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S E R M O N LXXXIII. The Little City besieged, and delivered : or, the De. 0" liverance of the Church by Christ, and the Ingra28. titude of Men to the glorious Redeemer, repre29 sented,

321 Eccl. ix. 14, 15. There was a little city, and few inen within it;

and there came a great king against it, and befieged it, and

built great bulwarks against it: Now, there was found in it - a poor wise man, and be by bis wisdom delivered the city;

yet no man remembered that same poor man. The sense of the words being ascertained, accurately analized, and · summed up in a doctrine, the following general topics of discourse

are profccuted, viz.

1. The little city, and the few men in it, described, . Cinz 2. The great siege laid against the little city, opened, : 328 21. 3. The deliverance thereof, and the reasons of the fiege, 332 22 4. The ingratitude of the citizens represented,

339 Din 5. The application of the whole, in several uses, viz. of information, lamentation, trial, and exhortation,


The Lamb in the midst of the Throne, 358 ob; Rev. vi. 17. For the Lamb that is in the midst of the

- throne fall feed them. 20 The words being viewed in their scope and connection, divided,

explained, and a doctrine observed, the following topics are pro

posed, viz. 1. To speak a little concerning the Lamb, 2. To discourse somewhat of the throne, 3. Enquire how the Lamb comes to be upon the throne; 4. What is imported in the Lamb's being in the midst of the throne, 368 5. Consider the benefit of feeding, that issues from the Lamb's being

in the midst of the throne, e 6. To deduce some inferences for the application, A concluding word on Monday,

Stability in the Faith, the Church's Strength, 397

Isa. xxx. 71-Their strength is to fit still.
The author having taken a view of the words in their connection,

analized, and explained them, and taken up their scope in a doc21 trinal proposition, the following general heads of method-are le, prosecute by him, viz. B6 1. What these times are, that may be called perilous times, in which people shew much instability in the faith,.

401 e, 2. The nature of stedfastness in the faith opened, 2 3. That this stability is people's strength in perilous times, , 4. Inferences for the application of the whole,

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