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^6.) As ajso by the Rock, whence the Waters flowed out to give them Drink in the Wilderness: And that Rock •was Christ, 1 Cor. x. 4.

(7.) And he was not only their Meat and Drink, but he was also their constant Guide, and led them in a Pillar e f Fire by Night, and of a Cloud by Day. And the Cloud of Glory in the Temple, in which God appeared, was by the Jews understood as a Type of the Messiah, who is the true Shechina, or Habitation of GW.

(8.) The Sabbathh called a Shadow of Christ, Col. ii. 17. It was a Figure of that eternal Rest procured to us by Christ: Therefore it is called a Sign of the perpetual Covenant, Exod. xxxi. 16, 17. Ezek. xx. 12.

(9.) And such a Sign was the Temple at Jerusalem .At which /Y•Zsf, and none other, the Sacrifices of the Jwj were to be offered, Deut. xii. 11, 13, 14. Because Christ was to be sacrificed there; and, as a Token • of it, those Sacrifices, which were Types of him, were to be offered only there.

And so great Stress was laid upon this, that no Sin of the Jews is oftener remembered than their Breach of this Command. It was a Blot set upon their several Reformations, otherwise good and commendable in the Sight of God, that the high Places (where they used to sacrifice) were not taken away. This is marked as the great Defetl in the Reformation of Asa, l Kin. xv. 14. of Jehoskaphat, 1 Kin. xxii. 43. of Jehoash, 2 Kin. xii. 3. of Amaziah, 2 Kin. xv. 4. oljotham, ver. 35. But they were taken away by Hezekiah, 2 Kin. xviii. 4. and the People instructed tosacrifice and burn Incense at Jerusalem only, 2 Chr. xxxii. 12. Isa. xxxvi. 7.

There was likewise a further Defign of Providence in limiting their Sacrif•ces to Jerusalem; which was, That after the great propitiatory Sacrifice of Christ had been once offered there, God was to remove the Jews from Jerusalem, that they might have no Sacrifice at all (as, for that Reason, they have not had, in any Part of the World, near these eighteen hundredTears past) ; to in

4 struct struct them, That (as the Jpiffle speaks to them, Heb. x. 26.), there rcmaineth no more (or other) Sacrifice for Sin. And, since by the Law their Sins were to be purged by Sacrifice, they have now no way to purge their Sins: And, till they return to that, they must have no Sacrifice at all, but die in their Situ. As Jtfius said unto

them, I go my Way, and ye pall die in your Sins.

For if you believe not that 1am he, yefhall die in your Sins, Joh. viii. 2.1, 24.

And i)sl»zV/prophesied expresly, That, soon after the Death of the Messiah, the City of Jerusalem, and the Sanctuary, should be destroyed; and that the Sacrifice should cease, even until the Consummation, and that determined, shall be poured upon the Desolate, Dan. xi. 26, 27.

And this Desolation of theirs, and what was determinedupon them, was told them likewise by Hosca, Chap. iii. 4. For the Children of Israel shall abide many Days without a King, and without a Prince, and <without a Sacrifice. But he says, in the next Verse, That in the latter Days they fhall return and seek the Lord their Gad, and David their King; that is, the Son of David their Prince and Messiah; as he is called Messiah the Prince, Dan. ix. 25.

Thus as Salvation was of the Jews, because Christ was to come of them, so this Salvation was only to be had at Jerusalem, where he was to suffer, and by which only Salvation was to be had.

(10.) De. This Argument is to the Jews. And if I were a Jew it would move me; because they never were so song before without King, Temple, or Sacrifice

Chr. But the Prophecies of it, and these fulfilled as you have seen, and Christ being so plainly pointed at, and the Place of his Passion, by limiting the Sacrifices to Jerusalem only, and by that causing the legal Sacrifices to cease throughout the World, to shew that they were fulsilled; all this is a strong Evidence to you of the 'Truth of these Things, and of our Jesus being the Messiah, Or Christ, who was prophefied of.

Gz V>%.

De. I cannot deny but there is something remarkable in this, which I will take Time to confider. But I do not see how the Jews can stand out against this: Because this Mark, given by Daniel ofthe Messiah, that soon after his Death the Sacrifice should cease, cannot agree to any After-Mrssiab, who should now come so many Ages after the Sacrifice has ceased.

Chr. Since we have fallen into the Subject of the Jews, I will give you another Prophecy, which cannot be fulfilled in any Aher-Mcjstah whom isxejews expect: And it will be also a Confirmation to you of the Truth of the Prophecies of the Holy Scriptures.

