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sucklings there may come strength evil, and holy sensibility to the dishonour strength, which may make you and us of God, which made the soul of Jesus so strong in the Lord, and in the power of vulnerable, in this sinful and adulterous his might.

generation, which made the reproaches of A dear brother minister told me lately, those who reproached God fall, with such his countenance beaming, as he said it, a weight upon him! If he was “a man that his appeal for such prayer to his con of sorrows and acquainted with grief," gregation had been met in numerous it was his acute sense of sin that pointed instances by the children of it that he all his sorrows. He bore our sins in his can now feel as he goes up into his pulpit, body on the tree, his soul was pierced by many a child's prayer is going up to the them, his life long. To have fellowship throne of grace for him and that minister in the sufferings of Jesus, he must give us was no other than your own.

of his own sensibility to sin, or we cannot Pour out upon us, thou God of all drink of the cup which he drank of. grace, the spirit of grace and of suppli. | Oh! and that He may give us of it, till cations, that as those who mourn for sin, even as He was, so may we be in this we may be in prayer for the blessing upon | world. every means that is employed for deliver | Yet, before I proceed to what is now ing those who are taken captive by it before us, I would present a considerafrom their chains.

tion, of which every one will admit the The intercessory petitions of our litur. force, of which indeed, you were remindgy will no longer be petitions of form.- ed, my brethren, at the beginning, that “ We beseech thee to hear us, good blessed“ are they who so mourn, for that Lord,” will be said as if we desired to be they shall be comforted.” Why is it for heard. There will be some heart in the us thus to mourn, do we ask ? It is, that prayers which we profess to offer up for our mourning may be turned into joyour Queen and those in authority over us, that we may put off our sackcloth, and be that the throne may be established in girded with gladness, that the bones which righteousness, that it may be surrounded were thus broken may rejoice. It is, that with men fearing God, that our magis- becoming sensible of the load which there trates may maintain truth, as well as is upon us, we may seek the relief which execute justice, that sin may be frowned there is for us from it—that feeling ourupon in high places, and true religion selves to be heavy-laden, we may gasp bless the land.

after the rest which is provided for the Oh! for more of mourning for the sins heavy-laden—that we may cry with which defile the land, and which are mourning Hezekiah, “I am oppressed, sending up such a cry to heaven for undertake for me.” It is, according to judgment upon it-for which we deserve, those words in the 6th chapter of Hosea, not only a plague of waters, and that fa- that he who has torn may heal us, that mine should stalk through the length and he who has smitten may bind up the breadth of it, but that all God's four sore wound, that “ his goings forth may be as judgments should come at once upon our the morning”—as a bright morning guilty, guilty country,

breaking upon us after a tempestuous Ah ! and you who are real christians, night, “that he may come unto us as the real mourners in Zion, yet let me ask you, rain," as the refreshing rain, after a seawhether you be such mourners as you son of scorching heat, and exhausting would be even for your own sins? drought Have you never a consciousness, that it is In a word, our Lord would have us to not so much “against thee, against thee mourn for sin, that we may be prepared only have I sinned,” that has distressed for hearing from him, “be of good cheer, you, as that the sin has disturbed your thy sins are forgiven thee.” peace of mind, and perhaps your domes Ah! and in the mourning itself, is tic peace, or has involved other painful | there mourning only? Is there no star consequences ? Let us look upon Him in the night? But does not the sun whom we pierced, till what wrings our shine upon the dark cloud ? There is a heart be, that we should have sinned rainbow in such mourning. The coveagainst Him-till what barbs our sorrow nant of God is in it, that the days of our with its poignancy be, that we should, mourning shall be ended. have sinned against such a God and Why is it for us, do we ask, thus to Saviour.

mourn? It is that in a little while, we Oh! for more of the abhorrence of I may have sunshine without any cloud whatsoever, that God may wipe away all 1 Ah! and shall we not, before we now tears from our eyes. He would have us part, show ourselves to be those who mourn to mourn in time, that we may not be for sin ? For where has sin made more among those who will mourn through cruel havoc, spread more heart-rending eternity; that when those who laugh desolation, than among those for whom now begin their weeping, their weeping. I am now addressing you ? If there be and wailing, and gnashing of teeth, we any of its victims over whom to mourn may enter upon our joy unspeakable and and weep, are they not those young full of glory; that when he shall descend creatures, who, in their inexperience of in the clouds, “and every eye shall see the baseness of which our sex is capable, him, and they also who pierced him, and have been lured by them from the path of all the kindreds of the earth shall wail innocence, and then cast adrift, without because of him," it may be for us to a home, without a friend, without chahear. “lift up your heads, for your re racter, without support, upon a world demption draweth nigh.”

