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JANUARY 25, 1924

Davies' First Lessons in Arithmetic-For Beginners.

Babies' Arithmetic-Designed for the use of Academies and Schools.

Bey to Davies' Arithmetic.

Davies' University Arithmetic-Embracing the Science of Numbers and their numerous Applications.

Key to Davies' University Arithmetic.

Davies' Elementary Algebra-Being an introduction to the Science, and forming a connecting link between ARITHMETIC and ALGEBRA.

Key to Babies' Elementary Algebra.

Davies' Elements of Geometry AND Trigonometry, with APPLICATIONS IN MENSURATION. This work embraces the elementary principles of Geometry and Trigonometry. The reasoning is plain and concise, but at the same time strictly rigorous.

Davies' Practical Mathematics for Practical Men-Embracing the Principles of Drawing, Architecture, Mensuration, and Logarithms, with Applications

to the Mechanic Arts.

Davies' Bourdon's Algebra-Including STURM'S THEOREM-Being an abridgment of the Work of M. BOURDON, with the addition of practical examples.

Davies' Legendre's Geometry And Trigonometry-From the works of A. M. Legendre, with the addition of a Treatise on MENSURATION OF PLANES AND SOLIDS, and a Table of LOGARITHMS and LOGARITHMIC SINES.

Davies' Surveying-With a description and plates of the THEODOLITE, COMPASS, PLANE-TABLE, and LEVEL; also, Maps of the TOPOGRAPHICAL SIGNS adopted by the Engineer Department-an explanation of the method of surveying the Public Lands, Geodesic and Maritime Surveying, and an Elementary Treatise on NAVIGATION.

Davies' Descriptive Geometry—With its application to SPHERICAL PROJEC


Babies' Shades, Shadows, and Linear Perspective.

Davies' Analytical Geometry-Embracing the EQUATIONS OF THE POINT AND STRAIGHT LINE-of the CONIC SECTIONS-of the LINE AND PLANE IN SPACE; also, the discussion of the GENERAL EQUATION of the second degree, and of SURFACES of the second order.

Davies' Differential and Entegral Calculus.

Davies' Logic and Utility of Mathematics.

ENTERED according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, by CHARLES DAVIES, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.


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