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ET us not teach and preach so much,

But cherish, rather than profess;
Be careful how the thoughts we touch

Of God, and Love, and Holiness,

A charm, most spiritual, faint,

And delicate, forsakes the breast, Bird-like, when it perceives the taint

Of prying breath upon its nest. Using, enjoying, let us live ;

Set here to grow, what should we do But take what soil and climate give?

For thence must come our sap and hue : Blooming as sweetly as we may,

Nor beckon comers, nor debar
Let them take balm or gall away,

According as their natures are :
Look straight at all things from the soul,

But boast not much to understand ;
Make each new action sound and whole,

Then leave it in its place unscanned : Be true, devoid of aim or care ;

Nor posture, nor antagonize : Know well that clouds of this our air

But seem to wrap the mighty skies

Search starry mysteries overhead,

Where wonders gleam ; yet bear in mind That Earth's our planet, firm to tread,

Nor in the star-dance left behind :

For nothing is withheld, be sure,

Our being needed to have shown; The far was meant to be obscure,

The near was placed so to be known.

Cast we no astrologic scheme

To map the course we must pursue ; But use the lights whene'er they beam,

And every trusty landmark too.

The Future let us not permit

To choke us in its shadow's clasp ; It cannot touch us, nor we it ;

The present moment's in our grasp.

Soul severed from the Truth is Sin ;

The dark and dizzy gulf is Doubt ; Truth never moves,—unmoved therein,

Our road is straight and firm throughout.

This road for ever doth abide.

The universe, if fate so call,
May sink away on either side ;
But This and God at once shall fall.



'I have need to be baptized of Thee, and comest Thou to me?'

Ow didst thou start, Thou Holy Baptist, bid

To pour repentance on the Sinless Brow! Then all thy meekness, from thy hearers hid

Beneath the Ascetic's port and Preacher's fire, Flowed forth, and with a pang thou didst desire

He might be chief, not thou.

And so on us, at whiles, it falls to claim

Powers that we dread, or dare some forward part; Nor must we shrink as cravens from the blame

Of pride, in common eyes, or purpose deep; But with pure thoughts look up to God, and keep Our secret in our heart.



"IME was, I shrank from what was right,

From fear of what was wrong;
I would not brave the sacred fight,

Because the foe was strong.

But now I cast that finer sense

And sorer shame aside;
Such dread of sin was indolence,

Such aim at heaven was pride.

So, when my Saviour calls, I rise,

And calmly do my best ; Leaving to Him, with silent eyes

Of hope and fear, the rest.

I step, I mount where He has led ;

Men count my haltings o'er ;-
I know them; yet, though self I dread,
I love his precept more.




WHEN I look back upon my former race,

Seasons I see, at which the Inward Ray More brightly burned, or guided some new way; Truth, in its wealthier scene and nobler space, Given for my eye to range, and feet to trace: And next I mark, 'twas trial did convey, Or grief, or pain, or strange eventful day, To my tormented soul such larger grace. So now, whene’er, in journeying on, I feel The shadow of the Providential Hand, Deep breathless stirrings shoot across my breast, Searching to know what He will now reveal, What sin uncloak, what stricter rule command, And girding me to work his full behest.


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