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of love. From this consideration statements, but I wish to be brief. she seemed to derive some comfort, She seemed to feed on, and rest but was unable to speak more. entirely in the precious promises

On the preceding day when of God. We all greatly grieved at some of her friends came to her our loss, though well convinced it bed-side, one of them (untaught was her gain. It made a void in in the right doctrines of the our little company.

I may

howgospel of salvation) reminded her ever add, that severe as was the for her comfort of the goodness trial, we have since had reason to of her life, and such like. She feel, that towards the departed answered with some vehemence,- there was especial mercy in the • My goodness! my purity! oh dispensation, the righteous having no ! it is all Christ; and then been taken away from evil to come. roused almost to anger, replied by She bore to the grave the honoured reference to the Holy Word, that name of my best Sunday School all our righteousnesses are as filthy teacher. rags. I might easily enlarge such

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you in

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DEAR FRIENDS, – Accept this in the world,” for “ to be caroffering of pastoral affection and nally minded is death.” anxious solicitude for your

souls. beloved, death to your peace, Although separated from you death to your enjoyments, death by distance, and disabled by to your comforts. If while you have debility and sickness from de- a name to live you are indulging a claring to you the grand scheme worldly spirit, you have need for of redemption through the atone- deep humiliation and watchfulness; ment of the ever adorable Re. for “ if any man have not the deemer, yet my heart still yearns Spirit of Christ he is none of his.” over you ; still “ I long after Ah, how dangerous and besetting

the bowels of Jesus is the spirit of the world! Tremble, Christ;" still, brethren, my heart's my beloved brethren, lest you desire and prayer to God for you again come into bondage thereby; is, that you may be saved ; and “ watch and pray that ye enter not never, never shall I cease daily into temptation ;' - watch and be to make mention of


my sober, for your adversary the prayers, so long as I shall be in

devil goeth about, seeking whom this tabernacle of clay, and feel he


devour.” Watch and be the weight of those ties which diligent, that you may be found nothing but the cold hand of death of your Lord in peace, that if he can dissolve or disunite.

come suddenly you may be with Beloved in Christ Jesus, those your lamps burning and your loins of you who have tasted that the girt, ready for his service, whatLord is gracious,” let me up ever it may be. Time is short, my your pure minds by way of re- beloved brethren, improve it well, membrance”

be active and alive in the best of the mark of the prize of your high

Your obligations to the calling in Christ Jesus "_" mind Saviour are very great; if you are not high things”-“ love not the redeemed from hell it is by his world, neither the things that are precious blood ; if you have a title

66 stir

press forward to


peace in


Such was your

who are


they have

to heaven, it is that he hath consciences," and pointed them to “ loved you and given himself for the only Deliverer from the wrath you; if you enjoy

to come. Persevere, dear brethren, believing,” and a “ good hope" take the cross, if it be one ; be of glory, it is through him who not ashamed of it in this way ; “ died, the just for the unjust, to and then great shall be your reward bring you to God :” forget not in heaven, when at the right hand that you were once without hope, of the Judge you shall meet a “ dead in trespasses and sins ;

neighbour, a kinsman, a friend, “ enemies in your minds by wicked thither brought through your instruworks,” and “ children of wrath, mentality of faithful intreaty and even as others.”

exhortation here below. state, beloved : oh, be thankful for But to you, my dear friends, the difference grace hath made,

yet without evidence and as Christ hath so loved you, of a change of heart, and meetness remember so ought you to love for heaven, to you I must also give one another. Yes, love Christ an affectionate address ; and I supremely, and then his saints would do it with all that solemnity for his sake. And then, O pity the and sincerity that a sick-bed and thoughtless ignorant multitude that the prospect of eternity are calcuare yet as you lately were ; lated to inspire. Oh that voice

a claim
upon you ; their

may not be raised in the judgment lost and pitiable state, on the brink to add my Amen to your condemof ruin, on the verge of hell, call nation! Oh that the gospel I have loudly for your expostulation, attempted to deliver may not prove pity, and exertion; rouse all your a savour of death to any of

you, powers, dear brethren, to help for for whose salvation I have longed, ward the cause of God among the and for whom I have laboured, ungodly; think of your neighbours, wept, and prayed! Dear friends, your friends, your kindred: you can it, shall it be that one of you live among them, you converse will perish? What ! one for whom with them, you love them, the ties your pastor feels the sanctified of nature bind you closely to many

