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therein.' But if you question your own right, it must be, because you question whether you have any religion. And can you be contented so?

Whatever the difficulty is, which lies in your way, it should be your immediate concern to remove it. Is it not your intention to live a life of religion? Is it not your desire that your children should grow up before the Lord? Is it not your resolution to bring them up for him ? If it is, then say so* by a public dedication of yourselves and your children to God. If it is not, then tremble at the thought of your own impiety and carelessness. If you have no good purposes and desires, you cannot consistently profess any; if you have good desired and purposes, strengthen and confirm them by bringing yourselves under explicit obligations to act agreeably to them.

Finally. Let such as have dedicated their children to God, act under a sense of the vows that are upon them.

If your children are removed by an early death, quietly submit to the will of that sovereign Lord, whose property you have

acknowledged them to be, and entertain no anxious thoughts about the manner in which he has disposed of them. When you gave them to him in baptism, you professed your faith in his mercy toward them. If you cannot trust him to dispose of them, why did you dedicate them to him " If you can, why are you anxious about them now since he has taken them into his own hands 2

If your children live, then bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. If your worldly circumstances make it necessary that you should commit them to the care of others, see that you put them into families where you have reason to think they will be religiously educated. If you keep them under your own immediate care, train them up in the way in which they should go; and commend them to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build them up, and to give them an inheritance among the Saints.










Lathrop's Sermons on Various Important

subjects, Evangelical, Devotional and Practical, adapted to the promotion of Christian Piety, Family Religion and Youthful Virtue, with several new Original'Sermons—A uew edition, in 5 octavo volumes—price bound 10 dollars.

Lathrop's View of the Doctrines and Duties

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Warning to the Churches, to beware of False Prophets, who come as Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, and the marks by which they are known — Iu I vol. 12mo, price 75 cents.

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a brief and plain account of his Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven; and his coming again at the great and last Day of Judgment. Together with a number of innocent songs—price 25 cents.

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