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the desperate wickedness of her have been one of his reasons, to heart, and to seek its renewal; show us how able he is to adminisreally to believe in Christ, and to ter effectual support under the sebecome a new creature. May a verest affliction, and thus to afford gracious God lead any of your aged encouragement to those who are readers, Mr. Editor, who are stran- treading in the steps of the departa gers to such a change of heart as ed saint. Let not, then, this exthis, to tread in her steps, that in ample be lost upon us ; let us not death they may partake of her lose the encouragement which it is hope.

calculated to afford ; let it animate But is it possible that there us to proceed with increased alashould be any, especially among crity in our Christian course. Let your younger readers, who may be us learn from it, especially, to lose disposed to abuse this instance of the no favourable opportunity which grace of God, who may be ready offers of throwing out a serious to think that they may put off a hint to those whom the providence serious attention to religion till of God may bring in our way; conlate in life, that then they may be- sidering that, as in the case before come righteous, and enjoy at last us, and, doubtless, in a multitude the hope of the righteous ? If such of similar cases, we may, by means as these be the thoughts of your of such hint, be the happy instru.' heart, let me ask you, my dear ments of producing the greatest young friend, who was it that as good to the person to whom it is sured you that you should reach addressed. We may by this means, an advanced period of life, a pe- through the Divine blessing, make riod which so few comparatively atá á salutary impression on the mind tain? Or, if you should, who as- of one who has hitherto neglected sured you that you could command the Gospel of Christ, who may that grace which you shall have so perhaps studiously keep out of the long despised, and without which way of the faithful preacher, or, if both repentance and faith are im- he come within sound of his voice, possible? O! act a wiser part than contrives to harden and arm him thus madly to hazard your eternal self against all his remonstrances. welfare; and to-day, while it is call. A cursory hint may seize hold of ed to-day, harden not your heart. such an one when he is, as it were,

I would still beg leave, before I off his guard, and make that imclose this paper, to say one word pression which a hundred sermons to the true believer in Christ. The have failed to produce. In conclu. world will sneer and scoff at your sion, let us, with full purpose of religion ; will sometimes, perhaps, heart, cleave unto the Lord, and, try to argue you out of it, and re- while exhorted « never to let go present it as nothing but a delu. our trust in him," let our hearts, sion. Such instances, however, of in reliance on Divine grace, reply, the power of it as the above, will“ No, never !" Thus shall death, serve, through Divine grace, to with all its frightful circumstances, render you superior to any such prove to us, as it did to our de attempts as these. The person of parțed sister, nothing more than whom we have been speaking used the mere “ shadow of death.". In to observe, that, doubtless, God death we shall possess the hope of had some good reasons for conti: the righteous, and, after death, nuing her so long in a state of suf- enter into the joy of pur Lord. fering. This we may conceive to


To the Editor of the Christian sense of duty should not always

Guardian. . . actuate our proceedings; but I SIR,

wish to impress upon your minds KNOWING it to be the practice the greatness of our privilege, and of some young people who are in the delight we should feel, the anithe habit of perusing your Chris- mating pleasure that should arise tian Guardian, to meet frequently in our hearts when we consider for the purpose of reading the that, children of the same Father, Scriptures and social prayer, I have we are met around his throne with ventured, through the medium of bended knee to implore the riches your publication, to offer them a of his grace; and, washed in the few hints for the more spiritual same blood, have rallied round the performance of that holy exercise. standard of the cross, to swear

everlasting allegiance to the ser, ADDRESS TO YOUNG PEOPLE. vice of our Redeemer. Is not this

You who are truly in earnest a moment to feel delight, and to upon the concerns of your immor. keep our happy eyes fixed on our tal souls, and have a desire in this great Surety, and believe that as as well as every thing else to surely as he prayed for his devoted glorify the God who loves you, and Apostle Peter, that his faith should the Saviour who redeems you, will not fail, so he is now interceding be glad to receive a word in season for us, and offering up our peti.' even from the humble pen of one tions as sweet-smelling savour unto who is your companion in years, the Father ? your companion in life, and your Once more: Let us have a more companion in labour..

simple dependence on the Holy First, then, I would caution you Spirit, who alone can inspire our , against a love of display. Do not souls and teach us to pray. Rest your consciences tell you that this assured, that when the love of the often pervades your mind at such Father has brought you to his a season-a desire for your young throne, and the blessed Jesus is friends to imagine you have the interceding, the gracious Spirit gift of prayer, and consequently to will not be backward in his office look up to you as their superior in of love. No! he will come down, grace? O how unlike the meek and fill our souls with holy transand lowly Jesus, of whom we are port! Remember, that when the to learn that difficult lesson, humi- unction of the Spirit was so largely lity! Are we not also apt, after poured out upon the disciples of we have attained our wish in these our Lord, it was when they were points, to rest satisfied that we all with one accord in one place, can pray with our fellow-pilgrims, no doubt joining in prayer for this and continue to keep up the credito great blessing. O may we, thus we have thus gained, and in the young as we are, meet with one mean time lamentably forgetting accord, with one heart, one desire, that God looks at the heart? and and importune for the Spirit, and if he at that moment is not our ob- the Spirit we shall have. Let not ject, we are mocking his majesty. any thing I have said discourage

