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Página 187 - ... if I had not been a piece of a logician before I came to him, I think he would have persuaded me to have wished myself a horse.
Página 287 - When any person has more than one nomination in a stake, he shall not be allowed to start any horse for it unless the forfeits be paid for every horse which does not start, belonging to him, or standing in his name, or in the same name as the horse which runs, as well as the stakes for those which do.
Página 299 - Thrills through imagination's tender frame, From nerve to nerve ; all naked and alive They catch the spreading rays ; till now the soul At length discloses every tuneful spring, To that harmonious movement from without, Responsive. Then the inexpressive strain Diffuses its enchantment ; Fancy dreams Of sacred fountains and Elysian groves, And vales of bliss...
Página 187 - ... no earthly thing bred such wonder to a prince as to be a good horseman; skill of government was but a "pedanteria
Página 280 - Hark ! what: loud shouts Re-echo through the groves ! he breaks away. Shrill horns proclaim his flight. Each straggling hound Strains o'er the lawn to reach the distant pack. 'Tis triumph all and joy.
Página 228 - He saith among the trumpets, Ha, ha ; and he smelleth the battle afar off, the thunder of the captains and the shouting.
Página 11 - Now let your huntsman throw in his hounds as quietly as he can, and let the two whippersin keep wide of him on either hand, so that a single hound may not escape them ; let them be attentive to his halloo, and be ready to encourage or rate, as that directs : he will, of course, draw up the wind, for reasons which I shall give in another place.
Página 40 - But the crash! — the music! — how to describe these? Reader, there is no crash now, and not much music. It is the tinker that makes great noise over a little' work, but at the pace these hounds are going there is no time for babbling. Perchance one hound in...
Página 280 - Now, huntsman, get on with the head hounds ; the whipper-in will bring on the others after you : keep an attentive eye on the leading hounds, that, should the scent fail them, you may know at least how far they brought it. Mind Galloper, how he leads them ! It is difficult to distinguish which is first, they run in such...
Página 39 - Melton-Mowbray ; and who can wonder that young gentlemen, united by profession, should be induced to devote a season or two to such a course of existence ? We must not, however, leave the subject without expressing our regret that resorting, year after...

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