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shall be healed: fave me, and I shall be saved; for thou art my praise. Behold they say to me: Where is the word of the Lord? Let it come. And I have not been troubled, following thee my pastor ; neither have I desired the day of man; thou knowest it. That which came from my lips was right in thy fight. Be not a terror to me; thou art my hope in the day of affliction. May they be put to shame, who persecute me; but let me not be put to shame : let them be seized with dread, but let me not be seized with dread. Bring upon them the day of affliction, and with a double de struction overthrow them, O Lord our God.

GRADUAL. Pf. 34. My enemies spoke peaceably to me: but in their anger they were troublefome to me. V. Thou hart seen it, O Lord, be not filent; abandon me not. TRACT. Deal not, &'c. as above, p. 29.

GOSPEL. John ii. 47, 54, AT

T that time: The chief priests and Pharisees

assembled in Council against Jesus, and said: What are we doing; for this man worketh many miracles? If we let him thus alone, all will believe in him: and the Romans will come and destroy our place f and nation. But one of them, named Caiphas, being high priest that year, faid to them: You know nothing, nor do you consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and not the whole nation perish. But this he spake not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied, that Jesus was to die for the nation; and not for that nation only, but to gather together the children of God, who were dispersed every where. From that day therefore they refolved to put him to death. Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews, but retired to a

f Expl. The temple, the place of publick worship


country near the desert, to a city called Ephrem, and remained there with his disciples.

OFFERTORY. Pf. 118. Blessed art thou, O Lord, teach me thy law; and deliver me not up to the proud ones who calumniate me: and I will give an answer to those who reproach me.

S E C R E T.
Rant, O merciful God, that we may always

worthily serve at thy altar, and obtain falvation by constantly partaking of what is offered thereon. Thro'..

COMMUNION. PS: 26. Deliver me not up, O Lord, to the will of my pursuers : for unjust witnesses have risen up against me, and iniquity hath belied itself. POSTCOMMUNION. Sumpti sacrificii. AY the sacrifice, O Lord, we have partaken

of, always protect us, and repel from us all that is hurtful. Thro'. Let us pray. Bow down


heads to God. PRAYER. Concede. Rant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God,

that we who seek the favour of thy protection, may

be delivered from all evil, and serve thee with a secure mind. Thro':.

The COMMEMORATION at VESPERS. Anth. The chief priests Ant. Principes facerconsulted together how dotum confilium fecethey might kill Jesus: rent, ut Jefum occidebut they said : Not on rent : dicebant autem: the feast-day, left there Non in die fefto, ne forte should happen a tumult tumultus fieret in poamong the people. pulo.

V. and R. as p. 122. PRAYER. Concede.

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On FRIDAY in PASSION-WEEK is said the

office of The SEVEN DOLOURS of the B. V. MARY.

A greater Dauble.

M A SS, Introit. IT Here ftood by the crofs of Jesus John 19;

his mother, and his mother's filter, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Salome, and Mary Magdalen. V. Jesus said: Woman, behold tby fon; and to his disciple: Behold thy mother. V. Glory

Gloria in excelsis is said.
COLLECT. Deus, in cujus,
God, in whose pasion, according to Simeon's

prophecy, the sword of grief pierced the most sweet foul of glorious Mary, the Virgin-mother: grant, in thy mercy, that we, who with honour commemorate her forrows and sufferings, may be helped by the glorious merits and prayers of all tbie faints that faithfully stood by thy cross, fo as to partake of the happy fruits of thy paffion. Who livest.

Then is made a Commemoration of Friday by the COLLECT. Cordibus noftris, as p. 141. As likewife by the SECRET and POSTCOMMUNION following, their respective proper places,

LESSON. Judith xiii. 22, 25.
THE Lord hath blessed thee with his power, who

by thee hath brought our enemies to nothing. Thou art the blessed of the Lord the high God, above all women upon earth, Blessed be the Lord, who made heaven and earth, because he hath this day so magnified thy name, that thy praise shall not depart out of the mouth of men, who shall remember the power of the Lord for ever: for that thou didst not spare thy life at the sight of the distress and tribulation of thy country, but haft helped to prevent their ruin in the light of our God.

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GRADUAL. Thou art overwhelmed with grief and in tears, O Virgin Mary, standing by the cross of our Lord Jesus thy Son, the Redeemer.

TRACT. Holy Mary, the Queen of heaven and Lady of the world, stood full of grief by the crofs of our Lord Jesus Chrift. V. O all you that pass by the way, attend and see if there be any sorrow like unto mine.

Nder the world's Tabat Mater dolo-

redeeming wood rosa The most afflicted Mo- Juxta crucem lacrymosa

ther stood, Mingling her tears with Dum pendebat Filius.

her Son's blood. As that stream'd down Cujus animam gefrom ev'ry part,

mentem, Of all his wounds the Contriftatam, & dolenfelt the smart,

tem What pierc'd his body, Pertranfivit gladius.

pierc'd her heart. Who can with tear- O quam triftis & afless eyes look on,

Aidta When such a Mother Fuit illa benedicta

such a Son Wounded and gasping Mater unigeniti!

does bemoan? O! worse than Jewish Quæ mærebat, & doheart that Thou'd

lebat, Unmov'd behold the Et tremebat, cum vide. double flood

bat Of Mary's tears, of Jee Nati pænas inclyti.

fu's blood! Alas! our fins, they Quis eft homo qui were not his,

non fleret, In this atoning facrifice, Christi matrem fi videret For which he bleeds, for In canto supplicio.!

which he dies. VOL. II,


When graves did o- Quis poffet non conpen, rocks did rent,

triftari, When nature and each Piam Matrem contemelement

plari His torments and his Dolentem cum Filio ?

grief resent ; Shall man, the cause Pro peccatis suæ genof all his pain,

tis, And all his grief; fhall Vidit Jefum in tormenfinful man

tis, Only insensible remain? Et Aagellis subditum ? Ah! Pious Mother, Vidit fuum dulcem teach my heart

natum Of fighs and tears the Morientem desolatum,

holy art, And in thy grief to bear Dum emifit fpiritum,

a part. That sword of grief Eia Mater, fons amothat did pass thro'

ris! "Thy very foul, O! may Me fentire vim doloris, One kind wound on Fac ut tecum lugeam.

mine bestow. Great Queen of for- Fac ut ardeat cor me

rows, in thy train Let me

a mourner's In amando Chriftum Deplace obtain,

With tears to cleanse a Ut sibi complaceam.

finful ftain.
To heal the leprosy of

Sancta Mater iftud a. fin

gas, We must the cure with Crucifixi fige plagas

tears begin, All Aesh's corrupt with- Cordi meo validè.

out their brine. Refuge of finners, Tui nati vulnerati,

grant that we May tread thy steps; and Tam dignati pro me let it be


it now


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