Secondly: Do we not often meet you. God does not despise the rather from a sense of duty than day of small things: Jesus heard delight? Do not imagine for a mo. that simple petition, “ Lord, help ment I would insinuate that a high me;" and is his ear grown heavyoo

is his love waxed cold ?-O no! tion; God has given us his holy Did we but pray with the same ear. word to teach us all that we need nestness and feeling of our infir- to know concerning our duty to mities, we should receive the same him here, and the way to be happy gracious answers. May he in fu- with him hereafter, and it will ture be more sensibly with us! give us directions and peace amidst May he enter each heart, and say, the troubles of this changing life, 6 Peace be unto you!” And when and will be our sure support and we enter heaven-gate, may we hear comfort in sickness and death; but that same voice vibrate through if we have it in our power to read the celestial arch, “ Come, ye it and yet neglect it, or only read blessed of my Father, enter the it in a careless manner, without kingdom prepared for you from the any desire to understand and obey foundation of the world !" Let us it, then how miserable is our case, exhort and reprove, watch and and how dreadful will it be at the fear, lest we who meet together be- day of judgment! Then we shall fore a throne of grace should not be judged by that word which we all meet before a throne of glory. had it in our power to read, and ! O painful, heart-rending thought! was laid by and never attended to, that that dear friend who has join-. I do not tell you these things, ed in our prayers should not also my dear sister, to distress you withjoin us in the song of praise to out cause ; I tell you them because Him that sits upon the throne, and I long that you may be happy, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever! because I believe them to be se

With great pleasure I sign, my, rious truths, which will soon be self, one link in your band of love, felt either in this world or the next

A. Y. D. by every one. Whether we think

about them or not, death and judgEXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM A

ment are hastening on, and then YOUNG WOMAN AT SERVICE.

will they appear in their true light

to every one. But if we pray to To the Editor of the Christian God for direction, he is ready to Guardian.

hear and to teach us. He is kinder SIR,

than the tenderest father to his The following is a copy of part children, and much more willing of a letter from a young woman at to make us happy than we are to service to her sister. It contains ask him to do it. He has said, they such good spiritual advice, that I who seek him shall find him, and thought it might be worth your none that come to him and call notice to insert.

. upon him will be cast out. I hope From yours, you are now sensible that this is

W. S. your duty; but do not just think, After giving an account of ano- while you read this, that it may be ther sister who had been at the right, and then forget it; you know brink of death, but mercifully re- not what a day or hour may bring stored, she thus writes :

forth, therefore begin to seek after

it in earnest to-day; and if by this * DEAR J.

means, attended to with God's • I Hope you begin to think, if blessings, you be brought to hea. you have never done it properly ven, what a joy and comfort will before, about these solemn things, it be to one another! Then let us and that you are desiring to know consider these things; we cannot how you may be prepared to meet be too young to think of our souls, "them. Blessed be God, we are not and God is pleased when we seek

left without the means of instruc- him in our youth; then let us come

to him in our early days, and we out again telling you how much I shall escape much misery in the desire that you may attend to it world, and shall be prepared for an for your own salvation, and for the useful life or happy death; and if glory of that God who made you, other young people laugh at you, to show forth his praise : with him and despise you for being concern- I leave you; and this my endeaed for your soul, be not afraid or vour for your good, may he grant ashamed; remember that God it his blessing, which alone can sees you, and that the holy angels make it useful. You and I may are around you, and it will soon perhaps never meet again in this be of no consequence what the world; but, remember, we shall world may say of you, if you have meet again in that day when we but the favour of God. And now, must give an account for every in. my dear sister, I must bid you struction we have received. farewell; which I cannot do with


At the recommendation of many of their friends, the Conductors of the

CHRISTIAN GUARDIAN have determined in future to give, instead of a Review, short Characters of useful Books, which may serve as a guide to their more unlearned readers. It is therefore requested that those, Authors who wish to have their Works noticed will have the goodness to send them to our Publisher (Mr. Seeley), directed for the Editors of the Christian Guardian.




