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of EW Books are soperfeó, o # in their first Editions, as § to need no Improvement

fool or Addition afterwards. But it would be Injustice to the PubJick to suppres; al/future Improvement, rather than offend the first Buyers. Our Customers therefore, we hope, will pardon Us, if the many Additions in this Edition do depreciate the former. The Qaantity of this is more, but the Qaality of that is the same: For tho’ the Author found it necessary to addParagraphs very frequently, and whose Chapters sometimes, he did not write at first with so little Thought - A 2. (ZS


mendments excepted. And therefore the Possessors of the former Edition cammot think themselves abused. The Author was very desirous of having the Additions printed by themselves; but the Wumber of 'em, and their being interspers'd in every Page, remder'd that imprađicable. He has mow set the last Hand to it, and we hope it is so compleat as to meed no more Improvement. A Word more in Relation to the Latin Edition of this Work printed in Holland, the Publisher of which pretends it was correóżed by the Author; but that being quite otherwise, we must take this Opportunity to let the World. Amow, that the Author never saw it till it was all printed; and therefore the many Errors found in it must not be imputed to Him.

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Hap. 1. Of the State of Athens till Cecrops Page 1 | Chap. 2. Of the State of Athens from Cecrops till

Theseus - 6 Chap. 3. Of the State of Athens from Theseus to the Decennial Archons IO Chap. 4. Of the State of Athens from the Decennial Archons to Philip of Macedon 13 Chap. 5. Of the State of Athens from Philip of Macedon, to its Delivery by the Romans 2O Chap. 6. Of the State of Athens from its Confederacy with Rome, to Constantine the Great 23 Chap. 7. Of the State of Athens from Constantine the Great - 27 Chap. 8. Of the City of Athens, and its Walls, Gates, Streets, Buildings, &c. 29

Chap. 9. Of the Citizens, Tribes, &c. of Athens 43 Chap. Io. Of the Sojourners and Servants in Athens 55

Chap. 11. Of the Athenian Magistrates 72 Chap. 12. Of the Nine Archons, &c. 74. Chap. 13. Of the Athenian Magistrates 78 Chap. 14. Of the Athenian Magistrates 8o Chap. 15. Of the Athenian Magistrates 83 Chap. 16. Of the Council of the Amphiélyones 89


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