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70 and 100 dollars to your funds for well, they will go on and further the the present year. The Trustees state important design. Many considerathat several donations have been tions will powerfully resist fainting made by individuals, well wishers to and weariness in this acceptable ser. the cause. Hon. William Phillips, vice of Christian love. It will be useEsq. of Boston, has given fifty dollars ; ful frequently to recollect how many which has been acknowledged in a societies of Christians are engaged in letter of thanks addressed to bim.- this work. With what views, in what Liberal sums have been received this ways and to what glorious purposes year from the Female Association: they pursue it : How their love and see document (B). It is believed zeal, their faith and hope grow ex. that many streams will yet flow from ceedingly. Plans are ripened, means that source into your treasury, which provided and instruments furnished will benefit and rejoice those who to undertake very laborious, difficult need and desire pious instruction. and hazardous enterprizes in the The charitable contributions made at cause of the dear Immanuel. In Eu. different times since the last meeting rope this work is pursued with unre. have increased the funds. The annui. mitted assiduity and unabated zeal, ties have been generally though not with sanguine expectation and ever wholly paid. Various reasons may memorable success. In this country have produced a temporary delay: too, the same spirit, kindled from Seasonable payments are useful and above, glows, spreads and strength. enriching to the funds : as monies, ens. Almost throughout the United not soon needed, are loaned. The States similar societies are formed, monies which have been received for measures adopted, monies collected the funds, will appear from docu- and persons employed to spread the ment (B & C) being 1303 dolls. 34 savour of divine truth far and wide. 1-2 cts. The expenditures from doc- The gospel of CHRIST is thus preachument (D) amounting to 1142 dolls ed to multitudes, who, without such be. 53 1-2 cts. The present state of the nevolent aid, would live destitute of Treasury with the report of the Au- the means of grace, plunge deep into diting Committee from document (E.) ignorance and error, and probably

The Trustees hope they can say, transmit a dreadful and odious inherHitherto hath the LORD owned and itance of ignorance, error and corrupprospered the institution. Many tion to their posterity. It is not easy have been disposed to advance this for those, who have been always fá. great and good work.

While some voured with a fulness of religious adhave readily honoured the LORD with vantages, duly to estimate their own their substance, and repeatedly con- mercies or keenly feel for their brethsecrated a part of their earthly treas. ren famishing for want of the bread ures to charitable uses; others have of life. been found and inclined to carry into It is refreshing and animating to full effect, the

benevolent designs of dwell upon the good already producthe Society. The liberal aid afford. ed. The solitary place hath been ed by numerous female associations made glad, and in the desert they have for the purchase of Bibles and other sung the songs of Zion. Churches hare suitable books, should not be forgot been planted, ministers settled, and ten and suppressed. No small praise the word and institutions of CHRIST is due to God for this very thing. have proved the power of God and It is what might have been looked for the wisdom of God unto the spiritual from the readiness of pious and char- good of perishing sinners. The eyes itable women to do good; from their of the blind have been opened, and compassion for souls and their earnest the ears of the deaf have been unstopdesire to spread the truth.

ped ; the lame have leaped, and the The present state of the funds will dumb have sung the praises of re. not let us doubt of being able to fur. deeming love. Christians have been nish future supplies for our distant edified, quickened, comforted and settlements. But, since continued ef. sanctified by the truth, ordinances forts require continued supplies, the and grace of Christ. This is the friends of Christ and humanity will work of God; wondrous and joyous not discontinue them. Having begun to our minds and hearts.

It is an high bonour to be workers The Trustees suggest to the Soci. together with God in forwarding the 'ety the expediency of recommending work of redemption, in building up Zi to the several Congregational and an, in bringing sinners to the knowledge Presbyterian Societies in the county, and obedience of the faith, and pre

a contribution to aid the funds of the paring them for immortal blessedness. society, to be made on the annual

It is well to reflect that much re. Thanksgiving, or on some Lord's day mains to be done ; that much may be near, as shall be judged most eligible; done by good people ; that much is 'and that this Report should be publish. expected of them ; that for this pur- ed, circulated and previously read in pose God bestows his bounties; that public. While doing good to others, you all which they and others call their may humbly hope that God, who both own is the Lord's; that he demands a ministers seed to the sower and bread portion of what he gives, for his more to the eater, will not let you lack any immediate use. Such an application good thing; and that he will increase is acceptable; an odour of a sweet the fruits of your righteousness; that smelling savour unto God. He can you may be enriched unto all bounabundantly bless you for your labours tifulness ; for which liberality of yours of love in' his cause. He can con. many thanksgivings will be rendered stantly satisfy liberal and holy souls unto God through our Lord Jesus from his own all-sufficiency and the Christ. inexhaustible fulness of Jesus Christ. In the name of the Trustees, Animated by such powerful consider- SAMUEL HOPKINS, V. Pres. ations; impelled by such weighty motives, will not the friends of Christ

