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evil in the world, and in the church, and in more acon tive efforts to subdue every corrupt propensity. Live above the world, in contempt of its vanities and follies, in avoiding its pollutions, and in superiority to its frowns and persecutions. Let there be more of the forgiving spirit in which Christ died, in your dealings with your enemies, more of his patience in your bearing afflictions, more of his faith in your seasons of darkness, and more of his beneficence in your employment of what has been committed to your trust. Let it repress every desire of vain glory and self indulgence in youth; let the active and the busy learn to make an interest in that salvation which Christ died to accomplish their great concern; and let the fainting heart lean on the cross of Jesus.

Let good men prepare for their departure. Imagine not that thoughts of dying suit only the scene of affliction and peril, for Jesus in his glory on the Mount had his mind turned to his decease. Think of it, ye who are now in the bright morn of youth. In the churchyard beside you, the worm is feeding on cheeks where health and hope lately glowed. Ye who are prosperous look down from the summit on which you stand, and you will see graves opening for you. And to all of you


say, “ What good thou findest in thine hands to do, do it with all thy might, for there is no work, nor device, nor wisdom, nor knowledge, in the grave, whither thou goest.”

Finally, Let me call on the disciples of Jesus, with kindred feelings to those of Moses and Elias, to com. memorate their Saviour's decease. Approach his table with strong impressions of the value of his death, with a glowing sense of his dying love, recognizing it as the only ground of your hope, and as the theme of your study, and wonder, and praise, for eternity, sur. rendering your whole heart, and devoting the whole of life to its influence. On such communicants he will look with complacency, and to them he will say, “I died for you.” We cannot come to that table in perfect holiness, as Moses and Elias descended to the Mount, for the body of death still cleaves to us; but we will go to it hungering and thirsting after righteousness, and saying, “ O let not the Lord our God be angry,


we, who are but dust and ashes, take it upon us to speak to the Lord of glory." Let us come in that godly sorrow, which is in his sight a pleasing sacrifice; in that faith which is the evidence of things not seen; in that love which values one word of his lips, and one ray from his countenance, more than all the riches and pleasures of the world ; and with the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in his sight of great price; and may we see, O Jesus, thy power and thy glory as thy people have seen them in thy holy place.

And let those who never approach the Lord's table consider that, were their conduct general, the death of Christ might sink into oblivion on earth. What must spirits in glory think of your neglect ? and what must they feel when they see the death of Christ underva. lued in the world where he suffered, and by the crea tures whom he died to save ? Nay, it is a more strike ing idea still, what does Jesus himself think of your conduct ? he is your final judge, and by him your disregard of his last injunction, and your insensibility to his dying love, will be marked with abhorrence, and exposed in a way that will cover you with confusion, By the guilt you incur by such neglect, by the benefits you lose, and by the punishment to which you expose

yourselves, I call on you to wash your souls in his blood, to put away the evil of your doings, and to receive the grace of bis Spirit, that you may be qualified for approaching his altar, and for shewing forth the wonders of his redeeming love.


The Death of Christ worthy of all honour.

The Apostle John was blessed with a view of the homage paid in heaven to the exalted Saviour, which was admirably adapted to revive the interest and to unfold the import of the scene you have been contemplating. It is paid in the high praises of God, not by a select few, but by all the blessed ; and not in the transport of a temporary excitement, but with a rapa ture and a vigour which shall not decay through etera nity. “ I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne, and of the living creatures, and the elders, and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thous sands, saying with a loud voice, worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wise dor, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blesse ing." There was not a spirit in glory that did not join in this tribute. It is a tribute which traces the virtue of the cross in all the splendours of the throne, and in it every faculty of praise is put forth to the highest. Never was a tribute so deserved, and, compared with it, the acclamations of armies, and cities, and nations, are less than nothing and vanity. It is excelled only by the tribute paid him by the voice which proclaimed from the excellent glory, “ This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him."

You feel yourselves impelled to pay him your tribute, and are, I trust, now saying, “ God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ." And wherever you turn your attention you will find ample reason for this triumph in his death. It was the subject of the councils of Jehovah from everlasting, and eternity to come will be filled with its glorious results. If you look to heaven, you behold what it hath purchased; and if you turn your eye to the fire that shall never be quenched, you see from what it hath saved you. In the church you

find the death of Christ the subject of its praise, the topic of its preaching, the theme of its conference, and the plea of all its prayers ; and in your own hearts you feel that it is the source of your peace, and the basis of your hopes. By it the covenant of grace was sealed, and the law magnified. From this death your life springs, and before its power the darkest fears of guilt pass away. With your thoughts thus occupied, and your feelings thus excited, may you now partake of the symbols of his broken body and shed blood; and may you feel such an interest in his death, and such influence from it, as that you will be able to say, “ I am crucified with Christ," he loved me, and he gave himself for me.

All the glorified saints, were they present in this assembly, could not supply to us, o our Redeemer, the want of thy presence; and we desire to be enlightened, sanctified, and blessed, by the brightness of thy face, and by thy voice of wisdom and love.

After the Service.

The scene of communicating, like the conference on the Mount, is soon over, but its influence on you will, we hope, be permanent. Moses and Elias left the mount of transfiguration for heaven, you quit the communion table to mingle with the world, and to meet with difficulties and temptations, sorrows and death. But in the decease of your Lord you will find strength for difficulties, an answer to temptations, a balm for sorrow, a refuge in fears, and a hope for death. · Let your gratitude to your Redeemer be more fervent and lively. When you are reminded by any cira cumstance of a great favour which you

have received, and when some new mark of a benefactor's kindness is bestowed, you feel your hearts glowing with gratitude. You have now been reminded of that death by which you are saved, and have been satisfied with the goodness of your Lord's house ; and will you not adore and bless him ? It is possible to overrate a favour rea ceived from men, but who can value redemption as he ought ? Improve this decease for strengthening pious affection, for increasing spiritual comfort, and for ex. citement to a holy practice. Never does Christ appear so amiable as in his dying love, nor sin so hateful as in his bruises and wounds. Never does holie ness seem so excellent as in his obedience to death, and never is pain felt so easy, and affliction so light, as when we contemplate his agony. It will be ą happy result of this service if it is evident to yourselves and others that you know, and love, and serve Jesus more.

Speak of this decease in your families, and let this

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