Machine-shop Arithmetic: Shows how All Shop Problems are Worked Out and "why." Includes Change Gears for Cutting Any Threads; Drills, Taps, Shink and Force Fits; Metric System of Measurements and Threads. Used by All Classes of Mechanics, Apprentices, Etc., Etc

Norman W. Henley publishing Company, 1917 - 144 páginas

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Página 21 - LOCOMOTIVE BREAKDOWNS AND THEIR REMEDIES. By GEO. L. FOWLER. Revised by WM. W. WOOD, Air-Brake Instructor. Just issued. Revised pocket edition. It is out of the question to try and tell you about every subject that is covered in this pocket edition of Locomotive Breakdowns. Just imagine all the common troubles that an engineer may expect to happen some time, and then add all of the unexpected ones, troubles that could occur, but that you...
Página 13 - ELECTRIC LIGHTING AND HEATING POCKET BOOK. By SYDNEY F. WALKER. This book puts in convenient form useful information regarding the apparatus which is likely to be attached to the mains of an electrical company. Tables of units and equivalents are included and useful electrical laws and formulas are stated. 438 pages, 300 engravings.
Página 24 - This is a collection of 1,890 engravings of different mechanical motions and appliances, accompanied by appropriate text, making it a book of great value to the inventor, the draftsman, and to all readers with mechanical tastes. The book is divided into eighteen sections or chapters, in which the...
Página 12 - A NEW SKETCHING PAPER. A new specially ruled paper to enable you to make sketches or drawings in isometric perspective without any figuring or fussing. It is being used for shop details as well as for assembly drawings, as it makes one sketch do the work of three, and no workman can help seeing just what is wanted. Pads of 40 sheets, 6x9 inches, 25 cents.
Página 22 - ... occur and how they may be avoided. The book is illustrated with seventy original photographs and drawings showing the safe and unsafe methods of work. No visionary schemes, no ideal pictures. Just Plain Facts and Practical Suggestions are given. Every railroad employee who reads the book is a better and safer man to have in railroad service. It gives just the information which will be the means of preventing many injuries and deaths. All railroad employees should procure a copy, read it, and...
Página 15 - WIRING A HOUSE. By HERBERT PRATT. Shows a house already built; tells just how to start about wiring it; where to begin; what wire to use; how to run it according to Insurance Rules; in fact, just the information you need. Directions apply equally to a shop. Fourth edition . . 25 cents FACTORY MANAGEMENT.
Página 12 - PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE. By RICHARDS and COLVIN. Shows just how to make all kinds of mechanical drawings in the only practical perspective isometric. Makes everything plain so that any mechanic can understand a sketch or drawing in this way. Saves time in the drawing room, and mistakes in the shops. Contains practical examples of various classes of work 50 cents SELF-TAUGHT MECHANICAL DRAWING AND ELEMENTARY MACHINE DESIGN. By FL SYLVESTER, ME, Draftsman, with additions by ERIK OBERG, associate editor...
Página 24 - ... first volume, which is more elementary^ in character, this volume contains illustrations and descriptions of many combinations of motions and of mechanical devices and appliances found in different lines of machinery, each device being shown by a line drawing with a description showing its working parts and the method of operation. From the multitude of devices described and illustrated might be mentioned, in passing, such items as conveyors and elevators, Prony brakes, thermometers, various...
Página 13 - Commutator Construction. By WM. BAXTER, JR. The business end of any dynamo or motor of the direct current type is the commutator. This book goes into the designing, building, and maintenance of commutators, shows how to locate troubles and how to remedy them; everyone who fusses with dynamos needs this.
Página 8 - TRACTIVE POWER CHART. A chart whereby you can find the tractive power or drawbar pull of any locomotive without making a figure. Shows what cylinders are equal, how driving wheels and steam pressure affect the power.

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