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With Respect to


By the Author of D E I S M Refuted.

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CASE os the JEWS, &c.

I. 1 ~\ Rethren, my Heart's Desire and Prayer to God ■""^ for Israel is, that they might be saved. In a .M-J former Discourse, wrote against the Deists, jequal Enemies to you and a;, who deny all instituted . and revealed Religion, I have justisied the Truth of yours, while I have asserted that of the Christian Religion. They beth stand upon one Bottom. 1 hey only, of all the Revelations that ever were pretended in the World, can shew the four Marks, which do insallibly Demonstrate the Truth of any Matter of Fact, where they all do meet. And the Consequence is as plain, that if the Revelation of Moses be true, that of Christ must be true also. And you can never demonstrate the Truth of the Matters of Fat! of Mess by any Arguments or Evidences, which will not as strongly evince the Truth of the Matters of Fact of Christ: And, on the other hand, you cannot overthrow the Mutters of Fact of Christ, but you must, by the fame Means, destroy those of Moses. So that I hope you are involved under the happy Necessity, either to renounce Moses, or to embrace Christ.

But if you will allow (as some of you have done) that the Matters of Fact of our Lord Jesus, as recorded in the Gospels, are true; but will contend, that this does not inser the Truth of his Doctrine, because, as may be alleged, those seeming Miracles which he wrought were done by Magic; then I' beseech you, how will you rescue the Miracles of Moses from the same Objection? The Comparison, in this Case, must lie betwixt the Miracles of Moses and of Christ. And I believe you will not deny, but that those reA 2 corded

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