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Her beams bemocked the sultry main

Like April hoar-frost spread ; But where the ship's huge shadow lay, The charmed water burnt alway

A still and awful red.

Beyond the shadow of the ship

I watched the water-snakes :

They moved in tracks of shining white; And when they reared, the elfish light

Fell off in hoary flakes.

Within the shadow of the ship

I watched their rich attire:
Blue, glossy green, and velvet black
They coiled and

track Was a flash of golden fire.


and every

O happy living things! no tongue

Their beauty might declare : A spring of love gusht from my heart,

And I blessed them unaware !

Sure my

kind saint took pity on me, And I blessed them unaware.

The self-same moment I could

pray ; And from


neck so free The Albatross fell off, and sank

Like lead into the sea.

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" O sleep, it is a gentle thing

Beloved from pole to pole! To Mary-queen the praise be given, She sent the gentle sleep from heaven That slid into



The silly buckets on the deck

That had so long remained, I dreamt that they were filled with dew,

And when I awoke it rained.

My lips were wet, my throat was cold,

My garments all were dank; Sure I had drunken in my dreams,

And still my body drank.

I moved and could not feel my limbs,

I was so light, almost
I thought that I had died in sleep,

And was a blessed Ghost.

And soon I heard a roaring wind,

It did not come anear ;

But with its sound it shook the sails

That were so thin and sere.


air burst into life,
And a hundred fire-flags sheen
To and fro they were hurried about ;
And to and fro, and in and out

The wan stars danced between:

And the coming wind did roar more loud ;

And the sails did sigh like sedge : And the rain poured down from one black cloud

The moon was at its edge.

Sometimes a-dropping from the sky

I heard the Sky-lark sing; Sometimes all little birds that are How they seemed to fill the sea and air

With their sweet jargoning !

And now 'twas like all instruments,

Now like a lonely flute : And now it is an angel's song

That makes the heavens be mute.

It ceased : yet still the sails made on

A pleasant noise till noon,
A noise like of a hidden brook

In the leafy month of June,
That to the sleeping woods all night

Singeth a quiet tune.

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