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I CHANCED to be at the house of cathedral tower, the mass of the some dear friends, in an inland people would be buried in loathcity, at the close of a contested some vice. There were not, indeed, election. Without being indifferent

any symptoms of violence. A to the issue of the struggle now degree of good humour pervaded being carried on by the three, all parties, which presented a fair

more parties, that divide our contrast to the diabolical fury that political world, I know but little raged in other places. But the of these matters; and, though I whole scene was disgusting to a have a vote, which I should rejoice mind that looks beyond an hour. to give in support of men of prin- I took one more view.

It was a ciples which I could approve, yet glance at the triumphant members. as such men are not in the field, I I turned away in loathing pity, take no side in the contest, but and hurried from the house of my maintain a calm neutrality, desirous friends towards my

distant only that men may be chosen who and peaceful home. will prove

faithful servants not to • And this,' said I to myself, as a faction of any name, but to their I paced across the deserted and country. I asked my friends, silent fields, · This is an election !

Well, who are elected ? Who This is to be called and chosen to are the successful candidates?' take a seat in the council of the I was told. • And what are their greatest nation upon the face of principles ?' Scarcely was this the earth. These are some of the question answered, when the sounds

first steps of the successful candiof music and of popular shouting, date towards the temple of honour. announced the approach of the Thus men, who are to legislate for new members, who were doomed a Christian land, and for a Christo undergo the envied degradation, tian Church, are borne to their misnamed honour, of being chaired, high eminence upon the flood of carried about in laurelled chairs, popular licentiousness. Surely, it like - Jack in the bush.' The pro is as if men, when on their way cession arrived. The members to a consultation about the best smiled and bowed most courteously: means for securing a land from inthe drums and clarions sounded : undation, were to cut through the the people made the air ring with existing dikes, and open all the acclamations. I looked again. sluices.' These led to other A few gentlemen led the train ; reflections, which spontaneously behind came the poorer electors, gathered round, and acquired like a company of jaded bacchana- strength from the oft-quoted words lians, with tottering limbs, and of St. Peter" Wherefore the inflamed countenances, and swollen, rather, brethren, give diligence to watery eyes, the wretched effects make your calling and election and proofs of successive days of sure: for if you do these things, debauch. Many looked like de ye shall never fall : for so an enmons, let loose for a time from their trance shall be administered to prison-house, but having brought you abundantly into the everlasttheir misery with them. I looked ing kingdom of our Lord and again. A species of madness Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Here, seemed to have possessed the entire also, is mention made of a triumphpopulation, and gave too ant entrance upon the possession prognostication, that, before the of exalted honours—the honours midnight bell echoed from the not of an earthly senate, but a





heavenly kingdom. Who is through the apostle, affectionately elected to this distinction ? Who exhorts those, who ultimately will are the successful candidates for and must succeed, to “ make sure this palm? They are invited, their calling and election," to laand with mild, but effectual


bour after firm and settled constrained to seek it: and they confidence of their being actual are elected to the final possession partakers of the Lord's renewing of it by Him, whose gift it is. grace, and the destined particiWith what scriptural fidelity and pants of life eternal. Many of clearness is this stated by our those around us are blinded by the church! • Predestination to life sands of the desert through which is the everlasting purpose of God, they are passing. They forget whereby (before the foundations their principles as Christians, and of the world were laid) he hath return to and pertinaciously emconstantly decreed by his counsel, brace the “old sias' from which secret to us, to deli ver from curse they, by their creed, profess to be and damnation those whom he cleansed. A seat amidst the enhath chosen in Christ out of man- throned sons of God, the being kind, and to bring them by Christ numbered with his saints in glory to everlasting salvation, as vessels everlasting, is only the dreamy made to honour. Wherefore, they hope of their vagrant imaginations. which be endued with so excel- It is not the object of wakeful and lent a benefit of God be called ever active life. “ Wherefore," according to God's purpose by his on this very account, we should Spirit working in due season: they, give all diligence,” to the acthrough grace obey the calling : quirement of a settled and wellthey be justified freely: they be founded confidence in made sons of God by adoption : security, that we may neither leave they be made like the image of his ourselves nor others in doubt as only begotten Son Jesus Christ :

to our prospects. The candidate they walk religiously in good for earthly honour is restless, unworks, and at length, by God's wearied, persevering, sparing of no mercy, they attain to everlasting expence, until he has made sure of felicity.

his election, though a considerable The penitent believer in Jesus, length of time may elapse between the regenerate child of God is the the close of the poll, and his being subject of all this mercy.

On summoned to take his place in him the choice of God is unalter- parliament: and the negligence of ably fixed.

