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Lend your Ears, then, Protestants of England, and consider attentively that it is the Honour of Kings," as the nursing Fathers of the Church," to understand and "search outthe “MARK," or NAME” of the “Man" whose Number is 666," to avoid his Punishment ; for it is written by St. John, 1If any man worship the Beast and his Image, and receive his Mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation ; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb : and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who WORSHIP the Beast and his Image, and whoSOEVER receiveth the MARK of his NAME.” Remember, then, that the “MARK” or “NAME” of this Beast, is, LATEINOS; forasmuch as Papists have canonized the Latin Language for the special use of the CHURCH of Rome, at the Council of Trent; and all Europe knows that they Latinize in every thing of an Ecclesiastical nature, and that, not of Commandment from Christ, or his Apostles, but from their own free choice : wherefore, those who are the strict followers of the Pope worship’ him, by kissing his Foot, which is an indispensable ceremony at Rome ; they acknowledge Him, and none other, as their rightful Sovereign ; they adopt his Latin Language, (which is the Mark of unity among

1 Revelations xiv. 9-!l.

Papists,) and pronounce him to be the true Vicar of Christ : therefore, as the Pope is the successor of the Pagan Latin or Roman Emperors in their literal Kingdom, and Office ofPontifer Marimus," and as he has canonized their Latin Language, in preference to the Italian, and Greek original, so is the Pope in every possible sense the Image of old Rome ; for Papal Rome has adopted Image-worship without end, and those who do not literally "worshipthe Person of the Pope by kissing his foot, acknowledge his right to this "worship” and therein “receive the Mark of his Name," and consequently come under the above condemnation. Let History then furnish us with the melancholy details of the Life and death of Cardinal Beaufort, for one example; and of the great Cardinal Wolsey, for another, of those miserable and infatuated beings who have 'strengthened themselves in the strength of the Pope, and trusted in the shadow of Rome,' and who have most implicitlyreceivedthe Latin Ecclesiastical “ Mark,” and say if Papal Rome can give infallible comfort in a dying hour? Did

God send them STRONG DELUSION that they should believe a lie?in despite of all that Papists have endeavoured to persuade Protestants to the contrary, saying, there is no salvation out of the Church of Rome?' Wolsey's own signature was · Carqlis. Ebor. Miserrimus ; ' and this would be the general, the universal signature of Papists, (* Miserrimusthe most wretched,') if the heart would speak out: for they have not 1subscribed with their

not so

1 Isaiah xliv. 5,

hand to the Lord, saying, I am the Lord's ;” but to the Pope, their Sovereign Pontiff, who is the “MAN” who hath 1" Two Horns like a LAMB, and HE SPAKE as a DRAGON ;” who deceiveth them that dwell upon the Earth :yet his Name is Lateinos and his Number 666.” 2 If “ Paul's spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city" (Athens) wholly given to IDOLATRY;” or, as it is in the margin, “ full of idols:” and Athens was at that moment in a Pagan state ; how would the Apostle's spirit be stirred in him, if he were to behold the City of Rome in its Papal state? for it is

wholly given to idolatry,and “full of idols : would he not brand it with " Anathema Maranatha?

Be it known unto you, therefore, my Protestant friends, that under the Reign of Popery, the clouds of divine vengeance hung over England thickening with wrath, as was manifestly the case in the Reigns of Queen Mary and the Stuarts ; and are not Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Infidel France, exhibited to our view as specimens of the miseries of Popish Kingdoms in our time? If they be not, tell me where they may be found ? Shall we presume to say that Ireland is an exception? Can any good thing come out of Rome? Did any country of Europe ever prosper under Popery? The man who can believe it, is ignorant of his Bible, of History, and of himself, and is an Infidel in principle, and a liberal in heart, and would as soon patronize the KORAN as THE BIBLE. The Church of Rome is a Church' of Blood, as St. John predicted of her : 1“ I saw the woman drunken with the Blood of the Saints, and with the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus." 26 And IN HER was found the Blood of Prophets and of Saints, and of all that were slain upon the Earth.Does not the History of the infernal Tribunal and Prison-House, called by the Pope and his Councils, the “ HOLY INQUISITION,” furnish us with the foul fact? Do not the bloody Papal wars and massacres of hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout all Europe EXCEED the blood shed in the wars of nations for national conquest ? If then Protestant England expects the continuance of peace and prosperity, temporal and spiritual, she will away with Popery as with the Plague, by prayer to God on the one hand, and by every legitimate means on the other ; for the Protestant Throne of England can never be established in righteousness by the friends of the Papacy, for they are the secret, dark, and deadly enemies of God and the King, as the Jesuits have ever proved to England and the surrounding nations. Look at her children in our British Houses of Parliament! are they not impudent children, answerable to their Mother, Rome? who is called by St. John, by way of eminence, 3“ Mystery, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.' This was the theolo

1 Rev. xiii. 11, 12.

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gical opinion of King James the First, as set forth in his Royal · Premonition' to Protestants, pages 309, 310, in these words, “This place,' (viz. Rev. xvii. and xviii.) says the King, 'doth clearly and undeniably declare that Rome is, or shall be THE SEAT of that ANTICHRIST. For no Papist now denieth that by Babylon, here, Rome is directly meant,' &c. What is it then which Irish Papists demand from the Protestant Government of England? Religious toleration? No, they know not toleration ; for Rome Papal has ever been, and will always be

PERSECUTION is the essence of her existence ; for this is her sovereign remedy for those whom she denominates Heretics. The evil Spirit of Antichrist is in her, and therefore, she goeth about as a roaring lion seeking whom she may devour :” for seeing that she “ received not the love of the

" God hath sent her STRONG DELUSION that she should BELIEVE A LIE:” and now she propagates the lie” which her unbelief produced, bythe working of Satan with all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness.” Nevertheless, God hath not left himself without a witness in these times, for wheresoever the Gospel is faithfully preached, Popery can never take deep root, nor raise her scarlet banner; for though she may howl and roar, yetthe Lion of the tribe of Judahis our defence, and He it is who

| See Bishop Moreton's Church of Rome. Chap. iv. sect. 15. page 74. Second edition, London, 1628.

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