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beside lazer o nos mesos irmschtwihur

عنه رد ه ار انه لا م پر

oms. 28.776

The anacher of the oleten time!

How calon and firm and trice,
Und hottest by it wong anal orme,

he waliona the dark earth through The last of prever, the Love of gain,

the thrasand mass of sin
Around him, hent no proves to stain

he parity within. with that deep insight which detects

All great things in the smail, Lace "knours krb zuch mas's life alteeds

The spiritual life of all, he walked by faith and not by sight

By love and not be hawe;'
The presence of their my is aight

the mather fath tham Ausw.


He felt that wrong with wrong pantekes,

That nothing stands alone,
That whose gives the motive, makes

.: brothers in his rona and, pousing nod for donkeynd ehrine

of evilo great or small,'. He listmed to that inwand voice

Which called away from all Chi Spirit of that early day

to pure and store and trus, Be with us in the narrow way

Our faithful fashid know.'
Live strength the aid to forsake,

1 24 : เต่ 5 คน,
And door and senerent fear to make
Car bor el

114. Whiticos

[blocks in formation]
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