ERITIŞII AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. tion, we believe, to the Bishop of Salisa [Conclued from Page 220.]

bury). It was to him that he was chiefly

indebted for that line of conduct which His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, 'had been conspicuous in him, and for after having read the motion, observ- whom he must ever have respect and veneed, that the Noble Lord was distinguished ration. by so many eminent qualifications for the Lord Teignmouth confessed his obligaoffice which he sustained, that to enter into tion to His Royal Highness upon this occaparticulars he found himself altogether in- sion, for the high opinion he had formed capable. He would leave it to the feelings of the station which he filled, and of the of their hearts" to express it in a suit- duties which it required. He hoped that able manner. Whatever share ise himself he should continne thus happily employed, took in their meetings, and upon similar to the glory of God and the good of his occasions, he must confess himself indebted fellow men. to those principles wbich he imbibed from His Excellency Count de la Gardie, anthe example and instructions of the Right bassador from the court of Sweden to that Rev. Lord before him (directing his atten- of Madrid, moved the thanks of the Meet

ing to the Vice-presidents. He spoke in many labourers are employed, but some ar the most devout and feeling manner, and, overseers, some rulers. In this Society we although not fully master of our language, have overseers, and the Vice-presidents may touched those tender chords in the soul to be considered as the grand masters of the which the hearts of Christians never fail to lodge. vibrate. “ Permit me,” said he, in broken W. Wilberforce, Esq. in acknowledging accents, “ to present, in the name of my the thanks to the Vice-presidents, found king and country, the gratitude which we himself rather in a singular station. There feel for your kindness to our poor brethren was some misapprehension when thanks in Sweden." It was not in his power to tell were given to gentlemen for their attendwhat they had done, not only for Sweden, ance upon these meetings; the pleasure but for all mankind; but he hoped their they derived that day (as was observed by consciences would testify it when they were a reverend gentleman before) was the greatgoing to leave a troublesome world. He est of the whole year, here being displayed hoped they would excuse bim, as he want- the greatest accumulation of pure and re- . ed words to utter his feelings." Receive fined religion : you claim, therefore, the my cordial thanks in the name of the whole abundance of our gratitude that we are hoSwedish people. May Almighty God bless noured to fill such an office. It is imposthe endeavours of the British and Foreign sible not to feel the joy still extending as Bible Society and every one of you." Here this delightful prospect opens to our view. he did not expect to see them more; he should In this mighty range we behold mountain never forget these moments, and should es- rising above mountain, Alps rising upon teem them among the happiest in his life. Alps; the clouds retiring, and breaking: 6. The blessing of the poor will be upon you. mountains touched with the light from Excuse a man who entertains for England heaven, exhibiting a landscape great and the most exalted sentiments; let him re- extensive. Here we behold nations burnt, main in your remembrance."

and in the midst of the fire remaining unThe Rev. George Burder seconded the consumed, and only thereby shining the resolution. How great is the delight of more bright. When he reflected upon the this assembly, which is year after year con- circumstances of this country during the tinually increasing! It may be questioned, season of war, and the exercise of their but after what we have witnessed this morn- unbounded liberality, he could not but an. ing it cannot be questioned, whether thereticipate the most blessed and happy effects. be a day in the whole year, or a spot upon In war there had been one unimpaired the whole globe, where so much pure en principle of diffusive benevolence. Our joyment reigns as in the anniversary of the wisdom comes from beaven. What may British and Foreign Bible Society? He we not expect from the seed already sown, then made some pleasant allusions to the and our labour in the pleasure of diffusing hall in which they were assembled. He it?-we may expect an abundant barvest. could not but feel satisfied that they met in We have already reaped some of its blessed Freemasons' Hall: these walls bear testi- fruits. You have seen it realized in Russia; mony to the plan of this institution : there you have seen it among the Russian solis the compass to regulate your conduct; diery; you have seen it in Paris, where the there is the book with which it stands con- principles of this book have been put in nected. One would almost imagine that practice. These are not imaginary and dethe architect who built this room bad in- lusive thoughts; they are found realized tended it for this honourable fraternity among those who might, instead of conWe are all friends, and, if you please, ducting themselves as friends, have been freemasons: we are engaged in the erection expected to have acted like enemies. Well of a most noble edifice; the metropolis is as I love my country, nothing either in its centre, but it is a panoramic building glory or in honour can I more desire, than that shall describe the whole world. In that it should be hereafter known as the this building are employed a great variety country from whence the Bible Society oriof scriptural artists, but we shall pass over ginated; and it is my earnest desire that it their discipline. We build now with great should multiply its numbers until its induadvantage. Our forefathers, in former ence extend throughout the world. times, laboured with a sword in one hand The Bishop of Norwich was desirous to and a trowel in the other; but now we take this opportunity to express the deep throw aside the sword, and labour with both obligations he felt to the whole of the Royal our hands. In Solomon's temple no saw, Family. He rejoiced to see those called or axe, or hammer, was seen or heard, be- great, to be truly so. Charity and religion cause the various parts were previously have not always been fashionable; when, framed and put together. Such is the go therefore, sanctioned by such characters, vernment of this Society. In every society who, like their great Master, went about there must be plan, arrangement, order: doing good, he could not but feel peculiar

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