yearnings of spiritual affection; of them, but ah, the stroke of death one for whom he has wept and will make an eternal separation; prayed in secret; with whom he can you bear to think of this, and has pleaded in public and in prinot rouse every faculty God has vate ; one to whom he has offered given you on their behalf, to warn, the glad tidings of mercy, and held exhort, beseech, intreat to up the Lord Jesus as a Deliverer, reconciled to God? If indeed you a Saviour, a Refuge from the conhave been backward in this way, demnation of a broken law, and an to show your love to God and offended God. Oh, my friends, your neighbour, let this address my beloved friends, lay these things from the sick-bed of your pastor

to heart. Consider, I pray you, do wbat his voice has failed to how impossible it will be for you excite


to do; and from hence to escape if you neglect the great forth give yourselves no peace, till salvation ; let me remind


that by your pleadings with them, and if you continue to “ make light before the Lord on their behalf, of the gospel-feast, you will be you are clear from their condemna left without excuse when God shall tion, and by “ the meekness and call you to account for your prigentleness of Christ,” by the in vileges here below. Oh, I must Auence of his love and teachings again tell you, that a slighted, of his Spirit you have “com neglected gospel, will add bittermended yourselves to each of their ness to the pains of eternal death ;

and while the ignorant and un

you cannot enter the kingdom taught heathen shall through the of heaven." riches of sovereign mercy unite in Farewell, my beloved brethren the rapturous song of praise to in Christ. We shall meet in heathe Redeemer, those nominally ven if this sickness should be unto Christian, will be punished with


Farewell, my beloved everlasting destruction from the hearers, we shall certainly meet at presence of the Lord, and the

the judgment ; but whether with glory of his power. Oh the misery joy or grief will depend on the of those who “ love darkness reception you give to the gospel, rather than light,” and who under and the Saviour. I shall then the very sound of delivering grace, give an account of

give an account of my preaching sink into the regions of unutterable and labours amongst you; and you woe !

in that account will either be conDear hearers, let me exhort you demned or saved. My hearers, it to flee at once from the dangerous is not a trifle. I have preached precipice on which you are stand for eternity, and you have heard ing; and while by this address you for eternity, and eternity will soon are once more told of your danger, decide whether you have heard in and of a way of safety, look up vain, or heard to profit. Oh, may with a humble, broken, teachable God Almighty grant the most spirit, to the Lord in prayer, that enlarged desires of your pastor's he would pour out upon you the heart on your behalf, that “ in Holy Spirit, and honour the means that daywe may meet with joy, now employed to lead you to the and not with grief, and together at Lord Jesus for eternal life and the Redeemer's feet, cast our bloodsalvation. You must, beloved bought crowns, and unite with hearers, “be born again, or you redeemed millions in ascribing the cannot enter the kingdom of hea glory of our salvation to him who ven; ”and oh, remember, that while loved us, and washed us from our you are helpless of yourselves, sins in his own blood.” Then, grace and strength is offered to my Christian brethren, shall we you, and in addition to the many abundantly rejoice in the riches times the living voice of your of sovereign grace, and look back pastor has told you of it. He now on the trials we passed through sends you this faithful testimony here below—with surprise that we from a sick-bed, and beseeches felt them so much, and that we did you by the love he bears your so little for the Saviour; let these precious souls by the love of the considerations quicken our pace, Saviour he offers to you ; by the and encourage our faith, and make work of that Divine influence he us to abound in every good word implores for you; by all your and work. Time is short, we shall desire after peace in the hour of soon be dying; O let us not then death, and of acceptance in the neglect our invaluable opportunijudgment, and a seat at the right ties, but give diligence to make hand of God—that you will implore our calling and election sure, to for yourselves, with all the ear work the works of him who hath nestness and promptitude which sent us, and to promote his glory, the worth of your souls demands, who died that we might live. that promised gift of a new heart

X. X. and a right spirit,

66 without which





SIR-The careful student of the ever appeared to me a subtle device inspired volume will often be led of the great enemy of souls, by to observe, that a very large pro which Christian people, who themportion of its contents consists of selves love the Bible, have been historical information; and may, persuaded to withhold it from the perhaps, thence infer the import- hands of their tender offspring, ance of endeavouring to commu under the idea that by being accusnicate religious instruction by ex tomed to use it as a school book, ample and warning, as well as by their children would imbibe in precept or prohibition. This posi- after life an aversion to its contion, however, though generally tents. The very reverse is the recognized in theory, is in the pre Keep the Bible from the sent day very much disregarded in young, they will hate it when they practice. We abound indeed in

grow old. Let it be the book of instructive tales and historical their counsel from the day they can novels, and attempt often to supply spell out a verse, and they will the neglect of fact by the cultiva hold it fast to their dying hour. tion of fiction; the consequence is, It is only God's grace which can that many


