Great English Painters

G. W. Jacobs & Company, 1908 - 294 páginas

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Página 85 - I hope, be thought presumptuous in me to appear in the train, I cannot say of his imitators, but of his admirers. I have taken another course, one more suited to my abilities, and to the taste of the times in which I live. Yet, however unequal I feel myself to that attempt, were I now to begin the world again, I would tread in the steps of that great master : to kiss the hem of his garment, to catch the slightest of his perfections, would be glory and distinction enough for an ambitious man.
Página 49 - Farewell, great Painter of mankind, Who reach'd the noblest point of art ; Whose pictur'd morals charm the mind. And through the eye correct the heart. If genius fire thee, reader, stay ; If Nature touch thee, drop a tear : If neither move thee, turn away, For Hogarth's honour'd dust lies here.* * The verses as first written by Mr.
Página 86 - THE angel ended, and in Adam's ear So charming left his voice, that he awhile Thought him still speaking, still stood fix'd to hear...
Página 42 - ... prints, whenever they think their craft is in danger ; and indeed it is their interest to depreciate every English work as hurtful to their trade of continually importing ship-loads of Dead Christs, Holy Families...
Página 115 - It ought, in my opinion, to be indispensably observed that the masses of light in a picture be always of a warm mellow colour, yellow, red, or a yellowish-white; and that the blue, the grey, or the green colours be kept almost entirely out of these masses, and be used only to support and set off these warm colours; and for this purpose, a small proportion of cold colours will be sufficient.
Página 48 - Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, but now I know it, with what more you may think proper.
Página 43 - There is an amazing touch ! a man should have this picture a twelve-month in his collection before he can discover half its beauties." The gentleman (though naturally a judge of what is beautiful, yet ashamed to be out of the fashion...
Página 75 - At four o'clock precisely dinner was served, whether all the invited guests were arrived or not. Sir Joshua was never so fashionably ill-bred as to wait an hour, perhaps, for two or three persons of rank or title, and put the rest of the company out of humour by this invidious distinction.
Página 75 - ... before the first course was over. He was once prevailed on to furnish the table with decanters and glasses at dinner, to save time and prevent the tardy manoeuvres of two or three occasional undisciplined domestics.
Página 158 - I feel to my dear, dear husband that has restored peace to my mind, that has given me honors, rank, and, what is more, innocence and happiness. Rejoice with me, my dear sir, my friend, my more than father, believe me I am still that same Emma you knew me. If I could forget for a moment what I was, I ought to suffer. Command me in anything I can do for you here; believe me, I shall have a real pleasure. Come to Naples, and I will be your model, anything to induce you to come, that I may have an opportunity...

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