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O may my soul on thee repose,

And may sweet sleep mine eyelids close;
Sleep that may me more vigorous make,

To serve my God, when I awake.

When in the night I sleepless lie,
My soul with heav'nly thoughts supply;
Let no ill dreams disturb my rest,
No powers of darkness me molest.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


On lying down to rest.

d Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain."--. Ps. cxxvii.

Through the day thy love has spared us;

Wearied we lie down to rest ;

Through the silent watches guard us;

Let no foe our peace molest;

Jesus, thou our guardian be;

Sweet it is to trust in thee.

Pilgrims here on earth and strangers,

Dwelling in the midst of foes,


Us and ours preserve from dangers;
In thine arms may we repose:

And, when life's rough day is past,
Rest with thee in heav'n at last.

For Saturday Evening.

"Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away."-Ps. cxliv.

Safely, through another week,
God has brought us on our way,
Let us now a blessing seek
On th'approaching sabbath day:
Day of all the week the best;
Emblem of eternal rest.

Mercies multiplied each hour
Through the week our praise demand,
Guarded by th' Almighty's power,

Fed and guided by his hand :
Though ungrateful we have been,
Only made returns of sin,

When the morn shall bid us rise,
May we feel thy presence near;
May thy glory meet our eyes,
When we in thy house appear!
There afford us, Lord, a taste
Of our everlasting feast.

May the gospel's joyful sound
Conquer sinners, comfort saints,
Make the fruits of grace abound,
Bring relief to all complaints;
Thus may all our Sabbaths prove,
Till we join the church above.

Sunday Morning.


"The Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him."---Hab. ii.

Hail, happy day! the type of rest,
When all the faithful shall be bless'd,
And cease from toil and pain!

May we this sacred day improve,
Cease from all work but praise and love,

And heavenly peace obtain.

To-day our mighty Conqu'ror rose,
In triumph o'er his num'rous foes,
And death a captive bound:
So we from evil now may rise,
Mount up in spirit to the skies,

And walk on Zion's ground.

Begone each low and worldly care!
My soul to study, praise, and pray'r,
Be all devoutly given !

I'll humbly wait at Jesu's feet,

His church in solemn worship meet,
And learn the way to heav'n.

Jesus will kindly condescend

To teach my soul, my heart amend,
And fill me with his love;
That ev'ry Sabbath I may know
A sweet foretaste of heav'n below,
The rest of saints above.

Before Divine Worship.

Come Holy Spirit, calm my mind,
And fit me to approach my God;

Remove each vain, each worldly thought,

And lead me to thy blest abode.

Hast thou imparted to my soul
A living spark of heavenly fire,
O kindle now the sacred flame,
Teach me to burn with pure desire.

Impress upon my wandering heart
The love that Christ for sinners bore ;
Give them a new, a contrite heart,
A heart the Saviour to adore.


May the grace of Christ our Saviour,

And the Father's boundless love,

With the Holy Spirit's favour,

Rest upon us from above!

Thus may we abide in union
With each other and the Lord;
And possess in sweet communion,
Joys which earth cannot afford.

Sabbath Meditation.

"I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways; I will delight myself in thy statutes; I will not forget thy word."---Ps. cxix.

This is the day the Lord of life
Ascended to the skies:

My thoughts pursue the lofty theme,
To heav'n devoutly rise!

Let no vain cares divert my mind
From this celestial road,

Nor any transient joys of earth
Detain my thoughts from God.

Think of the splendour of that state,
The joys that bloom on high;
Nor meanly rest contented here
With ought beneath the sky!

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