyful hope of a resurthat have now taken their place in an rection to eternal life.”- Alas! my breeternity of bliss or misery? Was it per thren! these things will not secure the mitted us my brethren, to speak those soul. Never did Satan palm a greater truths, and to present those offers of delusion upon men than the inducing salvation, which we now freely, though them to rest upon such broken reeds. — perhaps unattended to, declare to you,— The supposition is dishonourable to God's was it I say permitted us to address them holiness, and a Satanic attempt to rob to the dwellers beneath these grassy Christ of the glory of that mighty work mounds that surround us, and were they which he came upon the earth, which he permitted to hear and to embrace them, died upon the cross to accomplish, and oh how many a voice of thanksgiving, which he alone can accomplish, the salhow many an eager announcement of vation of the soul-Oh! it is counting acceptance of the Gospel message of his blood a vain thing—it it telling him salvation would burst from these graves ! plainly as words and deeds can tell him, And, my brethren, such as they are must "we have no need of you l-My bre. you soon be. The same cold clay must thren, it is thinking very lightly indeed shortly close over every living body that of sin—it is thinking very lightly indeed now stands in this church yard—the offers of the vileness of that state in which we of salvation must give place to the word were born, the corrupt, sinful heart that welcomes to eternal bliss, or consigns which constitutes the great feature in

not to sorrow as men


“the fire prepared for the devil and human nature—it is thinking very lightly his angels,”_and time and all its con- of the declarations of God on this sub


must be hanged for a fixed, ject-it is thinking very lightly of Christ unalterable eternity! Oh! will you not and the necessity of his work upon the now give your ear and heart earnestly cross, to suppose that the safety of the to the word that may save your souls, and soul can be wrought out by such things


as these_these poor and “filthy rags of sins blotted out through his precious your own righteousness,” these works, in blood, and their hearts renewed and puwhich, however you may now pride your rified through the sanctification of his self upon them, you were exceeded by Holy Spirit. many a Pagan, and which might equally My brethren, what was the answer of have marked your character had Christ this same Paul to a poor sinner, who in never come into the world, or had you trembling anxiety put to him the all-imnever been called by his name.- portant question 6 what shall I do to be O Calvary, Calvary ! how art thou forgot- saved ?” “ Believe (he replied) on the ten! -O Cross! stained with the blood Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be of the Son of God, shed for the remission saved." Oh, it was a sweet, a precious of sin, the mighty and only sufficient answer !--the sum and substance of the price for the soul's salvation, how art gospel, which has since brought gladness thou cast down and trodden under foot, and peace to the hearts of thousands, that foolish, guilty, sinful creatures, born who, because they knew themselves in sin, and with a defiled nature, may knew their own hearts, could not othererect a ladder, based on human pride and wise be comforted. And this, brethren, ignorance, wherewith they may scale the is what we would now say to you ; to any heavens, and enter the presence of an all man who would feel an interest in the holy God, “to whom all hearts are same important question. And can you open, all desires known, and from whom stand beside this coffin-can you recall no secrets are hid ;" who has from the to mind that its cold and silent occupant, first moment of our birth “ been about but a few days back stood amongst you our path and about our bed, and spied in all the vigor of life and health, and out all our ways," and who knows that not feel an interest, a deep, thrilling inwe are guilty, wretched, helpless crea- terest in the question “ what must I do tures, all of whom have “ sinned and to be saved ?" I defy any man, (for I come short of the glory of God”-all of can scarcely think any so stupid and whom are by his word concluded under hardened in sin,) not, at such a moment sin—and who sees that “all our right- as this, gazing upon this dark shell.--teousness are as filthy rags."

standing beside this open grave, to feel You have read of the Apostle Paul- some little interest at least, some natural Do you

think your righteousness exceeds anxiety stirring in the heart at this questhat of this zealous servant of the Lord ? tion. Oh! at other times, in other And yet what does he say of himself, places you might perhaps be cold and and of the grounds of his hope ? “ All indifferent, but surely not now_not here is counted loss and dung that he

may -not with that before you! You stand win Christ, and be found in him, (saith face to face with death, you look upon he) not having mine own righteousness, his work, and you must soon meet him which is of the law, but that. which is closer-you must soon meet him in the through the faith of Christ, the righte- strong death-grapple-you must soon exousness which is of God by faith.” And perience what you now behold, and be thus brethren, must all, who expect sal- even such as he who now lies there. salvation, look for it, to be found not in And oh, more, brethren, your undying themselves but in Christ, to be “justified spirits must soon stand before the judgfreely by God's grace, through the re- ment seat of Christ, to give an account demption that is in Christ Jesus :" by of all things done in the body. Will faith obtaining an interest in his merits ; you not then, dying men, sinful men as by faith becoming united to him, and so you all are, can you but feel an interest made fruitful in every good work, their l in—dare you but give a lively attention

to, the answer—to God's own answer to misery and wretchedness into it. Look the question “What shall we do to be there my brethren, there is the work of saved ?" Oh! hear it again Brethren, sin—it is it has slain your friend—it is it and let it sink deep into your hearts—it has made the children fatherless and the

is “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ wife a widow! and it is it has written the and thou shalt be saved.”

word death upon your own foreheads.And why is it that I thus speak to you? Is it then a thing to be lightly thought Why is it that I so urgently press this on? Is the confession “ I am a sinner” upon you ? Why is it that I so earnestly to be made without grief entering the seek to direct your attention from all heart and shame covering the face ? other things from all things of your You know, brethren, how it is that own doings to Jesus, to the sole Saviour you have spoken of, and regarded yourof the world ? It is, brethren, because I self as a sinner. According to the sense know assuredly this truth concerning you have of yourself, as a sinner, will every single individual here at this you have an interest in the question, moment, that he is a Sinner. I know I “what must I do to be saved," and will speak to sinners, to men born in sin, to the answer “ believe on the Lord Jesus men who can by no possibility deliver Christ" be precious, and the name of their own souls, and who must therefore Jesus a dear and lovely sound in your obtain deliverance through Jesus Christ ears. Oh, my brethren, hasten to be or perish everlastingly. Sinners—Oh! numbered among his disciples. In the what a word is this to think and speak of sense of sin look up to him for salvation, as we stand amid graves, and look on place your sole dependance upon the the mouldering relics of mortality ! - work finished by him upon the cross, Have you ever felt, Brethren, what that cling to him alone for pardon, and give word truly is ? Have you considered with yourself up to him for the cleansing of yourself its deep and awful meaning ? your heart. Brethren, do you not know Have you ever earnestly viewed it in con- that “

except ye be born again ye cannection with yourself, with death, with not enter into the kingdom of heaven ?” eternity ? I know there is no lip here And you can be so only through faith in which las not uttered the confession “I Jesus Christ, who sanctifies, and renews, am a sinner;" but oh dear friends ! has and frees from the dominion of sin every your heart ever uttered it ? Has it come soul whom he redeems.

Oh, dear home to your convictions with the in- friends, so come to Christ that your sins terest, the deep thrilling interest which may be blotted out ; so come to him belongs to it? Did you ever truly under that the world and the flesh may be crustand what a fearful word is that of sinner? cified with him, that your souls may be Oh! it has divine wrath upon it—it is restored to his service and filled with his utterly odious in the sight of God—it is love, that when you depart this life connected with every evil that man has you may rest in Christ, as our hope is to dread. It was sin ruined, sin brought this our brother doth."

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