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of charity, and seen them stand up in ready obedience the moment that the pealing organ summoned them to add their voices to its sounds of praise. Those children, thus brought up in the fear and nurture of the Lord, may one day stand around the throne of God, with " songs and everlasting joy upon their heads," whilst many of the careless and luxurious, who now coldly look down upon them as their inferiors, may be exiled for ever from his presence, and lament too late that they had their "good things in this life," hardening their hearts in the excess of their abundance, until they forgot alike their fellow-creatures and their God.

Let me earnestly hope, my dear young friends, that this will not be the case with any of those whom I am now addressing: let me earnestly conjure you to cultivate in all its branches a spirit of true devotion, and to keep up at all times that sweet and sacred intercourse with your Lord and Maker, the peace of which passeth all understanding. Let your prayers rise as incense before him, and your songs be as the melody of the morning stars. Sacred music, in uniting harmony and devotion, is the most sublime and innocent of all delights; and as it is generally most effective when least complicated, the younger branches of a family may join in it as soon as they are able to comprehend its mean

ing. The few simple tunes at the end of this little volume are therefore added that they may lead the youthful choir who may study them to a gradual acquaintance with the works of those composers who have done honour to their talents, and manifested their gratitude for the possession of them, by dedicating their finest fruits to Him who is alone the "Giver of every good and perfect gift."


J. Evans, Printer, 91, Bartholomew Close.

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