Ata meeting of the Society, Northand of mankind persevere in their ampton, August 28, 1806, read, ac. prayers and liberalities, their services cepted and voted to be printed, distri. and efforts, until, by the of God,

buted and publicly read, as reported the wilderness shall universally be by the Trustees to the Society.

Attest, come like Eden, and the desert like

PAYSON WILLISTON, R'g. Sec. the garden of the Lord ?



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List of Books on hand, 1806.

No. Booka sent for distribution into the new

Select Sermons,

16 settlements, 1806. Doddridge's Rise and Progress,

270 No. do. on the care of the soul,



Address to the master,

027 Select Sermons, IS Lathrop's 6 Sermons,

110 Doddridge's Rise and Progress,

do on the Christian Sabbath,

458 Address to the Master,

124 Connecticut Evangelical Magazine, Lathrop' 6 Sermons,

Hemmenway's Discourse to Children,

61 on the Christian Sabbath,

Best way to defend the Bible,

178 on tfie Church,


Watts' Divine Songs, Religious Tradesman,

3 Coleman's Incomprehensibleness, Connecticut Evangelical Magazine,


Davidson's real Christian, Hem dis. to children,

31 Hale's Sermon, Address from Stranger,


Report for 1802,
Best way to defend the Bible,

for 1803,

78 Watts' Divine Spags,

for 1804,

150 Adrive to a young man,

for 1805,

210 Colemaa's Incomprehensibleness,

JO Instructions and address, Catechisms, 24 Vincent,

468 Davidson's real Christian,

24 All's for the best,



4331 Emerson's Grdination Sermon,

30 Hale's Sermon,

6s Report for 1802,

DOCUMENT B. & C. 40 Increase of the funds of the Hampshire SO

Missionary Society, from August 29,

60 Justraalons and address,

40 1805, to August 28, 1806. Plais Truths,

1 Donations of the female Charitable Association. Porteus,

Dol.. cte Joseph'i discovering bimself, 1 In Amherst, first parish,

6 74 Vivian's Dialogues,


8 25 Whitaker's Address,


6 62 Bowles fast illness,


IO 35 Life of Faith,


Hatfield, Visceat,



69 16 Whole 1391 Northampton,

18 77

for IB03 for 1804, for 1805,

Drop of Honey,

37 68 19 oo

West-Springfield, first parish,

Dols. cts. 34 57 22 00 IS CO 26 76 14 37 2 50

[blocks in formation]

Donations in towns and parishes.

Dols. cts. 31 94 13 OS 22

7 53 S. 00


In New York,

Dolls. ets.
Camden, Mrs. Bloomfield,
Camden, No. 8,

3 37 Camden, No. 7,

200 Several others,

I 17 Florence, No. 4,

1 SO Sempronius, Esq. Stogell,

Miss Sarah Stoyell,
Camillus, Jacob Sheldon,

100 Marcellus Ell,

72 35 Scipio, Luke Taylor,

1 TO De Ruyter, Mys. Catlin,

o SO

06 49 SUMMARY By Female Charitable Associations,

289 69 Towns in the county,

85I 95 Out of the county,

0650 New settlements,

66 40 Profits of Doddridge's Rise and Progress,

28 71

1303 34 DOCUMENT D. Expenditures of the Hampshire Mis

sionary Society, between August 1805,

and August 1806. Balance paid to Missionaries employ.

ed, 1805.

Dols. cts.
Rev. Payson Williston,

72 14
Rev. Thomas H. Wood,

60 00
Rev. Joseph Field,

I 80 00
Rev. John Dutton,

80 00
Mr. Samuel Sewall,

72 00 Mr. Royal Phelps,

31 00

39 $
In advance, 1806.
Rev. Royal Phelps,

72 00
Rev. Nathaniel Dutton,

72 00 Rev. Joseph Blodget,

100 00 Rev. David H. Williston,

72 00

316 Total for Missionary service,

711 14 For Books. 72 Bibles,

48 75 25 Select Sermons,

21 87 670 Watts' Divine Songs,

28 04 400 Trustees' Report, 1805, 16 CO 750 Vincent's Catechism, 266 00

380 06 For the education oftwo Indian youths,

10 CO For boxes, carriage, &c. of books, 12

43 Postages of letters, &c.

$ 90 Entertaining Committees,

11 06 Stationary,

2 25 Advertising.

