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Division I.

Division II.
Section 1.

1. Show how it may be determined, by Describe and explain one of the following geometrical construction, whether the wall instruments :-). A barometer. 2. An air- of a reservoir will stand or not, and prove pump. 3. An electrifying machine and fully the rule you use. the Leyden jar.

2. Wanting to determine the quantity of Section II.

water discharged per minute from a pipe, I Describe and explain one of the following place under it a vessel, in the bottom of machines :-). A locomotive engine. 2. A

which is a rectangular aperture which I can hydraulic ram and a fire-engine. 3. A

close by means of a slide. I find that when clock,

the dimensions of the aperture are 4 inches

by 3, the water stands steadily in the reserSection III.

voir at a height of three feet. What is the

efflux per minute from the pipe, neglecting 1. What must be the diameter of an iron

the effects of contraction ?j wire to sustain 11 cwt., the tenacity of the iron being 25 tons per square inch?

3. Given the number of units of work, the dry the hold of a ship which contains 3,000 beneath the bottom of the barrel, and the 2. How long will ten men be in pumping which a man can do on each stroke of a

pump, the depth, a, of the water in the well cubic feet of water, the centre of gravity of section, k, of the barrel; it is required to the water being 14 feet below the deck, and cach man being supposed to yield 1,500 whole work on each stroke may just be

find the length of the stroke, so that the units of effective work per minute !

expended in raising the water. 3. Describe the wheel and double axle, and show how the relation of the power to 4. What experiments show the influence weight may be determined in this machine. of the state of the surface of a body on the

radiation of its heat, and what experimento Section IV.

shew the existence of a latent heat 1. What experiments serve best to show 5. Explain fully what is meant by the law the expansion of metals, and the currents of chemical equivalents, and what by that of prodnced in liquids and gases by the appli- gaseous volumes. Give some account of cation of heat !

chemical nomenclature and chemical notar

tion. 2. Give some account of nitrogen and of its compounds.

6. What are the chemical properties of 3. By what different methods may the oils and fats? What application is made of chemical constitution of water be ascertained. those properties to the uses of life!


1. Write out a Farmers' Calendar from 3. What is ineant by the fore-course February to Júne.

system? What are the advantages of keep 2. How has the ground to be prepared for ing up stock as compared with pasture! turnips? What is the time for sowing What rules are to be observed in applying them! What rules are to be observed in liquid manure ? boeing turnips !

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