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redemption in Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Saviour.


Prayer for Humility and Meekness.

"The meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”---Ps. xxxvii.

O most gracious Lord, who wert pleased to manifest thyself in the flesh, as well for our example, as for our redemption, mercifully aid me with thy grace faithfully to follow thee, and to learn of thee as thou hast commanded. O make me meek and lowly of heart, for thou Lord, who art the most high and eternal God, wast meek and lowly among men, even among the creatures of thine own hand. And therefore it is that thy yoke is easy, and thy burden is light; make me to embrace it willingly O Lord, and to consider it my highest happiness and most glorious privilege to rank among even the least and meanest of thy disciples. Make me to consider, O Lord, how frail I am; that in my best state I am altogether vanity, and that it is only out of thy adorable condescension and infinite goodness that I am encouraged to raise my eyes to thee, and

allowed to hope that I may be accepted by thee. O thou merciful Father who resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble, make me among the number of the poor in spirit, and contrite in heart, with whom thou hast promised to dwell. And O let me shew my humility to those around me, by submitting patiently and thankfully to the voice of admonition and reproof, and seeking on all just occasions to prefer the will and pleasure of others to my own. O Lord, I feel and bewail how prone youth is to headstrong inclinations and foolish pride; make me constantly to bear in mind that thou, O Lord, camest not to be ministered unto, but to minister; and that in proportion as we seek to exalt ourselves above each other, we estrange ourselves from thee, and from that heavenly state, the happiness of which consists in freedom from every selfish feeling, and in adoration of superior good. Grant me then, O Lord, the "ornament of a meek and quiet spirit," which is in thy sight of great price; make me gentle, patient, loving, and forbearing, not answering again, but trusting at all times my cause to thee, for "the meek thou wilt guide in judgment, and the meek wilt thou teach thy way." Blessed be thy name for ever, O Lord, my Maker and my Redeemer, for evermore. Amen.

Prayer for Truth.

"Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle; who shall dwell in thy holy hill :

"He that walketh uprightly and worketh righteousness, aud speaketh the truth in his heart.”—Ps. cxv.

O Almighty Lord, unto whom all hearts are open, and from whom no secrets are hid, mercifully guide me in the path of truth and sincerity, that I deceive not with my tongue, nor pervert to the injury of another the precious gift of speech with which thou hast distinguished thy favored creature, man. O Lord, I know that thou requirest" truth in the inward parts," and hast declared that "whosoever loveth and maketh a lie," shall not enter into thy holy city. O impress on my mind continually that all falsehood is evil, that lying lips are an abomination unto thee, and that thou hatest “a false witness that speaketh lies, and him that soweth discord among brethren." Give me grace then, O Lord, to be simple and true in all I say, to repeat nothing that can injure another either in character or peace; let no fear of punishment betray me into the denial of a fault, but let me acknow

ledge and repent of all that I have committed amiss. Let no fear of giving offence lead me into flattery and deceit, but let me fear only thy displeasure, who art Truth itself, and who hast told us not to "lie one to another." Pardon me, O gracious Lord, for all the deceit and falsehood into which I have been betrayed by the selfishness or vanity of my nature. Mercifully forgive me my past transgressions; strengthen me in all good. "Set a watch before my mouth, keep the door of my lips," and grant that "I sin not with my tongue," but that in all my thoughts, words, and actions, I may study to please thee, and worthily to magnify thy holy name, O my most blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer for Temperance and Modesty.

"Be holy both in body and in spirit."---1 Cor. vii.

O merciful Lord, I could not lift up my eyes towards thee, in whose sight even "the stars are not pure," ""the heavens are not clean," were it not for the gracious promise of thy favor to all those who come to thee in meekness and lowliness of heart. Grant me then, O Lord, thy help, that

I may constantly endeavour to subdue all those evil inclinations to which I am subjected by the depravity of my nature, all those sinful desires which war against the soul. Grant that I may be simple and temperate in my food, modest in my behaviour and outward mien, and pure in my thoughts and conversation, that so 1 may keep myself "holy and without blemish" and render my body what thou designedst it to be, a fit temple for thy Holy Spirit, which thou hast promised shall dwell in those who love thee, therefore will I glorify thee in my body and in my spirit, O Lord my Saviour and Redeemer, now and for evermore. Amen.

Prayer for New Year's Day.

"My time is in thy hand."---Ps. xxxi.

O Almighty Father, humbly do I return thee thanks for all the tender mercies thou hast vouchsafed to me during the year now for ever gone by, mingled with the ages of the past. O gracious Lord, mercifully forgive me all the errors I have fallen into, all the faults, I have committed in the course of it; all the lost and mispent days which ought to have been devoted to thy service, and

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