lying in wickedness? For such is conWhen we shall come to look back upon tinually the beginning of the tale of woe. all our mourning here below, from what The ruin is the work of one, who, is prepared for us in that world of glory, professing inviolable attachment, and it will indeed appear, as “light affliction masking his foul desiga with specious which endured but for a moment.” pretences and false promises, blindfolds

The Lord pour out upon us, (for the his victim, then abandons her! In an promises are to us and to our children, account which is kept at Paris of the through faith in Christ, yea, to all that number of these unhappy women, who are afar off, as well as to Israel after the present themselves at the office which flesh, we also are Abraham's seed). The there is there for registering them, it Lord pour out of the Spirit of Grace appears, that in the course of ten years, upon our congregation, that while His there were not more than three or four, Grace is proclaimed, in the ministry of who had not been the victims of such dethe Gospel, we may ourselves taste that ception and desertion. And what then he is gracious, so taste his graciousness, becomes of them? If I may venture to that sin may appear in all its exceeding lift the veil a little from the mystery of sinfulness, and that in our whole life we iniquity, and read one or two extracts may be as those who “abhor that which from a paper which I hold in my hand, is evil.”

you will learn, what often becomes of Do former sins rush into your mind, them. that conscience is afraid ? Open your There are those of their own sex, eyes, and as surely as Hagar saw the women in the last stage of depravity, figure, when in her desolation her eyes hackneyed and trading in sin, who are were opened, there is before you, the upon the watch to take advantage of such, fountain itself opened for sin and for un- in the hour of their helpless destitution; cleanness.” It is beside that fountain, they offer them, on condition of their surwhile we wash in it, and are made clean, rendering their persons to them, to clothe that the other fountain is opened within and maintain them, and supply them with ourselves, and we mourn and are in bit- all they want. terness, at the same time that we have “As soon as a helpless female falls such joy and peace in believing, and into such hands, her fate is sealed. She abound in hope.

is destroyed. She is compelled to walk The Lord give us grace to follow up the streets, and to reap the wages of iniapart, what has been now occupying us quity, not for herself, but for her owners. while we have been assembled together And should she attempt to escape, the before him. For what would it be, after most brutal treatment awaits her. Out the solemn summons which we have re of the reach of sympathy, and even beceived, to mourn and be in bitterness for yond the protection of law, these unhappy our sins against our Lord, the next mo- | women are often kept by heartless tyrants ment to make light of sin, and be as in worse than Algerine slavery. The giddy and thoughtless as ever, the next clothes which they wear, are often the moment to be hand in hand with his property of the mistress whom they serve: sworn enemies, the next moment to re- and if they attempt to escape, she, or turn as “the dog to his vomit again, or some other person employed by her, as the sow that was washed to her wal- | charges the poor wretch with selony, in lowing in the mire !"

attempting to steal the clothes she wears

and she is dragged back to endure more | institutions as this, to bring them to the barbarous usage, and to continue in a fountain. It is as in the case of the calling which her soul loathes, earning steam-packet which was lost in one of the the wages of wickedness, a penny of late storms. At a time when all on board which, though starving, she dare not use! had given themselves up for lost also, Thus it is at this moment, with multitudes another vessel appears in sight, and they of these unhappy women, acutely feeling make a signal of distress ; but had it not their abject state, subjects of horror to been put into the heart of the captain and themselves more than to others, filled crew of that vessel to act the noble part with bitter remorse for past crimes, and they did, every soul on board the sinking forming one plan after another, but all, packet must have sunk with her, for all that alas ! in vain, to escape from slavery and help seemed so near at hand. · The Lord degradation.”

put it into your hearts to make this instituThese harpies of women are also active tion available to rescue some, however, of agents in the work of seduction.