Thus God speaks, Jcr. xxxiii. 20, 21, 22. Thus faith the Lord, ifyou can break my Covenant of the Day, and my Coienant of the Night, and that there should not be Day and Night in their Season: Then may also my Covenant be broken with David my Servant, that heshould not have a Son to reign upon his Throne; and with the Levites, the Priests, my Ministers. As t.he Host of Heaven cannot be numbered, neither she Sand of the Se* measured: Sa ix.Hl I multiply the Seed of David my Servant, and the Levites that minister unto me.

Now let the Jiws tell in which Son of David this is fulfilled, except only in Out Christ: And how this is made good to the Priests and Ltvitcs, otherwise than as Isaiah prophefied, Chap. lxvi. 21. And I will also take of them (the Gentiles) for Priests and for Levites, faith the Lord. And as it is thus applied, 1 Pet. ii. 5, q. and Rev. i. 6. And this evangelical Priesthood is multiplied as the Stars of Heaven (which they are frequently called), not like the Tribe of Levi, which could not afford Priests to all the Earth.

And as I said before of Jerusalem, and the Sacrifices there, that they are ceased, to sltew they are fulfilled; so here, after this Son of David was come, and his other Sons ceased; and the very Genealogy of their Tribes, and so of Judah, is lost, as also of the Tribe of Levi i so that the Jews can never tell, if any Aher-Mefijiah should appear, whether he were of the Tribe of Judah; far less, whether he were of the Lineage of David;

nor Ror can they shew the Genealogy of any they call Levises now among them.

This is occafioned by their being dispersed among all Nations, and yet preserved a. distinct People from all the Earth; though without any Country ot their own, or King, or Priest, or Temple, or Sacrifice. And they are thus preserved by the Providence of God, (so as never 'any Nation was fince the Foundation of the World) to shew the fulslling of the Prophecies concerning them, and the Judgments pronounced against them, for their crucifying their Mejfiah; and that their Converfion may" be more apparent to the World, and their being gathered out of all Nations, and restored to Jerusalem (as is promised them) when they shall come to acknovvlege their Messiah.

And Gcd not permitting them to have any King or Governor upon Earth, ever fince their last Dispersion by the Romans (lest they might say, That the Sceptre was not departed from judah), is to convince them (when God shall take the Veil off their Heart) that no other Messiah, who can come hereafter, can answer this Pro* phecy of Jeremiah, or that of Jacob, that the Sceptre should not depart from Judah till Shiloh came.

(u.) And it is wonderful to confider how expresly their present State is proposed of, that it could not be more literal, if it were to be worded now by us who fee it. As, that they should be scattered into all Countries, fisted as with a Sieve among all Nations, yet preserved a People; and that God would make an utter End of those Nations who had oppressed them, and blot out their Names from under Heaven (as we have seen it fulfilled upon the great Empires of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Romans, who, one after the other, had miserably wasted the jew) ; but that the Name of the Jews (the fewest and the poorest of all Nations) should remain for ever, and they a People distinct from all the Nations in the World, though faitered amonc; them all. Read the Prophecies express upon this Point, Jer. xxx. n. xxxi. 36, 37. xxxiii. 24, z,, 26. xlvi. 28. Isai. xxvii. 7. xxix. 7, 8. liv. 9, 10. lxv. 8. G 3 Ez.k. Mzek. vi. 8. xi. 16,17. xii. 15,16. Jmos\x. 8, gZech. x. 9. And it was foretold them long before, that thus it would be, Lev. xxvi. 44. and this in the latter Days, Deut.iv. 27. 30, 31. Thus Moses told them of - it so long before; as the After -Prophets frequently. And you see all these Prophecies literally fulfilled and fulfilling. The like cannot be said of any other Nation that ever was upon the Earth! So destroyed, and so preserved! And for so long a Time! Having worn out all the great Empires of the World, and still surviving them, to fulfil what was further prophefied of them to the End of the World!

De. I cannot say but there is something very surprizing in this. I never thought of it before. It is a living Prophecy, which we see fulfilled, and still fulfilling at this Day, before our Eyes. For we are sure these Prophecies were not coined Yesterday: And they are as express and particular, as if they were to be wrote now., after the Events are so sar come to pass.

(12.) Chr. As the Door was kept open to Christ before he came, by the many and flagrant Prophecies of him, and by the Types representing him, so was the Door for ever shut after him, by those Prophecies being all fulfilled and completed in him, and applicable to none who should come after him, and by all the Types ceafing, the Shadows vanistjing, when the Substance was come. No Messiah can now come, before the Sceptre depart from Judab, and the Sacrifice from Jerusalem; before the Sons of David (all except Christ) shall cease to fit upon his Throne. None can come now, within. four hundred and ninety Years of the Building of the second Temple; nor come into that very Temple, as I have before shewed was expresly prophefied by Daniel and Haggai.

De. I know not what the fews can say, who own these Prophecies.

Chr. They say, That the Coming of the Messiah, at the time spoken of in the Prophets, has been delay'd because of their Sins.


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