our young people convert the soul; but he hath said, become so occupied with romantic • My word shall not return unto ideas and imaginary adventures, me void,” and while teaching its as to lose all taste and interest for sacred truths to our offspring, in the common every-day concerns

obedience to his command, which are the subjects of real his may humbly seek for, and expect tory. They have far more vivid the fulfilment of his promise, “I ideas of Elizabeth and James, of will pour my Spirit on thy seed, Cavaliers and Courtiers, of Round and my blessing on thine offspring.' heads or Republicans, than can be Never let us lose sight of the acquired from Clarendon, or Hume, grand distinction between sacred or Rapin, or any other voluminous and profane history; the one is and sober historian; but they are divine, the other human. too often grievously deficient in men of old spake as they were plain matters of fact, and almost moved by the Holy Ghost.” totally ignorant of those practical scripture is given by inspiration lessons which the faithful narrative of God.” The sacred records, of past events is calculated to therefore, are truth without any afford. Few persons will advo

mixture of error. The facts they cate the proscription of all works relate may be fully depended on. of imagination, but the extent The principles they state are absoto which they are carried in the lutely and invariably correct. We present day, appears exceedingly may entertain doubts, perhaps, as injurious to the cause both of lite to the exact interpretation of cerrature and religion.

tain passages, but the statements It has long since been observed, themselves are unquestionably true, that 'unto a Christian man there are unreservedly to be received. can be nothing either more neces The question has often been sary or profitable than the know asked, whence did the sacred hisledge of Holy Scripture; forasmuch torians derive their information ? as in it is contained God's true How did they themselves become word, setting forth his glory, and acquainted with the facts which also man's duty.' And it has they record ? Such inquiries are * First Homily.

more curious than important. They

“ Holy

“ All



were taught of God; they were had no interest in deceiving others; inspired by the Holy Ghost; it is on the contrary, they delivered this divine teaching and inspiration most obnoxious truths, with great which affords the foundation for personal danger, and much actual implicit dependance on their decla- suffering, and yet they invariably rations. Many of the sacred writers assert their divine commission. In were indeed “eye witnesses and many cases their messages were ministers of the word ;” they were accompanied with surprising mirathemselves engaged in the events cles; their deeds were not done which they record ; “ That which in a corner, but before multitudes we have seen with our eyes, which of intelligent and hostile spectawe have looked


and tors; and the whole Jewish nation hands have handled-that declare adopted painful rites and peculiar we unto you.” In other cases the ceremonies in remembrance of cerstatements were received by the tain surprising events which took sacred writers from the most com place before the eyes of their astonpetent witnesses, and attested by ished progenitors; while the progress the mo

indisputable authority. which Christianity has made, in Thus for instance, the history of opposition to the power, wealth, the creation, the fall, the death of learning, and passions of an unAbel, and all the earlier events godly world, affords a continually might be communicated from increasing evidence of the divine Adam to Shem, with only the in- authority of that book, in which tervention of Methuselah, and from its truths are revealed. Shem to Moses, through Abraham, That inspired volume commenJoseph, and Amram; that is, the ces in the most sublime and imhistory of two thousand five hun- pressive manner-" In the begindred years might be communicated ning God created the heaven and to Moses through the intervention the earth.” The world was not of only six persons, each of whom from everlasting; it was not prowas so long cotemporary with his duced by any fortuitous concourse successor, as to communicate the of elements; it was the work of a narrative repeatedly, and thus divine artificer, even the Lord himobviate the danger of any

serious self. Jehovah Jesus, our adorable mistake. Thus even on the sup Redeemer; he, the eternal Son of position that the art of writing was the Father, was indeed the creator not known prior to the giving of and former of all things; for as the law, there could be little dan by faith we understand that the ger of

any material error intruding worlds were formed by the word into the Mosaic, narrative. Yet of God, so that things which are let it ever be remembered, our

seen were not made of things dependance on the accuracy of this which do appear,” so narrative must rest on its divine clearly informed in the volume of inspiration, and not on any human revelation, that by him, even the conjecture as to the means by Lord Jesus Christ,



all things which its information was derived. created that are in heaven, and

That divine authority of the that are in earth, visible and invisacred volume is established by sible, whether they be thrones, or the most irrefragable proofs ; by dominions, or principalities, or the testimony of antiquity, the ful powers ; all things were created filment of prophecy, and the pow. by him and for him."* erful effect produced on the world Plain, however, and intelligible at large by its declarations.

The as this declaration is in itself, writers of the sacred volume could not themselves be deceived; they

* Col. i. 16.


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