408 A counterfeit bil,

5 00

Amherst, 1st parish,
Amberst, 2d parishi
Granville, middle parish,
W. Springfield, Ist parish,

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40 73

Summary of Expenditures.

701 14

Missionaries, Books, Indian Youths, Contingent,


10 do 40 73



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10 37

9 3180 S 00 600

47 II 25 19 00

64 77


20 80 12 25

*68 97

71 66

2 00 13 63 29 80

S 00 61

75 20 00

11 00

54 30 20

75 3921 25 36 12

59 S6

47 24 50

851 95

Donations made out of the county, Hon. William Phillips, Boston,

30 00 Rev. John Dutton, Hartford, Ver.

2 00 Ladies in Brookfield, west parishi,

10 SO Rev. Thomas H. Wood, Halifax, Ver.

2 00 Jedidiah Stark, Esq. Halifax, Ver.

66 28


From Doddridge's Rise, &c. of Religion,
Donations made in the new settlements.

In Maine.
Hebron, Gideon Cushman,

1 00 Norridgewalk,

4 10 Sumner and Hartford,

7 25 Poland,

16.00 Waterville,

12 00

DOCUMENT E. THE Committee appointed by the Hampshire Miss sionary Society, at their meeting in August, 280S, La examine and report the state of the Treasury, ask leave to report :

That they have examined the Treasurer accounts, and find them regularly charged, well vouched and right

10 doils, omitted by mistake last year are add. ed to thit.

le cash the sum of

dolls. 26 65

2056 SS

2083 20




By cast; that there is now in the hands of the Treasurer Vice-President, Secretary, Clerk,

Treasurer, and a board of nine Trus. In promissory notes, with good sure. ties, ou interest, the sum of

tees, chosen annually by ballot.

The Trustees are empowered to Amounting to the sum of Which is hurdly submitted.

judge of the qualifications and claims Auditing

of candidates, and to give aid to the JONATHAN WOODERIDCE,

extent of their funds. None are to NATHANIEL ELY, Northamptua, August 26, 1806.

receive assistance but such as are

hopefully pious, of orthodox religious Oficers of the Hampshire Missionary, faith, and members of some regu. Society, appointed at their annual lar Congregational or Presbyterian Meeting the last Thursday in Aug. church, and desirous to obtain an ed1806.

ucation with a view to be useful as His Excellency CALEB STRONG, teachers of religion. The Trustees Esq. President.

are to direct and superintend the Rev. SĀMUEL HOPKINS, D.D. studies and moral conduct of the Vice President.

young men, and when they shall have

acquired competent knowledge of TRUSTEES.

theology, and other requisite branches Hon. JOHN HASTINGS, Esq.

of science, shall recommend them to Rev. JOSEPH LATHROP, D.D.

some suitable board for examination Hon. EBENEZER HUNT, Esq. and approbation for the work of the Rev. JOSEPH LYMAN, D.D. ministry. Such young men as re.' JUSTIN ELY, Esq.

ceive aid from the society'are laid unRev. SOLOMON WILLIAMS,

der obligations to refund the loans WILLIAM BILLINGS, Esq.

made them without interest, should Rev. DAVID PARSONS, D. D. their circumstances ever after admit. CHARLES PHELPS, Esq. Rev. RICHARD S. STORRS,

Persons of good moral character,

and sound in the faith, are admitted RUGGLES WOODBRIDGE, Esq. members by a vote of the society. Treasurer,

Each member pays one dollar at least Rev. ENOCH HALE, Correspondinto the treasury, on his adınission, ing Secretary,

and the same sum afterward, annu. Rev. PAYSON WILLISTON, Re- ally. The society consists at present cording Secretary.

of between seventy and eighty mem.

bers. Standing Committee of the Trustees.


Rev. Enoch HALE,

Rev. NATHANIEL HALL,' of Gran-

ville, Vice-President. CHARLES PHELPS, Esq.