the many who have made yet more fear“ They watch stage coaches, prowl ful shipwreck, to save them from the about bazaars and milliners' shops, and gulph in which they are sinking, to bring even go to work-houses, and similar es them within the hearing of that name, tablishments, to hire female servants; and which if they now hear, it is only as it is whatever unfortunate innocent falls into profaned and blasphemed. their fiendish grasp, they sell to ruin. I would call upon the youthful memNot only do those of the metropolis, (the bers of the congregation, in behalf of writer is speaking of London) not only those, scarce beyond the age of childdo they travel 70 miles, perhaps, into the hood, the morning of whose life has been country-and no expense is spared for so awfully clouded over. For let not accomplishing their diabolical purpose, any shrink from taking part in this work but a regular trade is kept up with the of mercy, as though there were contamicontinent, and young and unsuspecting nation in it. For whom did He upon creatures are brought over, in the expec. whom the Spirit descended in the liketation of high wages, and abundant means ness of a dove_he who was “holy, of earning an honest livelihood.”

harmless, undefiled, and separate from Through such means it is calculated, that sinners” for whom did he discover more in London alone, there are not fewer earnest solicitude, for whom make more than 80,000 females, reduced to a life of persevering efforts, that he would not let infamy, and of these 10,000 from 11 to her go until he blest her, than for that 15 years of age! But enough of such woman who became the first fruits of details. It may be thought more than Samaria ? Yes, I would call upon my enough ; and I shall be readily excused young hearers, to use their influence with from going into any like particulars res their parents, in behalf of those for whose pecting our own metropolis; particularly ear the name of parent has no such after the statement connected with it, charm as it has for theirs—who know which upon a former occasion, I felt it to nothing of the tender affection, the watchbe my painful duty to submit to this ful care, the privileges of instruction with congregation.

which you are blest—who have no mother But what is it not now to hear my to cherish them, no father to protect brethren, that these lost women, lost and them, no brothers and sisters to be innodegraded as they are, yet, are not cent companions to them, no home-all irrecoverably lost,—that the fountain such ties have been snapt asunder; no, which has been opened in the wounds of not a friend have they in the wide world,

the sinner's God, for sin and for unclean- unless those become such to them, with · ness, is accessible to such as these also, whom the friendless find mercy.

so that the apostle after denouncing And yet, without any such advocacy against fornicators and adulterers, exclu of yours, may I not appeal at once to sion from the kingdom of God, could yet parents themselves. As they cast their add, “and such were some of you, but eyes upon the olive-branches blooming ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but round their table, will they refuse their ye are justified in the name of the Lord sympathy to parents less happy than Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” | themselves, to fathers and mothers whose

It is for us, through the means of such hearts have been broken by their children, who yet may be at this moment before a l before God has fixed it, to plunge deeper throne of grace, that a way of escape and deeper into sin ? Oh! and who can may be opened to them ? or will they calculate the evilsomething you have refuse their gratitude to Him who made heard of it this morning—which one such them thus to differ, in being merciful as | lost woman, thus left to go on in her sins, He is merciful ?