- The Lord knoweth some, and the eagerness of others them that are his,” and their ulti- prompt him to keep up his exermate exaltation to the seats in the tions to the last. O the guilty heavenly places, prepared for them sluggishness of our souls! the misby the Father, is sure as the pur

erable indolence of our most active pose, the faithfulness, and the diligence in matters which cannot power of God can make it. But descend from their exalted height very much of the comfort, the to a comparison with the poor joy, and the vital alacrity of concerns of this world ! • the elect people of God’ them- Am I sure, from an undeniable selves, must depend upon their and unquestionable change of heart possessing an assured interest in and life, that God in his mercy the result of their faith. His they hath called me out of darkness into may be-His they undoubtedly marvellous light ? Am I, not in a are, whether their sensible comforts legal and self-justifying spirit, but ebb or flow. St. Peter, or rather with all the affectionate solicitude the Spirit of God, who speaks of a reconciled child, giving all



diligence to add to my faith virtue, Thus steadfastly pursuing his the virtue of Christian

courage ; course, the Christian candidate and to courage, knowledge'; and for glory cannot “fall.”

“ He is to knowledge, temperance, or mo kept by the power of God through deration ; and to moderation, pa

faith unto salvation.” Then comes tience; and to patience, godliness; the triumph. The successful canand to godliness, brotherly-kind- didate for temporal elevation may ness ; and to brotherly-kindness, die between the announcement charity? To this course of evan of his being chosen, and the hour gelical obedience being called, do of his popular triumph. The heir İ, through grace obey the call of glory triumphs in death. The ing?This makes my calling grave and gate of death is the very

Those who have the entrance of his triumphal path. closest intercourse with me, and, Poor pageants of earth! What therefore, the best opportunity of are they ? Could all the splendour judging, stand in no doubt concer of Grecian and Roman triumphs ning the fact, and they glorify be joined together, with all the God in me.” Let me then glorify pomp of victory that has ever God in myself. The grace of swelled the train of conquerors in calling, and the grace of compli- battle, or successful rivals in civic ance are alike His. They both contests for honour, and then be flow from the electing love of God centered in one grand spectacle, in Christ, and the certainty of the

it would be inferior to the sports effects evince the existence of the of children, in comparison with the

The stream must have a entrance of the lowliest servant of source, If I find the river I

may Jehovah into his everlasting kingbe sure of the existence of the dom. The objects for which they fountain, though from various causes have contended, the honours to I may not be able myself to trace which they have attained, where

The very earnestness of the are they? or where will they soon Apostle's exhortation implies, that be? Gone—the froth upon the an establishment of the certainty waters not so light. But, O my of our privileged state, is not a soul, thy object is an “everlasting work, which easy indolence or a kingdom !” belonging to Him, remiss activity may accomplish, or whom thou lovest above all, and a work, which like the prophet's who has engaged to administer gourd may be expected to reach thine entrance to be at all the perfection in a few hours. The racer cost, and to supply whatever is has his eye upon the prize. He needful to render thy triumph blissgrasps it in his heart. He assures ful to thee, and honourable to bim. himself of success. But he does Every happy spirit in heaven shall this only while he is straining every take a part in the scene, and the nerve, and putting forth all his full light of God in Christ shall strength, and pursuing his object to surround thee with unimaginable the goal.

Thus St. Paul felt, glory. Or, to use the words of one when he wrote the last Epistle he who has long since realized his own ever penned. “I am now ready to language, thou shalt enter that be offered, and the time of my blessed state, “as a ship comes departure is at hand. I have fought into harbour richly laden from a a good fight, I have finished my prosperous voyage, with a fair gale course, I have kept the faith : and a full tide, carrying it above henceforth there is laid up for me all impediments, and terminating a crown of righteousness, which the all its dangers.' Lord, the righteous judge, shall

VIATOR. give me at that day.”






We had quitted Chamouny in the more sweet and precious to us to morning; it was now eight in the seek him in his Word, where he evening, and we had slowly climbed reveals himself in ways a thousand the steps that are cut in the rocks, times more affecting than in nature. from Notre-Dame-de-la-Gorge to When we halted we delighted to the foot of the Col du Bonhomme. sing the praises of our Father. Our After having traversed the smiling guides drew near to listen, and valley of Condamine, we had gra sometimes they said, in their homely dually left every habitation behind speech, that they liked our singing. us, and all the trees and verdure, During our short stoppages, we and at length we perceived the often began some good and serious solitary cabin of the Nan-Bourant, talk with them, which we afterwhere we were to pass the night. wards continued, while rode We looked round with joy at the our mules. They seemed to striking view which nature pre say, 'these are singular people, but sented on every side. On our left they look as if they were happy.' hand a mass of ice had stopped, in We experienced throughout the descending from the highest sum truth of the observation, that a mits; before us, we saw nothing Christian is never reduced to his but immense piles of rocks, ex own company. Send a learned ceeding each other in size and man, an author, or a person who height, traces of a convulsion, sides has devoted his days to some parof naked mountains, which offered ticular branch of human science, on the strangest shapes, and a wood a journey, with his thoughts occuof fir-trees agitated by the wind; pied entirely by his favourite subbehind us