Rev. JOHN GRISWOLD, Paulet, Sec


EZEKIEL HARMON, Esq. do. TreaEVANGELICAL SOCIETY. The Directors, though their means

In the Western District of Ver. are yet small, have already given aid mont, there has lately been formed an to three or four young men, one of Association, by the name of “ The whom has commenced the study of EVANGELICAL Society," whose ob- Divinity. This seasonable and be. : ject is to aid pious and ingenious young nevolent institution has our best wish. men, in indigent circumstances, to ac- es for its support and success. We quire education for the work of the hope it may be instrumental, under Gospel Ministry. The great scarcity of the divine direction and blessing, of regular ministers in this thrifty portion drawing from obscurity many young of our country, and the recent revi. men of talents and piety, who may vals of religion in that quarter, led to prove faithfuil labourers in the vine. the establishment of this benevolent yard of our Lord. Of this part of our Institution, which was first organized country, as well as of others, it may at Pawlet, March 6, 1804. The offi. truly be said, “ The harvest is great, cers of the Society are a President, but the labourers are few."

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We understand that the New-Lon. ty, but that the employment of stagedon Association, (Conn.) at their coaches on the Lord's day is a direct meeting in June last, passed, unani- violation of the Fourth Command. mously, the following vote, viz. ment; and that if such abominable “ Whereas, it appears that Arian and practices are suffered, they know not Socinian errors are spreading in New where the outrages upon the feelings England, we judge it our duty to de. of the public will stop, or how reli. clare our firm belief of the divine Trin. gion is to be maintained.” Ev. Mag. ity in Unity; and of the true and proper Divinity of our Lord and Saviour Je. PALESTINE ASSOCIATION. sus Christ, as taught in the HolyScrip- We understand that a society has tures, and for substance maintained in been established for the purpose of the Westminster confession of faith promoting the knowledge of the Geog. and catechism. And we recommend to raphy, Natural History, and Antiqui. the members of this Association care. ties of Palestine and its vicinity, with fully to avoid all ministerial commu. a view to the illustration of the holy nion with ministers who oppose these writings, and the promotion of Bibli. doctrines.”

cal and historical knowledge.

It has been regretted by all who On Lord's day, May 25, 1806, was have attended to the subject of Syrian opened for public worship the new Antiquities, that much valuable local Independent or Congregational church information is still wanted for the ilin Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. lustration of the ancient historians, saHollingsbead preached in the morn- cred and profane, who have treated ing from Isa. lvi. 7. “ For mine on the affairs of that province ; and house shall be called an house of that, notwithstanding the learned and prayer for all people.” In the after. laborious compilations of Adriconius, noon Dr. Keith delivered a discourse Revenelli, Cellarius, Fuller, and from Hag. ii. 7. “ And I will fill this Lightfoot, the more recent details of house with glory, saith the Lord of Reland, Calmet, &c. many of the most Hosts.” This elegant edifice is built important points are still left unexam. of brick, in a circular form, and of suf- ined that there are many chasms ficient size to contain from 1500 to which ought to be filled up, and a va. 2000 people. The whole expense is riety of easy and obvious facts that estimated at . 60,000 dollars. It is have been little, if at all, attended to; hoped this beautiful edifice may stand which, if ascertained with precision, for ages to come, an honour to those could not fail to elucidate many of who erected it, an ornament to the ci-: the most difficult passages of the Saty, and a commodious place for public cred Scriptures. worship, to a large and flourishing It affords us pleasure to hear that branch of the Christian Church. this Society are now engaging proper

persons to execute this plan. When SCOTLAND.

we consider the high respectability of In consequence of a project for the : its original Institutors and Members, revival of the stage-coaches between and the importance of its objects, we Glasgow and Edinburgh on Sundays, cannot but entertain hope, that they to accommodate a numerous body of will meet with every requisite encour. travellers, who have occasion to pass agement.

Evan. Mag and repass to those places on that day in particular, the Presbytery of

BIBLE SOCIETY. Glasgow have had a meeting, to take * The British and Foreign Bible So." the subject under their serious con. · ciety have lately been faroured with a sideration, and oppose it by every noble present from a lady of quality, of possible means. In their observa. the sum of one thousand guineas. tions, which they have pnblished, they state, that " they contemplate

THE SLAVE TRADE. with dread the awful change which The Slave Trade has now continu. must follow the introduction of this ed 303 years, viz. from 1503 to the practice on the morals of the people of present. It appears on a moderate Scotland." They add, that the computation, in that period, that the mail-coach may be a work of necessia 1 number of slaves imported from Afri.

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