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T R UT H *





Infallible Proof from Four Rules

Which are incompatible to any Imposture that can
possibly be.

In a LETTER to a Friend.

By a Lover of T R U T H.

Magna eft Veritas, 6? Prevalent,

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I. TT N answer to yours of the third Instant, I much
I condole with your unhappy Circumstances of

JL being placed amongst such Company, where, as you say, you continually hear the Sacred Scriptures, and the Histories therein contained, particularly of Moses and of Christ, and all revealed Religion, turned into Ridicule, by Men who set up for Sense and Reason. And they say, That there is no greater Ground to believe in Christ, than in Mahomet: That all these Pretences to Revelation are Cheats, and ever have been, among Pagans, Jews, Mahometans, and Christians: That they are all alike Impositions of cunning and defigning Men, upon the Credulity, at sirst, of fimple and unthinking People; till, their Numbers increasing, their Delufions grew popular, came at last to be established by Laws; and then the Force of Education and Custo.n gives a Bias to the Judgments of After-Ages, till such Deceits come really to be believ'd, being receiv'd upon Trust from the Ages foregoing, without examining into the Original and Bottom of them: Which these our modern Men of Sense (as they desire to be esteem'd) say, that they only do; that they only have their Judgments freed from the slavish Authority of Precedents and Laws in Matters of Truth, which, they fay, ought only to be decided by Reason: Tho', by a prudent Compliance with Popularity and Laws, they preserve themselves from Outrage and legal Penalties; for none of their Complexion are addicted to Sufferings or Martyrdom.

Now, Sir, that which you desire from me, is some short Topic of Reason, if such can be found, whereby, without running to Authorities, and the intricate Ma2es os Learning, which breed long Disputes, and which these Men of Reason deny by wholesale, tho' they can give no Reason for it, only suppose that Authors have A 2 been

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