we left the steep and ject, and make him pass a few days winding road which we had lately only with poor and ignorant perascended, the entrance of which we sons, who know nothing about his could still discern; lastly, at our science, he will feel himself out of right was the little cabin, fixed his element, he will find no means against a rock, and on which our of making his ideas known, and eyes rested, as on a place of refuge will have nobody to speak to. But in the midst of this dreary and icy the Christian has always something

to say, because he has always a Our little company was

work to do. He has words for the posed of four persons united by the poor as well as the rich, for the bonds of friendship and of faith. learned as well as the ignorant. We took a lively interest in all the Whatever the companions of his beauties which met our sight, and journey may be, he has a subject in regarding them, we were happy which interests himself and is calto think, that each of us discovered culated to interest them, not perthere the powerful hand of Him haps all at once in the same degree, who created all things, and could or in the same sense, but still in see him as the eternal, the mighty,




He knows that the wonderful, the awful, and also as man has gone astray, and he who the God of mercies, the Redeemer, has found the way, loves to tell the Saviour. For several days we those who are wandering farther had visited together the most and farther, how they may return charming spots, and we had always to it. This it is that gives a pecufound, that after having admired liar interest to every step he takes. God in his works, it was infinitely He is never obliged to stifle his




Do you

ideas, or cast aside the subjects on here. Come, read me the beginwhich he likes to dwell. He finds ning of the history, since it is still an occasion every where of bringing light enough. When Joseph came them forward, and all that is want to the passage of the Bible which ing is not to let it slip.

is introduced, This is a fuithful This is what we particularly saying, and worthy of all accepfound at the Nan-Bourant. After tation, that Christ Jesus came into having rested a little in the hut, we the world to save sinners, of whom were desirous of profiting by the I am chief,” I stopped him, last hours of the day, to admire and asked him if he understood the wild and gigantic scene which what he had been reading. At expanded itself around. The sun first he hung down his head withwas set. A thin vapour formed out answering, and then said in an a veil over every object. The under tone, I know very well forest of firs was no more distinct what sin is.' And who has told than a dark heap in the midst of you any thing about it? who has

Every rock, every peak told you there is any such thing ?' appeared to assume a more threat Ah, it is my own heart that told ening attitude. We heard nothing me so; it has told me a hundred but the sound of the torrent (the times that I do evil, and love evil.' Nan-Bourant) which gives its * That is what Joseph in the book name to the hut, and the bells of knew well also; but then he knew some goats which a young herds the remedy for this evil. boy was conducting to their stable. know it as he did ?' The boy He was a youth of twelve years pointed out with his finger the old, with an intelligent look. He name of Jesus Christ, and read stopped near us, looked at us with over these words slowly again, a curiosity that had nothing strange Jesus Christ came into the world about it. We made him a friendly to save sinners.

• And how are sign, and he approached us. I you to know this to be true ?' asked if he was tired with his But, sir,' answered the child with day's work. Oh yes,' he said, surprise, 'God has said so.'

' We • this troublesome goat has given looked at each other, admiring the me a deal to do. She fled up there, artless faith of the young herdsas high as that, (shewing us a boy, and after a moment's pause height at some distance) and I I observed, “You are happy in have been obliged to climb after believing what God has said.' her to fetch her back.'

Sir, this is not the first time that I have acted like the good Shep- have heard such things spoken and herd: do you know who is the know they are true.

We have our good Shepherd ?' • It is Jesus curate down there in the valley, Christ,' he replied, without hesi who often tells me what you have tation. • Do you know how to just been saying.'

« God be blest, dear young child ?'

Do not forget, that Yes, sir.' • Well then, I will there is evil, and a great deal give you a little book, in which of it in your heart, but there is you will find a great many excel a mighty physician who knows lent things. I then took out of how to cure all evils, and that my pocket a little book, entitled physician is Jesus Christ, the Poor JOSEPH. (Paris Religious Son of God, God blessed for ever. Tract Society, No. 10.) . My name

Dear child, we shall probably is Joseph, too,' said the herds-boy, never see each other again on earth. as he looked at the first leaf. · Well You will remain among these then, my friend, I hope you will mountains, and we shall set off at be like the person you read about day-break to make our way over FEBRUARY 1833.


• You

read, my

my child.

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