propagates around her, contaminating And let it not be forgotten that this is and corrupting those of her own sex, a species of charity to which few can have while her house, according to the appalan opportunity of contributing, except ing description of it in the Bible, “ is the upon such an occasion as the present way to hell, going down to the chambers so few, can have access themselves to the of death.' unhappy objects of it. In what arrears But I am addressing a congregation, to it, then, may we not be many of us, on I ought to remember, with which it is this account! Let us ask ourselves, each unnecessary for me to be so urgent.of us, what is the amount of what we Through your former liberality, since the have yet done, yet given in the cause of institution was opened in 1835, 143 of these, of all the wretched the most these unhappy women have been admitwretched, yet no less the objects of a ted into it, 42 of whom have been either Saviour's compassion, and no less within restored to their families, or recommend. the reach of a Saviour's blood, than we ed to service. There are 45 of them at are ourselves. Or it may be, you doubt present in the house, of whom it is most whether there be a willingness on their gratifying to have to tell you, according part to escape from their present course to the information with which I have of life, to accept such a shelter from the been furnished, that “generally speaking storm. To receive all who would be they are very amenable, respectful, and willing to make their escape, would re obedient to the matron, grateful to their quire many an additional institution. One minister, and to the ladies' committee, for who would gladly have spent more of his the interest they take in their well-being, time in visits of mercy to those unhappy some of them are particularly sensible of women, told me he had not the heart to kindness, and feel and acknowledge, that do it, because of the importunate appli- they have many undeserved privileges cations which he received from them for and blessings. Many, who, when they admission into some asylum, while there entered the asylum, were in a state of the was no room in our asylums for them. grossest ignorance, have acquired a conWhat do you think of one, of whom I siderable knowledge of Scripture. From have now heard from the minister of your being disorderly and indolent in their own congregation, who upon being re- habits, many have become industrious fused to be received into an asylum for and useful, very willing to work, and want of room, rather than return to her doing the work allotted them with zeal former haunts, spent the whole night in and cheerfulness, several of them who the fields under torrents of rain. Most have obtained services have conducted wretched of the wretched truly! Outcasts themselves to the satisfaction of their they are from all. They will not be employers, and appear very steady and received by their own families, to which correct." they are a disgrace. Without character, Oh! and that while your outward they will not be received into service. conduct is so exemplary, the scripture “ There is no place,” said one of them, which you have heard this day, may be in wild despair, to the individual to whom fulfilled within you, that you may look I have now referred, “there is no place upon him whom you have pierced, to receive us but-hell."

till your hearts be pierced for your sins And shall they have reason to say so, against him! The purpose for which you Christians ? While it is sounding in our have been admitted into this asylum, and ears, “compel them, out of the streets are objects of such interest to others, will and highways and hedges, compel them them indeed be accomplished, and your to come in, that my house may be sins, though they were as scarlet, will be filled," shall we compel them rather white as snow. by shutting the gate of mercy against It is now for you, my brethren, to do them, by fixing the impassable gulph your part. Through what you have al

ready done, the debt which the institution from those who are the objects of it, to unavoidably contracted, (and which Him in whose name we ask it. Has prevents us from enlarging, as we would, your heart never swelled nigh to bursting the place of our tent, and lengthening at the remembrance of a departed friend, our cords, and stretching out our curtains, as you have thought within yourself how and affording a resting-place within them he loved you? Was there any thing you to many a throbbing, aching heart,) this would not have done for him were he debt had however been reduced, through again alive? Think of him, then, who the favor which God has given our asylum loved you, as all the friends that ever with the public, from near £4,000, to lived, put together, never loved, and so £2,000. But in consequence of the | loves you still, and now asks you for some addition which has been made to the expression of your love. Think of him, building within the past year, by which a of the expressions of love on His part, of gallery for the women, a lecture-room, what he bore for you, of what he has 100 additional sittings in the church, and borne from you, till like her who as she other important accommodation have thought upon it, washed his feet with her been provided, the debt has again mount- tears, and wiped them with her hair, and ed up to £3,600. · Meanwhile there has kissed them, and anointed them with her been a falling off, I must not omit to tell precious ointment, you also be ready vou, in the annual subscriptions. I am “ to spend and to be spent for Him," also instructed to say, that the present till you also be ready to lay your all at sleeping-rooms, being far too much his feet. It is then, you will be prepared crowded for the health of those who oc- to give, as such a cause as this demands, cupy them, a garret dormitory is very When we are in such a state of mind much wanting, as is also a separate towards our pierced Lord, (and is it not apartment for the sick. I have to the state in which we would be always, add further, that the expenses of the past even till he come to take us to himself, year have been also considerably encreas- our hearts melting towards him, ourselves ed by the Providential necessity, which ready to spend and to be spent for him ?) the destruction of the Bethesda asylum when we thus think of him, thus look by fire, imposed upon the directors of upon him, are thus affected towards him, this, of admitting into it twelve of the our contributions---flow they will-aş did Bethesda women. Yet, after the expe- | the tears of that woman. rience which we have had, we ought not The Lord make the flood to swell to doubt, but that your bounty, my within us, till it flow out, in a tide of brethren, will correspond to the exigency. mercy, yea, till there be a fountain opened I would only ask of you, before any within ourselves, for sin and for undetermine upon the amount of their cleanness. contribution, that you would again turn

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