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Aikim's (Lwy) Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First . . 461
Anderson's Practical Exposition of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans . . .515 Annuals, The 446.541

Avdall's History of Armenia 1 IS. 277

Berzclius'i Analysis of Inorganic Bodies 356

Brockednn's Journals of Excursions in the Alps 149

Brown's Church Establishments Defended ... v .... 69

Buck's Theological Dictionary, edited by Dr. Henderson 145

Hornet's Lives, Characters, and Address to Posterity, edited by the Bishop of Li-

merick £22

Calmeft Dictionary of the Holy Bible, by the late Charles Taylor . . 145
Carlile's Letters on the Divine Origin and Authority of the Holy Scriptures . 203
Cannichael's, Mrs., Domestic Manners and Social Condition of the White, Co-
loured, and Negro Population of the West Indies 397

Caspar Hauser 58

Chaplin's Self Defence; an answer to ' War against the Church'... 70

CUd's Reprint of the Report on King's Printers'Patent . . . . 161

Coleridge's, H., Poems 14O

Divies's Address on Ecclesiastical Establishments 70

Davis's Brief Memoir of the late Rev. Richard Davis, of Walworth . . 354

EBerby's Memorials of Felix Neff 50

Essays on the Lives of Cowper, Newton, and Heber ..... 69

Bvrwg's Nursing Fathers and Mothers of the Children of the Church . . 70

Flaxman's Anatomical Studies of the Bones and Muscles 42

Fleming's Critique on Dr. Wardlaw's Sermon on the 'Civil Establishments of

Christianity' 69 Fletcher's Funeral Sermon on the Death of the Rev. W. Thorp . .136

Franklin's, Dr. Benjamin, Familiar Letters and Miscellaneous Papers . . 261

Gait's Autobiography 343

Gordon's Fragment of the Journal of a Tour through Persia in 1820 . . 530

Greswell's View of the Early Parisian Greek Press 416

Gyles's Truth of Christianity 204

Hamilton's Sermons 430

Hampden's Scholastic Philosophy considered in its Relation to Christian Theology 43

Harris's Dictionary of the Natural History of the Bible .... 359

Kay's Travels and Researches in CafTraria 480

Layman's, A, Thoughts on Ecclesiastical Establishments .... 70

Lee's, Mrs., Memoirs of the Baron Cuvier 228

Literary Intelligence 86. 179. 274. 368. 458. 556

M'Crie's, !Ii., Extracts from Statements of the Difference between the Profession

of the Church of Scotland, and that contained in the New Testimony adopted

by the General Associate Synod . .69



Mllvaine's, Dr, Bishop of Ohio, Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity, in

their External Division 203

Montgomery's Lectures on Poetry and General Literature .... 1

Morison's, Dr., Portraiture of Modern Scepticism 203

Tribute of Filial Sympathy to the Memory of a Beloved Father 508

Nicolas's, Sir H., Chronology of History 159

Neumann's Translations from the Chinese and Armenian . . . 1 IB. 277 • History of Vartan 118.277

Owen's, Capt, Narrative of Voyages to explore the Shores of Africa, Arabia,
and Madagascar . 181. 480

Pebrer's Taxation, Revenue, Expenditure, Power, Statistics, and Debt of the

whole British Empire . . 22

Philip's Christian Experience; or a Guide to the Perplexed, &c. &c. . . 246

Ragg's Incarnation, and other Poems 239

Readings in Poetry; a Selection from the best English Poets, Ac. ... 1

Redford's Church of England Indefensible by Holy Scripture .... 70

Reform Ministry, The, and the Reformed Parliament 303

Rennie's Alphabet of Botany . ........ 272

Report of the Proceedings of a Voyage to the Northern Ports of China . 326

Searle's Companion for the Season of Maternal Solicitude 357

Sheppard's Christian Self-Dedication and Departure: a Discourse on the Death

of the Rev. J. Hughes 442

Sibree's Ecclesiastical Lectures 268

Smith's Researches of the Rev. E. Smith and Rev. H. G. O. Dwight, in Armenia 369

Taylor's, T, Life of William Cowper, Esq 89

Thoughts on the Mixed Character of Government Institutions in Ireland . 303
Trollope's, T. A, Part I. of an Encyclopaedia Ecclesiastica .... 145

Vindex's Letter on Dissenters and Church Reform 70

Wardlaw's Civil Establishments of Christianity tried by their only Authoritative

Test, the Word of God 69

Watson's Biblical and Theological Dictionary 145

Williams's Facts not Fables 272

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