From Broke to Broken: Embracing a Life That Lacks Nothing

NiOse Communications Company, 2003 - 224 páginas
From Broke to Broken Embracing a Life that Lacks Nothing is a spiritual journey that every Christian must take. Whether the need is financial, health or marital, God desires that we are usable for the glory of his kingdom, and that can only be attained when we experience a true spiritual breakthrough. Breakthrough occurs when that which is on the inside comes out, as in a seed. Yet, interestingly, the same could be said of brokenness. In a church age where Christians nationwide are crying out for breakthrough, it is evident that God has sent things that bring brokenness. Still, breakthrough and brokenness are the same thing. So, why do so few cry out for brokenness? This follow-up to the critically acclaimed, Tithing and Still Broke will show believers what really matters, as we embrace a life that lacks nothing. Yet, when we embrace such a life, the precious things we seek will not be found in places that are pretty. They will be found in places that are dangerous places where our security, our finances, and even our health are being challenged. Yet, these experiences are where the greatest treasures imaginable are harvested.

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