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The Vice-President, 66.
Coventry Prize-Scheme, 183.
Criticism, Lesson for, 261, 284.

Canterbury Diocesan Board, 299.
Capitation Grants, 113, 307.

Central Schools, Subjects of Instruction, 17, 226.
Certificate, 149.

Certificate, when received, 310.
Chester Diocesan Board, 164.
Childhood and Manhood, 217.
Choral Society, the School, 335.
Churchmen, Present Duties of, 17, 48, 147, 177,
233, 260.

Church-Teacher, History of, &c., 13, 46, 80, 104,
206, 231.

Department of Science and Art, 305.
Depository, 33.

Deputation from National Society, 196..
Deputation of Masters, 181.
Derby Board, 229, 301.
Details or Outlines, 306.
Dictation Lesson, 284.

Ciphering Books, 339.

Class List, see Committee of Council.
Coalition, Educational, 84.

Coast-Line, how to describe, 149.
Coats and Caps, Provision for, 117,

Collections, 2, 34, 37, 131, 162, 203, 227, 250, 274,


Committee of Council on Education

Class List of Infant-Teachers, 204.
Class List of Registered Teachers, 173.
Class List of Students, 71.
Elementary Drawing, 136.
Inspectors appointed, 102.
Short timers, 8.

Diocesan Inspection, see Inspection.
Drawing, how to obtain a Knowledge of, 22.
Durham Diocesan Socicty, 164.
Durham Training School, 164.

Educational Coalition, see Coalition.
Educational Conference, 134, 165, 204, 301.
Educational Museum, see Museum.
Education for Elder Boys, 144.
Examination, 1857, Syllabus of Subjects, 68.
Examination a Lottery, 83, 110.
Examination Papers-

Drawing, 326.

Females, 166.

For Pupil-teachers, 85.
For Queen's Scholarships, 253.
Males, First Year, 10, 43.
Males, Second Year, 138.

Field, the late Mrs., 273.
Field Gardening, 229.
Fixed Subjects, see Subjects.

Frome Decanal Clerical Society, 265.

Games, Book of, 238.

Gloucester and Bristol, 266, 289.
Government Allowances forfeited, 178, 209.
Grants for Building, 4, 66, 98, 129, 162, 193, 222,
250, 322.

Hagley Working-men's Club, 51.

Half-time System and Prize-Scheme, 79.
Half Yearly Abstract, see Abstract.
Harmonium, 309.

Harvest-Meeting of Teachers, 275.
Holidays not allowed 310.
Hours of School-Attendance, 237..

Impromptu at an Examination, 85.
India, Children's Offering, 307.
Industrial Work, 229, 304, 330.
Ink, Plan for protecting, 19.
Ink-Stains, to remove, 338.
Inquiry, Church-School, 34.
Insects, Preservation of, 285.
Inspection, 16, 34.

Inspectors, Antipathy to, 20.
Instruction, Extra, for Inspection, 308, 337.

Judah and Israel, Events in the Kingdom of, 31,

Lessons for Criticism, 113.
Library, see School-Library.
Lichfield Diocesan Board, 228.
Lights for School, 180.
Lincoln, Diocese of, 275.
Lines for a School-Register, 21.
Llandaff and Monmouth Board, 203.
Local Collectors, 163.

Local Treasurers' Remittances, 130.

Manchester Scheme of Education, 55.
Marks for Good Conduct, 52.
Maxims for Teachers, 218, 291.

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St. Mark's College, 98, 162.

Subjects of Examination, Fixed, 16, 98, 226.
Subscriptions, How to collect, 50.
Suffolk Archidiaconal Board, 101.

Conference at Manchester on, 341.
Definite versus vague Teaching in, 243.
Discipline, 219, 314.

Has the Attendance at diminished, 267.
Hours of Attendance at, 342.

How can they be best conducted, 31.
How to teach a Class, 185, 241.

Management of, 92.

Notes of Lessons for, 29, 61, 93, 123, 154, 188,

221, 243, 268, 291, 315.

Position of Week-day Teacher in, 59.
Reading Tales in, 92, 268.
Registers for, 341.

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THE Meetings of the Committee of the National Society have been attended during the last month by the Earl of Romney, the Bishop of Oxford, Lord Dynevor, Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, Bart., Sir Thomas Phillips, Ven. Archdeacon Sinclair, Rev. Canon Jennings, and T. D. Acland, Esq.

Subscription to Monthly Paper.

Subscriptions to this Paper are now due, and should be remitted at once, in Postage-stamps or otherwise, to the Editor.

The attention of Subscribers is particularly requested to this notice. Much trouble and expense is incurred every year in sending out bills for Subscriptions which have not been paid. The very low price charged for the Paper will not admit of any extra expenses; and therefore, in future, all Subscribers who fail to remit their Subscription within a reasonable time, and require notice to be sent to them by post of such omission, will be charged at the full rate of 3s. a-year, or 3d. a Number by post. The reduced rate of 2s. 6d. can only be allowed when the payment is made in advance. A payment of 10s. 6d. is received in lieu of Subscription for five years.

Parochial Collections Fund.

The following collections are a portion of the sums already remitted to the Society, being in lieu of those heretofore made under the authority of the Royal Letter triennially granted in its favour. In the majority of dioceses the Bishops, in conformity with the recommendation of the Archbishop, have issued a Pastoral Letter, requesting the Clergy to preach a sermon and make a collection in behalf of the Society. In most cases the suggestion which emanated from the Committee of the Society has been added, that the proceeds should be divided between the Parent Society and the Diocesan Board of Education.

The returns are those received from the undermentioned counties at the Receiver's office up to the 19th of November. They comprise, in some instances, the whole amount collected; in others only the moiety, the other half having been forwarded to the Diocesan Board. Collections received since November 19th will appear in future Numbers.



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